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Conseculive and Indeterminate Hemorrhage from Large Arleries after Gunshot Wounds; with Report of Cases treated by Different Methods; Appreciation
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Oleum Erigerontis Canadensis as a Remedy in Hemorrhage, Diarrhôa, and Dysentery
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Case of Gunshot Wound through the Pelvis
Case of Extensive Fracture of the Public Bones, with Laceration of the Bladder
Case of Premature Delivery, accompanied by Unusual Circumstances
Case of Obstruction of the Bowels, from a twist of the Intestine at the Lower Portion of the Sigmoid Flexure of the Colon
Aneurism of the Brachial Arlery, occurring after Ampulation. Rupture of the Tumour, with Hemorrhage; Reampulation; Recovery
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Anatomy and Physiology
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