On the Distinctive Characters of the Pulmonary Signs obtained by Percussion and Auscultation
Some Remarks on Neuroma, with a brief Account of Three Cases of Anomalous Cutaneous Tumours in One Family
Inversion of the Hairs of the Labia Pudenda
Induction of Premature Labour
On the Treatment of Variola
On Fracture of the Astragalus
On the Colour Tests of Strychnia, as modified by the presence of Morphia
Observations on Obscure Brain Disease, with an Illustrative Case
Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Rupture of the Liver
Compound Fracture of Humerus; Death (probably) from Pyemia
Abscess of the Liver
Cancer of Œsophagus and Trachea
Single Kidney
Cirrhosis of Liver; Hemorrhage from an Ulcer in the Œsophagus
Cancer of the Œsophagus
Abscess of Prostate Gland
Cystic Formations in the Lungs
Luxation with Fracture of Sixth Cervical Vertebra
Rupture of the Lung, without Fracture or Wound of Thoracic Walls
Tumours of the Dura Mater
Cases of Injuries of the Head
Notes on the Surgery of the War in the Crimea, with remarks on the Treatment of Gunshot Wounds
Treatise on Naval Hygiene or on the Influence of the Physical and Moral Conditions to which the Seaman is exposed, and of the Means of preserving his Health
Clinical Essays
Medico-Chirurgical Transactions
A System of Surgery; Pathological, Diagnostic, Therapeutic, and Operative
Reports of American Institutions for the Insane
Report to the Secretary of War of the Operations of the Sanitary Commission, and upon the Sanitary Condition of the Volunteer Army, its Medical Staff, Hospitals, and Hospital Supplies
Extracts from the Records of the Boston Society for Medical Improvement, with Papers read before the Society
The Excision of Joints
On Bandaging, and other Operations of Minor Surgery
Observations upon Puerperal Insanity
A Lecture
Transactions of the Epidemiological Society of London
Practical Midwifery: comprising an Account of 13,748 Deliveries which occurred in the Dublin Lying-in Hospital, during a period of Seven Years, commencing November, 1847
On the Health of Merchant Seamen
Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical
Phenomena of Hybridity in the Human Genus
Progress of Growth According to Age
Tannin as a Substitute for Peruvian Bark
Therapeutical Effects of Colchicum Autumnale in Rheumatism and Gout.
Therapeutic Employment of Olibanum
Podophyllin as a Cholagogue
Iodide of Potassium
New Method of Administering Chloroform
Mode of Administering Cod-Liver Oil
Clinical Experiments on some of the Extracts most commonly employed in Medicine
Solidified Creasote
Diphtheritic Paralysis
Guaiacum in the Treatment of Diphtheria
Action of Steel upon Phthisis
External Application of Iodine to Remove Plastic Exudations in Pleurisy
Sulphuric Acid Mixture in Diarrhœa
Podophyllin in Constipation
Oxalate of Cerium in Epilepsy
Efficacy of a Combination of Cubebs and Copaiba in some Affections of the Neck of the Bladder and of the Prostatic Part of the Urethra
Cubebs in Simple Urethritis of Women
Poisoning by Opium treated by Belladonna
On some Affections of the Cœcal Portion of the Intestines, with illustrative cases
On Certain of the Early Symptoms of the Eruptive Fevers
On the Temperature, Urea, Chloride of Sodium, and Urinary Water in Scarlet Fever; and on a Cycle in Disease and Health
Influence of Lactic Acid upon the Endocardium and in the production of Rheumatism
Diabetes Mellitus—Lesion of Fourth Ventricle
Fatty Diarrhœa Attending Diabetes, or Pimelorrhœa
Excision of the Hip-joint
Double Amputation for Injury of both Arms—Recovery
Amputation of the Tonsils in Diphtheria
Strangulated Femoral Hernia in a female aged ninety-five years
Accidental Removal of the greater part of the Lower Jaw
Reunion of Severed Fingers
Spontaneous Dislocation of the Femur
On the Treatment of Aneurism of the Extremities by Flexion of the Limb
Return of Pulsations in Aneurisms after the Ligature
Radical Cure of Varicose Veins of the Leg
Vascular Tumours in the Female
Spina Bifida successfully treated by Injection of Iodine
Cystotomy without a Stone
Strictured Urethra showing the Results of Forcible Dilatation after Death
Treatment of Large Ovarian Cysts and Tumours
Radical Cure of Ovarian Disease
Rules for Ovariotomy
Artificial Teeth with Plate lodged between the Tongue and Epiglottis
Treatment of Symblepharon
Arsenic in Pustular Ophthalmia
Protracted Gestation
Protracted Retention of Blighted Ovum
Puerperal Fever in the new Lying-in Hospital at Munich
Pathological Anatomy of Puerperal Fever
Painful Muscular and Fascial Contractions along the Vaginal Canal— Vaginodynia
Early Vaccination
Utility of Bran in the Manufacture of Bread
On the Bad Effects of Marriages amongst Near Relations
Rupture of Heart by External Violence, without breach of Skin
Poisonous Effects of Coal Gas upon the Animal System
Detection of Nicotine in the Viscera of a Snuff-taker
Transplantation of Skin for the Relief of Contraction from a Burn
Compound Dislocation of the Tibia at the Ankle Joint, with Compound Comminuted Fracture and Dislocation of the Fibula
Complete Inversion of the Uterus with an Adherent Placenta, following a Natural Labour
Wound of the Eye; Extirpation of the Organ; followed by Fatal Tetanus
New Operation for Obstinate Strabismus