An Account of Four Cases of Gunshot Wounds, Involving Bone and Implicating the Knee-Joint, treated by Free Incisions into the Joint, with Comments
Plans for Exsection of the Upper End of the Humerus, and for Amputation of the Arm and of the Thigh, with Explanations
On Orbital Aneurisms; with the History of a Case of Aneurism of the Ophthalmic Artery, successfully Treated by Ligation of the Common Carotid
On the Causes of Failure in Vaccination
Experimental Investigations to Determine whether the Garden Slug can Live in the Human Stomach
Cerebro-spinal Congestive Fever or Spotted Fever
Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis as it occurred in Licking County, Ohio
Description of a New Bone-Drill
Phosphorus Necrosis. Extirpation of the Whole of the Right Half and Part of the Left Half of the Lower Jaw, without External Incision
Exsection of Right Clavicle
On the Uses of Sugar and Lactic Acid in the Animal Economy
On the Therapeutic Action of Digitalis in Certain Conditions of the Brain
Gunshot Wound of the Internal Carotid and Vertebral Arteries—Fracture of the Atlas—Secondary Hemorrhage and Death
A Manual of Practical Hygiene
History and Statistics of Ovariotomy, and the Circumstances under which the Operation may be regarded as safe and expedient; being a Dissertation to which the prize of the Massachusetts Medical Society was awarded, May, 1856
The Transactions of the American Medical Association
Morbid Tumours
A System of Surgery, Theoretical and Practical, in Treatises by Various Authors
Lectures on the Diseases of the Stomach, with an Introduction on its Anatomy and Physiology
Reports of American Hospitals for the Insane
Medical Lexicon: A Dictionary of Medical Science, containing a Concise Explanation of the Various Subjects and Terms of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Hygiene, Therapeutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Surgery, Obstetrics, Medical Jurisprudence and Dentistry; Notices of Climate and of Mineral Waters; Formulæ for Officinal, Empirical and Dietetic Preparations, with the Accentuation and Etymology of the Terms, and the French, and other Synonyms, so as to constitute a French as well as English Medical Lexicon
A. Practical Treatise upon Eczema, including its Lichenous, Impetiginous, and Pruriginous Varieties
Guy's Hospital Reports
The Successful Treatment of Internal Aneurism, illustrated by Cases in Hospital and Private Practice
A Monograph on Glycerin and its Uses
The Book of Prescriptions, containing 3000 Prescriptions, collected from the Practice of the most eminent Physicians and Surgeons, English, French, and American
The Functions and Disorders of the Reproductive Organs in Childhood, Youth, Adult Age, and Advanced Life, considered in their Physiological, Social, and Moral Relations
Reunion of Divided Nerves and Recovery of Function
Urochrome; the Colouring matter of Urine
Antagonistic Effects of Calabar Bean and Atropia
Opium and its Alkaloids, and their Therapeutical Effects
Hypnotic Properties of Bromide of Potassium
On the Action of the Tincture of Perchloride of Iron in the Cure of Renal and Urinary Affections
Treatment of Pneumonia by Restoratives
Expectant Treatment of Pneumonia in Children
Treatment of Chronic Disease of the Lungs by the Inhalation of Atomized Liquids
Diphtheria in London
Difference between Diphtheria and Croup
Diphtheritic Paralysis in the Adult; Exhibition of Nux Vomica and Nitrate of Silver
Use of Bromide of Ammonium in Hooping-Cough
Bromide of Potassium in Coryza, Dysphagia, and Spasmodic Cough
Cure of Hooping-Cough by Ergot
Influence of the Vapours disengaged from the matters used in the purification of Coal Gas over Hooping-Cough
Mild Epileptiform Disease; Exhibition of the Valerianate of Atropia
Treatment of Acute Rheumatism
Insufflation as a Remedy in Intussusception
Use of Hot Water as a Remedy for Profuse Perspiration
Therapeutic Action of the Hyposulphites
Bulimic and Syncopal Dyspepsiæ
Experiments on Fever and Inflammation
Sea-sickness as a Form of Hyperæsthesia
Organic Lesion of the Nervous Centres in General Paralysis
Pathology and Treatment of Aphthæ
Itching in the Affected Parts in Bronchitis and Coryza caused by Bacteria in the Secretions
Spores of the Achorion Schonleinii in the Air surrounding Patients affected with Favus
Excision of the Tongue
Tracheotomy in Diphtheria
Paracentesis Thoracis
Femoral Aneurism cured by Digital Compression of the External Iliac Artery
New Method of securing the Pedicle in Ovariotomy
Spontaneous Dislocation of the Two Upper Cervical Vertebræ, with Complete Paralysis of the Limbs and Trunk, cured by Reducing the Dislocation
Dislocated Cervical Vertebra Reduced Successfully
New Procedure for the Reduction of Dislocation of the Head of the Humerus beneath the Coracoid Process
Bony Anchylosis
Lithotrity an Eminently Successful Operation
Irrigation in the Treatment of Penetrating Wounds of the Knee-Joint
Effects of Common Water on Wounds and Ulcers
Efficacy of Phosphate of Lime in Periostitis
Local Employment of Iodine in its Pure State in the Treatment of Inflamed Scrofulous Cervical Glands, and of Inflamed Inguinal Glands from Syphilis
Use of the Drainage Tube, for the Removal of Fluids effused in the Cavity of the Pleura
Diagnosis between Syphilitic and Non-Syphilitic Diseases of the Skin
Extraction of Soft Cataract by Suction
Pulsating Varix of the Ophthalmic Vein
Amaurosis cured by Subcutaneous Injection of a Solution of Sulphate of Strychnia
Iridectomy in Glaucoma
Cancroid of the Cornea
Eczema of the Eyelids, Conjunctiva, and Cornea
Encephaloid Cancer of the Lachrymal Gland
On Artificial Eyes
On the Simulation of Amaurosis
Excessive Sickness in Pregnancy
Excessive Vomiting in the Eighth Month of Pregnancy
Inquiry into the Best Mode of Delivering the Fœtal Head after Perforation
Case of Vagitus Uterinus
Puerperal Embolism
Purgatives in Puerperal Fever
Prevention of Hemorrhage and After-Pains, occasionally following Delivery of the Placenta
Retro-Uterine Hæmatocele
Mortality in the Vienna Lying-in Hospital
Preventive Medicine as Illustrated in the Proper Use of Food
Hospital Hygiene
Poisoning by Laudanum treated by Electro-Magnetism and Belladonna
Poisoning by the Endermic Use of Atropine
Lead Poisoning
On Sunstroke, as it occurred in the Army of the Potomac
Compound Comminuted Fracture of the Left Temporal Region of the Skull, with loss of bone, and about six drachms of brain, resulting from the kick of a horse, followed by complete recovery
Cases of Gunshot Wounds of the Head
Traumatic Tetanus
Phosphorous Necrosis
Transformation of Muscular Fibre into Fat