Art. I.Notes of Ninety-eight Cases of Epidemic Cerebrospinal Meningitis, treated in the Philadelphia Hospital (Blockley) during the months of December, 1866, and January, February, and March, 1867
ART. II.–On Luxation of the Body of the Sternum; with Bemarks on the Anatomical Structure of the Superior Sternal Articulation
ART. III.Solvents for Cholesterine, &c. &c
ART. IV.On the Influence of Antecedent Disorders upon Organic Affections of the Heart and Brain.
ART. V.– Contributions to the Statistics of Human Growth
ART. VI.– Case of Axillary Aneurism; Successful Ligation of Left Subclavian between the Scaleni; Suppuration of the Tumour; Hemor-rliage on the 43d day; Gangrene of Limb; Ligation of Subscapular Artery; Amputation of Arm at upper third; Hemorrhage on & 1th day; Removal of Humerus at the Joint; Recovery
ART. VII.–On Astigmatism, considered in its Belations to Defective Vision, Asthenopia, and Progressive Myopia
ART. VIII.Bromide of Potash in Acute and Chronic Affections of the Testis
Art IX. Remarks on the Operation of J. Marion Sims for Dysmenorrhea, depending on Anteflexion of Uterus
AET. X.–Artificial Anus from Gunshot Wound, operated on by Free Abdominal Section
ART. XI.—Case of Elephantiasis Græcorum, treated by Ligature of the Common Carotid Artery on both sides
ART. XII.–Successful Removal of a Fibro-plastic Tumour from the Body of the Bight Vocal Cord, with the Aid of the Laryngoscope
Art. XIII.–Case of Gunshot Wound of the Knee-Joint; Removal of the Ball from the Articulation; and Recovery
ART. XIV.–Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
1867. Feb 6. Report on Meteorology and Epidemics
ART. XV.–Summary of the Proceedings of the Pathological Society of Philadelphia
1866. Sept. 26. Tuberculous Disease of Testis
Oct. 24. Cystic Disease and Degeneration of Kidney
Nov. 14. Spina Bifida, Death at age of 32 Years
Intra-Capsular Fracture
Extensive Epithelioma of Stomach, without Distinctive Symptoms during Life
Dec. 12. Cancer of Stomach, Liver, Spleen, and Mesenteric Glands
Dec. 26. Tuberculosis of Lungs, Bronchial Glands, and Abdomen
1867. January 23. Recovery from Perforation of the Vermiform Appendix of the C
On Some Symptoms which follow Sudden Arrest of the Circulation in the Main Artery of a Limb
February 27. Supernumerary Rib
ART. XVI.-Disinfection
ART. XVII.–Glinique Midicale sur les Maladies des Femmes
ART. XVIII.– The Indigestions; or Diseases of the Digestive Organs Functionally Treated
Art. XIX.–St. George's Hospital Reports
ART. XX.—Surgical Observations, tvith Oases and Operations
ABT. XXI.Reports of American Hospitals for the Insane
Art. XXII.–Transactions of the New Hampshire Medical Society, at Us Seventy-fifth and Seventy-sixth Anniversaries
ART. XXIII.–Obstetribs; the Science and the Art
ART. XXIV.A Memoir on Osteo-rnyelitis
Art. XXV.– Treatment of Fractures of the Lower Extremity by the Use of the Anterior Suspensory Apparatus
Art. XXVI.–Practical Dissections
ART. XXVII.–Notes on Fractures of the Upper Extremity
ART. XXVIII.–Researches upon “ Spurious Vaccination,” or the Abnormal Phenomena accompanying and following Vaccination in the Confederate Army during the recent American Civil War
Art. XXIX.–Medico-Chirurgical Transactions
ART. XXX.–Transactions of the Obstetrical Society of London, for the year 1866
Art. XXXI.–The Microscope in its Application to Practical Medicine
ART. XXXII.–The Progress of Acupressure
ART. XXXIII. – Behandlung der Croupoesen Pneumonie mit Veratrum-Prœparaten
ART. XXXIV.–Die Frage ueber die Heilbarkeit der Lungenphthisen; Historisch, Pathologisch und Therapeulisch untersucht
ART. XXXV.–Lehrbuch der Ohrenheilkiude mit Einscluss der Analomie des Ohres
ART. XXXVI.– Catalogue of Obstetrical and other Instruments exhibited at the Conversazione of the Obstetrical Society of London
ART. XXXVII.On the Growth of the Recruit and Young Soldier, with a View to a Judicious Selection of “ Growing Lads” for the Army, and a Regulated System of Training for Recruits
ART. XXXVIII.– The Science and Practice of Medicine.
