On Epidemic Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis, or Spotted Fever, with Cases
Remarks on the Pathological Anatomy of Osteomyelitis, with Cases
Excision of the Knee and Hip-Joints
Climate and Diseases of Oregon
Two Cases of Pyæmia, or Purulent Infection, with Recovery; in which the Bisulphite of Soda was administered
On the Transformation of Alkaline Sulphites in the Human System
Permanganate of Potash as a Remedy for Diphtheria
Statistics of Ovariotomy for the years 1860–61, '62, and '63 Including 150 cases
Remarks on the Extraction of Foreign Bodies from the Ear
On the Use of Aniline in Histological Researches; with a Method of Investigating the Histology of the Human Intestine, and Remarks on some of the Points to be Observed in the Study of the Diseased Intestine in Camp Fevers and Diarrhœas
On Hospital Gangrene, and its Efficient Treatment
Modification of Teale's Flap Operation in Amputation
On the Proper Designation of the Present Epidemic. (Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis.)
Comminuted Fracture of the Scapula
Hypertrophied Cervical and Bronchial Glands
Inguinal Hernia
Abscess of the Brain
Compound Fracture of Humerus, Ruptured Spleen, etc.
Synopsis of Autopsies made at Lincoln General Hospital
Purpura Hemorrhagica
An Essay, Historical and Critical, on the Mechanism of Parturition
Gunshot Wounds and other Injuries of Nerves
Die Krankhaften Geschwülste. Dreiszig Vorlesungen gehalten während des Winter-Semesters 1862-1863 an der Universität zu Berlin
Transactions of State Medical Societies
Reports of American Hospitals for the Insane
A System of Surgery, Pathological, Diagnostic, Therapeutic, and Operative
Therapeutics and Materia Medica. A Systematic Treatise on the Action and Uses of Medicinal Agents, including their Description and History
Lectures on Venereal Diseases
A Comprehensive Medical Dictionary, containing the Pronunciation, Etymology, and Signification of the Terms made use of in Medicine and the Kindred Sciences. With an Appendix, comprising a Complete List of all the More Important Articles of the Materia Medica, arranged according to their Medicinal Properties. Also, an Explanation of the Latin Terms and Phrases occurring in Anatomy, Pharmacy, etc.; together with the Necessary Directions for Writing Latin Prescriptions, etc. etc.
A Memorial of John C. Dalton, M. D. An Address delivered before the Middlesex North District Medical Society, April 27, 1864
A Manual for the Medical Officers of the United States Army
Diphtheria, its Nature and Treatment; with an Account of the History of its Prevalence in Various Countries
A System of Surgery
The Diseases of the Ear, their Diagnosis and Treatment. A Text-Book of Aural Surgery, in the Form of Academical Lectures
Outlines of Surgical Diagnosis
Some Causes of Excessive Mortality after Surgical Operations
Nature of the Red Blood-Corpuscle
Experimental Inquiry into the Changes in the Composition of the Blood, induced by Inanition
Degeneration and Regeneration of Nerves
Existence in the Human Subject of Organs Unprovided with Nerves, Lymphatics, or Capillaries
On the Relative and Special Application of Fat and Sugar as Respiratory Food
Physiological Effects of Tobacco
Anthelmintic Properties of Benzine
Bromide of Potassium as a Sedative
Alkaloids of Peruvian Bark
Defects of Expression (by words, writing, signs) &c., in Diseases of the Nervous System
New Researches on the Pathology of the Blood
Bromide of Potassium in Epilepsy
Therapeutic Value of the Alkaline and Earthy Sulphites in the Treatment of Catalytic Diseases
Chloroform in the Treatment of Asthma
Erodium Cicutarium in Dropsy
Iodide of Potassium as an Anti-lactescent
Treatment of Malarious Fevers by Subcutaneous Injection of Solution of Quinia
Treatment of Albuminuria in Children
Some Points in the Treatment of Diabetes
Hereditary Occurrence of Diabetes Mellitus
Calculous Diseases in Russia
On Phimosis, in relation to Hernia in Infancy
Lymphatic Tumours
Permanganate of Potash in Gonorrhœa
Treatment of Syphilis
Syphilitic Disease of the Epididymis
Tracheotomy in Diphtheria
New Mode of Amputating the Thigh at the Knee
Strangulation of the Spermatic Cord as a Substitute for Castration
Ovarian Extirpations
Treatment of Stricture of the Urethra by Subcutaneous Division
The Wire Compress as a Substitute for the Ligature
M. Chassaignac's Drainage Tubes
Cardio-Thyroidean Exophthalmia
Case of Extreme Squint cured, without Operation, by the Use of Prisms; with Clinical Remarks
Atropized Gelatine
On some of the Signs of Early Pregnancy
Management of the Third Stage of Labour
On the Use of the Hysterotome in the Cure of Uterine Disease
Effects of Tropical Climates on the European Constitution
Action of Water on Lead
Physiological Actions of Dajaksch, an Arrow-Poison, used in Borneo
Poisoning by Chloroform
Poisoning by Tobacco-leaves externally applied
Poisoning from Cauterization with the Acid Nitrate of Mercury
Apparent Death from Chloroform; Recovery
Case of Trephining—with good result
Case of Gangrenous Erysipelas of Penis and Scrotum
Pathology and Treatment of Hospital Gangrene. Turpentine as a Local Application
Sixty-six Cases of Lithotomy