ART. I.—Experimental Researches into the Action and Therapeutic Value of Bromide of Potassium
ART. II.—Carbolic Acid as a Remedial Agent
ART. III.— Clinical Observations on the Morbid Effects of Gold
ART. IV.—Acute Atrophy of the Liver, illustrated by Cases; with some Remarks upon the Similarity between this Disease and the Effects of Poisoning by Phosphorus
ART. V.—Delusion Considered as a Test of Insanity
ART. VI.—Wakefulness; Sleep; Anæsthesia
ART. VII.—Secondary Hemorrhage, Tetanus, &c, after Incisions of Cervix Uteri
ART. VIII.—Report of Three Cases of Gunshot Wound in which the Balls lodged in the Vertebral Canal, two Patients still Living; with Remarks on Division of the Spinal Cord without Immediate Death
ART. IX.—Four Cases of Aneurism treated by Ligation
ART. X.— Case of Muco-Periosteal Uranoplasty
ART. XI.—Dislocation of Right Femur, complicated with Fracture of Neck of Bone; successfully treated by Manipulation
ART. XII.—Description of a Specimen of Internal Ossific Deposit in a Case of Osteo-Myelitis after Amputation
ART. XIII.—Observations on some Recent Contributions to the Statistics of Excisions and Amputations at the Hip for Injury
ART. XIV.—Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. 1867. June 5. Drainage Probe
Bromide of Potassium in the Sickness of Pregnancy
Nov. 6. Case in which Acupressure was applied to the Femoral Artery at the Fold of the Groin
United Fracture of the Skull of very Old Standing
Dec. 4. Case of the late Dr. G. W. Pennock
1868. Feb. 5th. Report on Epidemics and Meteorology
ART. XV.—Summary of the Proceedings of the Pathological Society of Philadelphia
1867. Dec. 12. Penetrating Wound of the Kidney, followed by Profuse Hemorrhage into Bladder; Death from Pleurisy
Dec. 26. Spinal Meningitis
April 9. Ovariotomy; Biloeular Cyst. Operation, January 3, 1852; Successful
ART. XVI.—Proceedings of the Clinico-Pathological Society of Washington, D. G
June 23. Incised Wounds
October 6. Case of Hydatids in Utero
Nov. 3. Vesical Calculus, with Serial Abscess and Calculus
November 10. Acute Idiopathic Inflammation of the Fibrous Capsule of the Eyeball
ART. XVII.—A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Women
ART. XVIII.—Das Cholera Contagium. Botanische Untersuchungen, Aerzten und Naturforschern mitgetheilt
ART. XIX.— Hospitals and Hospital Construction,
ART. XX.— Transactions of American State Medical Societies
ART. XXI. Reports of American Hospitals for the Insane
ART. XXII.— Therapeutics and Materia Medica; a Systematic Treatise on the Action and Uses of Medicinal Agents, including their Description and History
ART. XXIII.—St. Bartholomew's Hospital Reports
ART. XXIV.—Die krankhaften Geschwülste. Dreissig Vorlesungen, etc
ART. XXV.— Fecundity, Fertility, Sterility, and Allied Topics
ART. XXVI.—Stone in the Bladder; with Special Reference to its Prevention, early Symptoms, and Treatment by Lithotrity
ART. XXVII.— The Diseases of the Prostate; their Pathology and Treatment; comprising the Jacksonian Prize Essay for the year 1860
ART. XXVIII.—Lectures on the Theory and Practice of the Ophthalmoscope
ART. XXIX.—Electro-Physiology and Therapeutics; being a Study of the Electrical and other Physical Phenomena of the Muscular and other Systems during Health and Disease, including the Phenomena of the Electrical Fishes
ART. XXX.— Inhalation; its Therapeutics and Practice. A Treatise on the Inhalation of Gases, Vapours, Nebulized Fluids, and Powders, including a Description of the Apparatus Employed, and a Record of Numerous Experiments, Physiological and Pathological; with Cases
ART. XXXI.— Observations on the Nature and Treatment of Polypus of the Ear
ART. XXXII.—A Manual of the Dissection of the Human Body
ART. XXXIII.—Chronic Diseases of the Larynx, with special reference to Laryngoscopic Diagnosis and Local Therapeutics
