ART. I.—Researches on Typhus Fever, based on Observations made during the Winter and Spring Months of 1864
ART. II.—On the Cause of Intermittent and Remittent Fevers, with Investigations which tend to prove that these Affections are caused by certain species of Palmellæ
ART. III.—An Inquiry into the Causes of Certain Diseases on Ships of War
ART. IV.—Comparative Advantages of Pirogoff's, Syme's, and Chopart's Amputations, and Excision of the Ankle-Joint, by Hancock's Method, after Gunshot Wounds and other Injuries; with Reports of Cases, and the Results; and proposing another Method for Excision of the Ankle-Joint
ART. V.—On Symptomatic Bronchial Irritation
ART. VI.—On Puerperal Tetanus
ART. VII.—Contributions to Aural Surgery. The Use of the Artificial Membrana Tympani
ART. VIII.—Successful Removal of the Uterus and both Ovaries by Abdominal Section; the Tumour, fibro-cystic, weighing thirty-seven pounds
ART. IX.—Cases of Excision of Bones
ART. X.—Amputation of Right Shoulder-Joint
ART. XI.—A Peculiar Case of Hæematocele
ART. XII.—Instruments for Facilitating Surgical Operations
ART. XIII.—Reduction of an Inverted Uterus of Seven Months' Standing
ART. XIV.—Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
ART. XV.—Clinique Médicate de l'Hôtel-Dieu de Paris
ART. XVI.—Lectures on the Pathology and Treatment of Lateral and other Forms of Curvature of the Spine
ART. XVII.—Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania, at its Sixteenth Annual Session, held at Altoona, June, 1865. 8vo
ART. XVIII.—Reports of American Hospitals for the Insane
ART. XIX — The Practice of Medicine and Surgery applied to the Diseases and Accidents incident to Women
ART. XX.—Materia Medica for the Use of Students
ART. XXI.—On the Direct Influence of Medicinal and Morbific Agents upon the Muscular Tissue of the Bloodvessels
ART. XXII.—Obscure Diseases of the Brain and Mind
ART. XXIII.—An Inquiry into the Possibility of Restoring the Life of Warmblooded Animals in certain cases where the Respiration, the Circulation, and the Ordinary Manifestations of Organic Motion are exhausted or have ceased
ART. XXIV.—The Practice of Medicine
ART. XXV.— The Principles of Surgery
ART. XXVI.—The Essentials of Materia Medico and Therapeutics
ART. XXVII.—Lectures on the Diseases of the Stomach, with an Introduction on its Anatomy and Physiology
ART. XXVIII.—A Report upon the Epidemic occurring at Maplewood Young Ladies' Institute, Pittsfield, Mass., in July and August, 1864
ART. XXIX.—Lectures on Epilepsy, Pain, Paralysis, and certain other Disorders of the Nervous System
ART. XXX.—Patologia e Terapia delle Malattìe Veneree di
1. On Life
2. Experiments to determine the Period at which the Spleen is most actively engaged in the Discharge of its Function
3. Deglutition as observed by Autolaryngoscopy
4. Influence of Galvanism on the Heart
5. Experiments on Congelation of Animals
6. Cell-Pathology
7. Danger of Subcutaneous Injections
8. Physiological Action on Certain of the Amyl Compounds
9. Modification in Canquoin's Caustic Paste
10. New Anæesthetic Mixture
11. The Use of the Thermometer in Acute Disease
12. Hydatids of the Liver, their Diagnosis, their Dangers, and their Treatment
13. Children's Diseases
14. Aphthæ of the Mouth and Throat, with Sickness and Diarrhæa in Adults
15. Malignant Pustule
16. Animal Parasite Diseases of the Skin
17. Degeneracy of Vaccine Lymph by Frequent Transmission.—On this subject the most contradictory opinions have been expressed
18. Assimilation of Fat in Consumption
19. Inhalation of Oxygen in Phthisis and Anæmia
20. Use of Phenic Acid for the Cure of Phthisis
21. Instantaneous Cure of Coryza.—An Army Surgeon
22. Bronzing of the Skin for Seven Years—Disease of Supra-renal Capsides
23. Climacteric Insanity in the Male
24. Osteo-myelitis
25. Treatment of Hereditary Syphilis without Mercury
26. Traumatic Tetanus successfully treated by Opium Smoking and Internal Administration of Chloroform and Hemp
27. Subcutaneous Section of Carbuncle.—In June, 1852
28. Enlarged Spleen Removed by Excision
29. Entire Tongue Successfully Removed during Life
30. Congenital Luxation of the Patella
31. Compound Dislocation of the Astragalus—Reduction, with Recovery of a Useful Limb
32. Fissured Fracture of the External Table of the Skull produced by a Bullet striking the inside of the Skull
33. Fracture of the Larynx complicated by Œdema Glottidis; Tracheotomy; Recovery.—The following interesting case of this is related (Canada Medical Journal, Sept. 1865)
34. Strumous Ophthalmia, with Reflex Contraction of the Orbicularis Palpebrarum
35. Blennorrhagic Conjunctivitis treated by Alcohol
36. Sympathetic Ophthalmia
37. Retinal Disease occurring in the Course of Kidney Disease.—In the No. of the Med. Times & Gaz. for Nov. 18, 1865
38. Graves' Disease
39. Black Cataract
40. Mortality of the Childbed as affected by the Number of the Labour.—The Edinburgh Medical Journal for September last contains an interesting paper on this subject
41. Fatal Case of Accidental Hemorrhage
42. Rupture of the Uterus; Abdominal Section; Subsequent Pregnancies
43. Extra-Uterine Fætation
44. Intra-Uterine Variola
45. Retention of Urine in the Fætus
46. Ozone
47. On the Effects of Scanty and Deficient Food
48. Is the Opinion that a Diet of Animal Food Conduces to Leanness well Founded on Facts
49. Beef and Pork as Sources of Entozoa
Report of an Exsection of two and one-half inches of the Right Tipia; Recovery
Case of Paralysis of the Median Nerve
Sycosis cured by Sulphite of Soda
Dermoid Tumour of the Conjunctiva
Experimental Investigations into the Action of the Bromide of Potassium
Treatment of a certain form of Paralysis occurring in Children
Uterine Tumours
Bifid Uterus and Double Vagina