1. Anatomy of the Capsule of Tenon and is Relations to the Muscles Sclerotic Conjunctiva Caruncle etc
2. New Lingual Muscle
3. Professor Parkess Recent Experiments on the Elimination of Nitrogen by the Kidneys and Intestines during and Exercise on a Diet without Nitrigen
4. Cutaneous Absorption
5. Innervation of the Heart
6. On the Mode and Duration of the Contraction of the Heart in Health and Disease
7. Protoxide of Nitrogen as an Anæsthetic
8. Chloroform and Ether in Mixture
9. Action of Digitalis
10. Chlorinated Mixture.–Dr. W. D. DOBIE gives (Edinburgh Med. Journ., March, 1867) the following formula for the preparation of this mixture, which he extols in the treatment of cholera
11. Comparative Immunity of Rabbits to the Poisonous Action of Atropia
12. Researches on Animal Temperature
13. Alterations in the Muscles in Fevers, and particularly in Smallpox.—II
14. Nightmare in Children
15. Chronic Gastric Ulcer
16. Formation of Tubercle.–In a paper, on this subject
17. Inoculation of Tubercle
18. Effects of Flannel and Scratching on the Skin
19. Milk Diet in the Treatment of Diseases of the Heart
20. Chlorinated Mixture in Cholera
21. Use of Styrax Liquidus in the Treatment of Itch
22. Some Complications of Gonorrhoea
23. Shampooing in Sprains.
24. On Opening Joints when the Seat of Traumatic Suppuration
25. Injuries of the Head
26. Extensive Fracture of Pelvis without Lesion of the Pelvic Viscera
27. Spontaneous Fracture
28. Internal Strangulation of the Bowel by a Band, associated with a Reducible Hernia, successfully treated by Operation
29. Paraffo-Stearine as a Substitute for Starch, Plaster of Paris, &c, in Bandages and Splints
30. Dressing for Wounds
31. Relative Value of Atropia and of Mercury in the Treatment of Acute Iritis
32. Inflammation, of the Eye occurring some little time after Smallpox.– Inflammations of the eye not unfrequently occur in patients convalescent from smallpox
33. Loss of the Left Eye from the Lodgment within it of a Portion of a Gun-Cap. Inflammation of the Stump more than Seven Tears after the Injury, followed by Sympathetic Ophthalmia of the Right Eye
34. On Excision of the Eyeball in the Acute Stage of Traumatic Ophthalmitis
35. New Method of Extracting in Oases of Cataract
36. Operation for Solution of Senile Cataracts commenced at an early period without allowing the Cataract to ripen
37. Treatment of Labour Complicated with Ovarian Tumour
38. Cephalotripsy
39. Protracted Gestation
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Pyaemia ? Consecutive to a Gunshot Wound which had healed Sixteen Months previously, resulting in Death.
Wound of Loins by a Shell, with Fracture of Spinous Process of Second and Third Lumbar Vertebræ; Recovery
Puerperal Convulsions treated by Bromide of Potassium
Citric Acid in Metritis
A Case of Voluntary Self-Emasculation
Excision of Fibro-malignant Tumour from Bight Side of Neck
Report of a Case of Vesico-Vaginal Fistula
Extirpation of Nail of Thumb under Anaesthesia by Cold
Anencephalic Monster
Malformation of the Genital Organs
Relation of Heat to Mental Work
Two Attacks of Measles within Six WeeJcs in the same Patient
Ear Douche
Deep Cervical Tumour, the removal of which involved the exsection of a portion of the internal Jugular Vein
Median Lithotomy
Anterior Dislocation of the Elbow-Joint without Fracture of Olecranon successfully reduced
Abscess in the Appendix Vermiformis; Incision; Recovery
Ligature of the Subclavian Artery
Spondylisthesis causing Difficult Labour