ART. XXXIV.— Vierteljahrschrift für die Praktische Heilkunde, Herausgegeben von der Medicinischen Facultät in Prag. Redaction
ART. XXXV.— The Treatment of Diseases of the Throat and Lungs by Inhalations, with a New Inhaling Apparatus
ART. XXXVI.—Atlas of Venereal Diseases
ART. XXXVII.—Archives de Physiologie Normale et Pathologique. Publiée par MM. BROWN-SÉQUARD, CHARCOT, VULPIAN. NOS. 1, 2, 3. Paris
ART. XXXVIII.—Dictionnaire Annuel des Progrès des Sciences et Institutions Medicales suite et Complément de tous les Dictionnaires
ART. XXXIX.—On Diseases of the Skin; a System of Cutaneous Medicine
ART. XL.—Photographs of Diseases of the Skin, taken from Life under the Supervision
1. Minute Structure of the Kidney
2. Influence of Diet upon the Mother's Milk
3. Congenital Monorchia in Man
4. Bromide of Potassium
5. Physiological Action and Therapeutical Uses of Conium
6. Action and Therapeutical Uses of Belladonna
7.Action of Sulphate of Atropia
8. Action of Veratrum Viride and V. Album
9. Physiological Action of Théine
10. Nasturtium Officinale
12. Epispastics as Exciting and Depressing Agents, and their Influence on the Pulse and Animal Heat
13. Ozone
14. Intermittent or Paroxysmal Hœmaturia
15. Gatarrhal Icterus
16. Production of Artificial Tuberculous Disease by Subcutaneous Irritation, and also by Inoculation with Tuberculous Matter
17. On the Nature of Rheumatic Inflammation and the Cause of its Migratory Character
18. Specific Character of Varicella
19. The Dry Catarrh of Children
20. Spasm of the Glottis of Infants; its Connection with Eclampsia.— In the 52 cases observed by Professor HENOCH (Berlin Klinic. Woch. 1867, No. 19)
21. Stomatitis and Pharyngitis Leuceemica.—In Virchow's Archives (xlii. 444)
22. Pachymeningitis Chronica
23. Epilensy
24. Sudden Death occurring during Convalescence from Typhus Fever
25. Hypertrophy of Left Side of Face, probably from an Injury inflicted on the Foetus in Utero.—This case is related by
26. Recurrence at Regular Periods of Epidemics of Certain Diseases
27. The Cholera Epidemic of Prague
28. Treatment of Delirium Tremens by the Application of the Spinal Ice-bag
29. Continuous Electrical Currents in the Treatment of Suspension of Vital Actions Caused by Chloroform
30. Cure of Axillary Aneurism by Slight Compression
31. New Apparatus to Obtain Alternating and Elastic Compression of Arteries
32. Statistics of Amputation
33. Results of Ovariotomy
34. Non- Uniting Fractures
35. Dislocation of the Thigh into the Ischiatic Notch; Reduction by Manipulation
36. Dislocation of Tendons
37. Dr. Richardson's Styptic Colloid as a Dressing for Wounds, Sores, etc. —In our No. for April last, we quoted the testimony of Dr. Lowe as to the utility of this application
36. Sterility in the Male Cured by an Operation for Phimosis
39. Threatening Gangrene Successfully Treated by Cold Affusion
40. Continuous Irrigation of the Ear in Otorrhœea
41. Hypertrophy and Atrophy of the Prostate
42. Sympathetic Ophthalmia
43. Von Graefe's New Modified Linear Extraction
44. Case of Twins at different Stages of Development expelled at the same time
45. Triplets
46. Placenta Retained One Hundred and Twenty-Three Days after Miscarriage
On a New Method of Sphygmographic Observation; with Remarks on the Present Aspect of Vascular Physiology
Experiments showing the Occurrence of Vegetable Organisms in Human Blood
Case of Complete Transposition of the Viscera Diagnosticated during Life
Physiological Action of Caffein and Them.—In our No. for April last, p. 525, we gave the results of the experiments of M. Leven in regard to the physiological action of caffein, and in our present No., p. 260, will be found the conclusions of the same experimenter in regard to the action of thein
Gunshot Wound of the Knee-Joint with Fracture of the Patella
Ring Treatment of Fractures of the Patella
Iron Rod Projected through Head; Recovery.—
Bromide of Potassium