Microscopic Researches, relating to the Histology and Minute Anatomy of the Spleen and Lacteal and Lymphatic Glands; showing their Ultimate Structure and their Organic Elements, and their Highly Interesting and Important Functions; with some Remarks on the Cause of the Ropiness of Mucus, and the tendency of all Healthy and many Diseased Cells to be Metamorphosed into filaments
Account of the Epidemic of Yellow Fever which visited Pensacola Navy Yard in the Summer and Autumn of 1863
Hospital Gangrene, as it occurred at Patterson Park, U. S. General Hospital, Baltimore
On Ether as a Local Application
On Chloroform and Ergot in Obstetric Practice
Remarks concerning some of the Diseases prevailing among the Freedpeople in the District of Columbia (Bureau Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands)
On Torpedo Wounds
Case of Neuralgic and Paralytic Affection following Precipitate Labour
On Fractures of the Larynx and Ruptures of the Trachea
Report of Eight Cases of Lithotomy performed during the past four years
On the Use of the Hypersulphite of Soda in Intermittent Fever
On the Treatment of Certain Chronic and Acute Affections of the Skin by means of the Chloride of Iron
Shoulder Presentation in Four Successive Labours—Version accomplished in the last two in the Position on the Knees and Breast
Case of Ovariotomy
Reduction of an Inverted Uterus of Eight Months' Duration
Remittent Fever; Albuminous Urine; Pigment in Blood; Death; Pigment in all Tissues of Body
Acute Infiltrated Tubercle Associated with Malaria; Death in Twenty Days
Remittent Fever; Death one and a half hour after Admission; Pigment in Brain, Liver, and Spleen, &c.; Albuminuria
Tubercular Meningitis
Spina Bifida; Fatty Kidney
Fracture of Base of Skull
Fracture through Squamous and Petrous Portions of Right Temporal Bone, causing Rupture of Arteria Meningea Media; Effusion of large Clot of Blood
Gunshot Wound; Ball passing through Thyroid Gland, opening Œsophagus, perforating Vertebral Body, and lodging in Substance of the Spinal Cord; Paraplegia; Inability to Swallow; Death in 25¾ hours
Medullary Cancer
Report of Examination of Tumour
Polypi of the Vocal Chords
Suppurative Meningitis following a Blow upon the Nose, which produced a Comminuted Fracture of the Nasal Bones, the Turbinated Bones, and the Vomer
Abscess of the Spleen
Hypodermic Injections in the Treatment of Disease
Stimulants and Narcotics, their Mutual Relations; with Special Researches on the Action of Alcohol, Ether, and Chloroform on the Vital Organism
Transactions of American State Medical Societies
Reports of American Hospitals for the Insane
Guy's Hospital Reports
On the Arrangement of the Muscular Fibres in the Ventricles of the Vertebrate Heart; with Physiological Remarks
A Practical Essay on the Use of the Nitrate of Silver in the Treatment of Inflammation, Wounds, and Ulcers
Contributions to Bone and Nerve Surgery
On Wakefulness; with an Introductory Chapter on the Physiology of Sleep
Annual Report of the Surgeon-General United States Army
The Student's Book of Cutaneous Medicine and Diseases of the Skin
On the Diseases, Injuries, and Malformations of the Rectum and Anus; with Remarks on Habitual Constipation
Lectures on the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood
The Functions of the Nucleus
Decomposition of Air by the Tissues
Production of Animal Heat
Existence of Glycogen in the Tissue of Entozoa
New and Ready Mode of Producing Anæsthesia
Anæsthetic and Sedative Properties of Bichloride of Carbon or Chloro-carbon
Solanum Paniculatum
Physiological Action of Iron
The Polymorphism of Disease
Medical Statistics
Morbid Anatomy and Early Physical Signs of Pneumonia
Certain Forms of Hæmoptysis, unassociated with Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Snow's Theory of the Causes of Cholera Explained and Illustrated
Efficacy of Lemon-Juice in Diphtheria
Hyposulphite of Soda in Diphtheria
Treatment of Articular Rheumatism and other Affections by the Subcutaneous Injection of Sulphate of Quinia
The Hot Mustard Hip-bath in Diarrhœa and Choleraic Diarrhœa
Atropia in the Treatment of Constipation
Curability of Bright's Disease
Entozoa in the Muscles of Animals destroyed by Cattle Plague
Outbreak of Trichinosis at Hedersleben
Diagnosis by Means of the Ophthalmoscope
Use of Chloride of Zinc in Surgical Operations for Removal of Cancerous Tumours
Subcutaneous Ulceration
Cancer of the Testis in Children
Arterio-Venous Cyst in the Popliteal Nerve; Amputation; Recovery
Removal of the Entire Tongue for Epithelial Disease, by Means of the Ecraseur
Excision of the Tongue
Foreign Bodies in the Air-passages of Children
Polypi of Larynx; Removal by Division of the Thyroid Cartilage
Wounds of Joints
The Sequel in Some Cases of Excision of Joints
Trephining the Spine
Ovariotomy in Relation to Disease of both Ovaries
Changes which take place in the Fundus of the Eye in Progressive Myopia
Physiology and Pathology of Certain Forms of Dilated Pupil
Atropia Points
Use of the Wire-Ribbon in some Cases of Difficult Turning
Influence of Chlorate of Potash on the Life of the Fœtus in Utero
Procidentia Uteri
Application of Ozone to Sanitary Purposes
Deodorization and Disinfection
Utilization of Fecal Matter
Death from Chloroform
Respiration and Signs of Life in a Fœtus delivered at about Five Months' Gestation
Case of Prolapsus Recti Successfully Treated
Case of Tapeworm probably contracted by Eating Beef or Veal
Poisoning by Eating the Fruit of the Rhus Toxicodendron
Spontaneous Umbilical Hemorrhage
Gutta-Percha Shoe in the Treatment of Talipes
Amputation at the Hip-Joint
Colotomy for Relief of Cancer of the Rectum
Gunshot Wound of the Brain; the Ball traversing both Hemispheres; Death from Scarlatina six months afterwards
Dislocation of the Patella on its Axis
Dislocation of the Thigh upon the Dorsum Ilii
Constituents of Veratrum Viride
The late Professor Chandler R. Gilman