On Consciousness, and Cases of so-called Double Consciousness
History of two Cases of Embolism; in one following Scarlet Fever, with recovery; in the second, connected with Disease of the Aortic Valves and Coarctation of Thoracic Aorta, ending fatally
On the Insusceptibility of Pigeons to the Toxic Action of Opium
Hyposulphite of Soda in the Treatment of Malarial Fever
Remarks on the Actual State of Medical Science in Japan
Case of Urinary Calculus with a Tooth for a Nucleus; and in which there was a Communication between the Bladder, Ovary, and Rectum
Cases of Great Enlargement of the Stomach; with Remarks
On Obstructed Bowel, and its Treatment; with a Case
Relative Accommodation
Venesection as one of the Means for the Arrest of Unavoidable Hemorrhage
Case of Amputation at the Hip-joint for Gunshot Fracture of the Head and Neck of the Femur
Adventitious Fibroid Sac in Abdomen; Dropsy; Paracentesis; Twelve Hundred and Seventy-five Pounds of Fluid drawn off in thirty-one Operations; Death; Post Mortem
Tobacco as an Hypnotic in a Case of Chronic Wakefulness
Undescended and Hypertrophied Testicle, with Congenital and Multilocular Hydrocele
Secondary Hemorrhage from Brachial Artery, treated by Compression and Per-sulphate of Iron
A Case of Poisoning by the Cyanide of Potassium
The Hypophosphites in the Toothache of Pregnancy
Proceedings of the Clinico-Pathological Society of Washington, D.C.
Latent Pneumonia
Fibrinous Concretions within Heart
Delirium Tremens treated successfully by large doses of Capsicum
Chronic Laryngitis and Tracheotomy
Encephaloid Abdominal Cancer
Atlas of Venereal Diseases
Outlines of Physiology, Human and Comparative
Discussion on Moral Insanity in the Medico-Psychological Society
Diseases of the Chest; being Contributions to their Clinical History, Pathology, and Treatment
The Morbid States of the Stomach and Duodenum and their Relations to the Diseases of other Organs
Morbid Tumours
St. Bartholomew's Hospital Reports
How to Work with the Microscope
The Transactions of the American Medical Association
Transactions of American State Medical Societies
Reports of American Hospitals for the Insane
A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Medicine; designed for the Use of Practitioners and Students of Medicine
Vesico-Vaginal Fistula from Parturition and other Causes; with Canes of Recto-Vaginal Fistula
Clinical Lectures on Diseases of the Liver, Jaundice, and Abdominal Dropsy
On the Use of Phosphorus in Medicine, and especially in the Treatment of Progressive Locomotor Ataxia
Diseases of Children
Reports of Hospital Cases
Clinic of the Diseases of the Ear. A Manual for Students and Practioners
A Manual of the Pathology and Treatment of Ulcers and Cutaneous Diseases of the Lower Limbs
Life of Carlo Botta
The Medical Formulary
Complete Obliteration of the Cœliac and Mesenteric Arteries; the Viscera receiving their Supply through the Extra-Peritoneal System of Vessels
Is the Eustachian Tube opened or closed in Swallowing?
Innervation of the Heart from the Spinal Cord
Variations in the Excitability of Nerves and the Nerve-tissue Change
Differences in the Chemical Reaction of the Tissues
Physiology of Language
On the Artificial Formation of Organic Substances
On Bloodletting as a Point of Scientific Practice
Influence of Chloride of Sodium and of Potassium on the Assimilation and Excretion of Iron by the Organism
On the Action of the Salts of Iron when introduced directly into the Blood
Action of Narceine
Therapeutical Action of Veratrum Viride
Assimilation of Phosphate of Lime and its Therapeutical Employment
Physiological Action of Belladonna
Action of Belladonna
On the Employment of Belladonna in Surgical Affections
Influence of Digitalis on the Pulse
Syrup of Codeia in Whooping-cough, etc.
