Experiments connected with the Discovery of Cholesterine and Seroline, as Secretions, in Health, of the Salivary, Tear, Mammary, and Sudorific Glands; of the Testis and Ovary; of the Kidneys in Hepatic Derangements; of Mucous Membranes when congested and inflamed; and in the Fluid of Ascites and that of Spina Bifida
Clinical Report on Hydro-Peritoneum, based on an analysis of forty-six cases
On Gold Dust and Iron Filings, as an Antidote for Corrosive Sublimate
Surgical Cases, Illustrating some Practical Points
On Compound Comminuted Fracture of the Femur from Minie Balls
A Case of Double Ovariotomy
Analysis of Ninety-three cases of Labour which came under the care of the Author
On Silver Wire Ligatures
Ovarian Dropsy treated by Iodine Injections
Gunshot Wound of Chest and Abdomen
On the Use of Antimonii et Potassæ Tartras and Oleum Tiglii in establishing Adhesive Inflammation over Varicose Veins
Luxation of the Head of the Fibula
Formula for a Solution of Bromine
The Renewal of Life; Clinical Lectures Illustrative of the Restorative System of Medicine, given at the St. Mary's Hospital
Medico-Chirurgical Transactions
Clinical Medicine
A System of Surgery, Theoretical and Practical, in Treatises by various Authors
Obstetrics: The Science and the Art
Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine, from January, 1860, to October, 1862. Instituted 1847
Registration Reports to the Legislature of Vermont, comprising the Registry and Returns of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, in the State, for the Years 1857, 1858, 1859, respectively
The Principles and Practice of Obstetrics
First Outlines of a Dictionary of the Solubility of Chemical Substances
Reports of Institutions for the Insane in the British American Provinces
On Diseases of the Skin
Annuaire de Thérapeutique, de Matiere Médicale, de Pharmacie et de Toxicologie, pour 1862
The Use and Abuse of Tobacco
Spontaneous Generation
Researches on the Physiology and Pathology of the Cerebellum
The Specifically-Acting Principles of the Natural and Artificial Pancreatic Juice
Action of Electricity in the Metamorphosis of Organic Substances
Effects of the Preparations of Iron on the Tissue-change
Experiments on the Influence of Ozonized Air upon Animals
Albuminate of Iron and Soda as a Therapeutic Agent
Arsenite of Cafeine and Tanno-Arsenic Acid used as Antiperiodics
Action of Digitalis
Internal Exhibition of Atropia and of Strychnia
Recently introduced Preparations of Iron
Is Alcohol Food?
Diseases depending on Morbific Fermentation, and their Treatment
The Fermentative Theory of Disease
A Disease like Measles produced by an Unusual Cause
Diseases produced by bad Potable Water
Epidemic from Eating the Meat of a Diseased Cow
Cerebral Hemorrhage
Influence of Hypertrophy of the Heart and Diseases of the Cerebral Arteries in the Production of Apoplexy
Conditions affecting the Constitution of Phthisical Persons when in Health
Cases of Phthisis—Arrest of the Disease, and remarkable gain in Weight
Clubbed Fingers in Diseases of the Chest
Generalized Emphysema
Enormous Spleen
Disease of the Supra-renal Capsules without Bronzing of the Skin
White Fibro-serous Discharge from the Thigh
Urine in Hydrophobia
Effects of Diet and Drugs in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus
Action of Sesquichloride of Iron on Phthisis
Use of the Alkaline Lactates and of Pepsin in Indigestion
Tænia treated by Areca Nut
Traumatic Tetanus successfully treated by Nicotine
New Methods of Discovering the Presence of a Ball or other Metallic Body within a Wound—Nélaton's Porcelain Probe—Favre's Galvanic Probe
Wire Compress: a Substitute for the Ligature
A Symptom of Fracture of the Base of the Skull
Recovery after Transfixion of the Thorax by an Iron Bar
Amputation at the Hip-Joint for Malignant Disease of the Thigh
The Urine in Diseases of the Bones
Sac of a Spina Bifida successfully removed by Operation
Imperforate Anus; Successful Treatment by Perineal Incision
Vaginal Lithotomy
Tartrate of Antimony as an Oxytoxic
Dropsy of the Ovum
Unusual Density of the Amnion
Dislocation of the Ensiform Cartilage during Pregnancy
Pessary Retained Thirteen Years
Suprapelvic Hæmatocele
Placentæ of Triplets
Induration of the Sterno-Cleido-Mastoid Muscle in New-Born Infants
Dialysis as applied to the Detection of Poisons in Medico-legal Cases
Poisoning of a Child by a large Dose of Morphia
Poisoning by Morphia—Caffeine as an Antidote
Poisoning with Belladonna successfully treated with Opium
Rupture of the Heart attributed to direct Violence
State of Epidemic Disease in Great Britain in 1861–'62
Sir David Brewster on the Characteristics of the Age
Circular from the Surgeon-General U. S. A
Double Vision with each and both Eyes
Chestnut Leaves in Whooping-Cough
Active Principles of Veratrum Viride
Operation for Compression of the Spinal Cord
Extract from the Annual Report of the Surgeon-General, U. S. A