Quinia as an Antiphlogistic
On the Salts of Quinoidine; their Therapeutic Value, &c.
Therapeutic Uses of Thymic Acid
Employment of Glycerine of Tannin
New Method of Applying Remedies to the Pharynx and Larynx by Means of Irrigation
Portable Mustard Plasters
New Investigations relative to the Pathology of Cerebral Hemorrhage
Range of Temperature in Typhus and Enteric Fever
Summary of Direct Symptoms, Differential and Absolute, of Separation of Fibrin from the Blood within the Circulation
Pathology and Treatment of Cholera
The Cholera in the Theatre of War of Bavaria during the Summer of 1866
Ascending and Descending Breathing: its Value as a Symptom and its Mechanism
Spindle-shaped Enlargement of the Œsophagus
Atrophy of the Heart
Additions to Pathology of the Vascular and Pulmonary Systems
Fibroid Phthisis
Cold Water Treatment of Typhus Fever
Capsicum in Delirium Tremens
Cure of a very advanced Case of Progressive Muscular Atrophy of all the Limbs, by the Constant Galvanic Current
Experiments on the Use of the Alkaline Hypophosphites in Consumption
Inhalation of an Aqueous Solution of Carbolic Acid under the Form of Spray for the Treatment of Phthisis
Lactic Acid in Removal of False Membranes
Ergotin in Dysentery
Peroxide of Hydrogen in Diabetes
Iodide of Sodium in Lead Poisoning
Mediate Irrigation
Treatment of Aneurism by Iodide of Potassium
Ovarian Cystic Tumour Cured by Bromide of Potassium
Cyst of the Thyroid treated by Cauterization by Chloride of Zinc
Tetanus Cured with Large Doses of Indian Hemp
Spontaneous Popliteal Aneurism occurring in a Diabetic Subject; Failure of Mechanical Compression; Cured by Forced Flexion
Reduction of Dislocations after the Subcutaneous Injection of Acetate of Morphia
Medico-lateral Operation for Lithotomy
Treatment of Fractured Clavicle by a Cross-Shaped Splint
Fracture of Pubis from Muscular Action
Rupture of Urinary Bladder
Changes in the Nervous System which follow the Amputation of Limbs
Recent Experience in Ovariotomy
Means by which the Eye is enabled to adjust itself for Vision at Different Distances
Sympathetic Ophthalmia and its Treatment by Division of the Ciliary Nerves
Sympathetic Ophthalmia cured by Neurotomy
Amaurosis from Neuralgia of Dental Nerves
Microscopic Structure of the Lens in Man and in Vertebrata
An Improved Method of Extracting in Cases of Cataract
The State of the Optic Nerves and Retinœ as seen in the Insane
Injections of Morphia in the Pains and After-pains of Labour
Diagnosis of Partial Rupture of the Uterus
Case of Poisoning from Atropia
Poisonous Effects caused by Eating Black Pudding
On the Permanent Preservation of Histological Preparations as Practised at the Army Medical Museum, Washington, D.C.
Case of Placenta Prævia, successfully treated by Simpson's Method
Gunshot Wound of Bladder and Rectum; Recovery of Patient under Remarkable Circumstances
Diaphragmatic Hernia
Removal of Ovarian Tumour, Unilocular, without Adhesions and Weighing 20 lbs
Large Salivary Calculus Removed from Wharton's Duct of Right Submaxillary Gland
Amputation at the Hip-Joint
Physiological Action of the Bromide of Potassium
Acupressure of Arteries
Treatment of Organic Infantile Paralysis by the Continuous Galvanic Current
Snare for removing Foreign Bodies from the Urethra
Atropia as an Antidote to Opium Poisoning
Lactate of Zinc in Epilepsy
Chlorosis a Disease of the Nervous System
Removal of a Portion of the Inferior Maxilla for a Fibro-Cartilaginous Tumour
Treatment of Stricture of the Urethra
Hernia of the Liver
Elephantiasis Arabum of the Left Leg and Foot