On the Effect of Opium and its Derivative Alkaloids
Amputation at the Knee-joint by Modified Lateral Flaps
A Contribution to the Knowledge of the Physiological Action of the Alkaloids, Viridia, Veratroidia, and Veratria of Commerce, and of the Resin of Veratrum Viride
On the Diagnostic Value of the Corpuscular Blood-Elements in the Urine of Bright's Disease
Observations on the Treatment of Certain Complications of Hooping-Cough by Means of the Oil of Turpentine
Femoral Aneurism in the Groin successfully treated by Flexion of the Limb, after a Relapse following a previous Apparent Cure by Compression
Permanganate of Potassa in the Treatment of Certain Female Diseases
An Additional Test for the Diagnosis and Correction of the Optical Defects of the Eye
New Observations on Dr. E. Groux's Case of Congenital Fissure of the Sternum
On Instantaneous Rigor, as the occasional Accompaniment of Sudden and Violent Death
Pendulous Pedunculated Bronchocele successfully Removed
Case of Diphtheritic Croup, in which Laryngo-tracheotomy was performed; Death on the Seventh Day, from the Systemic Poison
Cases of Ovariotomy
Two Cases of Growth of the Aspergillus Fungus in the External Auditory Canal
Ulceration of the Umbilicus and Strangulation of the Intestine in an Adult Female
Symptoms of True Labour caused by Impacted Fecal Matter in the Large Intestines
On certain Peculiarities in the Construction of the Orbit
Description of an Improved Speculum
Melanosis of the Skin and Areloar Tissue
Case of Fibroid Tumour of the Upper Jaw
Fatty and Contracting Kidneys; Gastric Hemorrhage, Chronic Gastritis and Gastric Ulcer, with Hemorrhagic Erosions
Malignant Disease of the Stomach; Perforation; Death from Peritonitis
Report of Drs. Harrison Allen and Edward Rhoads, the Committee to whom was referred the above Pathological Specimen
Albuminoid Degeneration of Kidneys; Pericarditis; Embolism of Brain and Spleen
Colloid Cancer, involving Substance of Peritoneum and Lymphatic Glands, more particularly along the Vertebral Column, and, to a less degree, also the Pleura
Syphilitic Ulceration of the Larynx
Aneurism and Calcareous Degeneration of the Aortic Valves; Spicule resembling Bone in a Branch of the Coronary Artery
Fætal Monstrosity
Horny Tumour of the Lower Lip
Traumatic Neuroma of Brachial Plexus following Amputation of Humerus
Tuberculosis, Pulmonary Consumption, and Scrofula; historically and experimentally studied
The Science and Art of Surgery. Being a Treatise on Surgical Injuries, Diseases, and Operations
The Mechanism of Dislocation and Fracture of the Hip; with the Reduction of the Dislocations by the Flexion Methods
Saint Bartholomew's Hospital Reports
A Text-Book of Practical Medicine with Particular Reference to Physiology and Pathological Anatomy
Recent works on Stricture of the Urethra
On Excision of the Hip-joint for Caries
Miscellaneous Contributions to the Study of Pathology
On a Case of Death from Hemorrhage into the Pericardium, as a Result of Rupture of one of three true and circumscribed Aneurisms of the Coronary Artery of the Heart; with Observations on Aneurism or Aneurismal Dilatation as a Result of Embolism or Thrombosis
A Practical Manual of the Diseases of Children, with a Formulary
The Jurisprudence of Medicine in its Relations to the Law of Contracts, Torts, and Evidence, with a Supplement on the Liabilities of Vendors of Drugs
Transactions of American State Medical Societies
Fœticide, or Criminal Abortion; a Lecture Introductory to the Course on Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children. University of Pennsylvania, Session 1839–40
A Handy-Book of Ophthalmic Surgery
A Course of Practical Chemistry arranged for the Use of Medical Students
A Manual of Elementary Chemistry, Theoretical and Practical
Contractility of the Lungs
Cell Elements of the Tendons and Areolar Tissue
Regeneration of Cartilage by its Perichondrium
On the so-called Selective Absorption by the Lacteals and Lymphatics
An Investigation into some Points of the Anatomy and Physiology of the Cervix Uteri, the Glands of its Mucous Membrane, and a Function of the Cervix unconnected with Delivery
The Presence of Sulphocyanides in the Blood and Urine
Urine of the Infant
Hydrate of Chloral
Medicinal Uses of the Salts of Atropia
Action and Uses of Ipecacuanha
Physiological Effects of Curara
Physiological Action of Bromide of Potassium
Physiological Action of Delphinia
Physiological Action of Picrotoxine
On the Combined Action of Morphia and Chloroform
Action of Veratrin
On the Influence of Chloroform in Promoting Cutaneous Absorption
Absorption of Iodide of Potassium by the Skin
Recent Researches on Phthisis
Experiments on Animals with the Inoculation and Ingestion of Different Organic Substances, and Principally Tuberculous Products
Severe Injury to the Anterior Convolutions of the Brain without Impairment of Intellect or Power of Speech
Heterotopia of the Gray Substance of the Brain
Abscess of the Brain
Sleep apparently continued for more than Seven Months; Simulation of Death
Sudden Death from Excitation of the Pneumogastric Nerve, of the Inferior Laryngeal, or of the Nasal Nerve
Reduplication of the Sounds of the Heart
The Urine in Yellow Fever
Hemorrhage from Mouth and Anus of New-born Infants
On Feeding by the Nose in Fever
Urœmic Diarrhœa
Discussion on Vaccination
New Uses of the Hypodermic Syringe
Heat Apoplexy treated by Large Doses of Quinia
Hœmoptysis arrested by Hypodermic Injection of Ergot
Bromide of Potassium in Epilepsy
Therapeutic Value of the Sulphites in Zymotic Diseases
Treatment of Hyperidrosis by Sage
Fusiform and Tubular Aneurism of the Subclavian Artery, and the Treatment by Compression
Temporal Deligation of the Abdominal Aorta
Femoral Aneurism: Ligature of External Iliac Artery: Recovery
Mixed Treatment for Popliteal Aneurism
Hypodermic Injections of Ergotine in Aneurisms
Polypus of the Ventricle of the Larynx; Ablation after Division of the Laryngeal Cartilages; Cure with the Preservation of the Voice
Amputation of the Right Arm at the Shoulder-Joint; with Excision of the Scapula
Amputation at the Ankle; Union by First Intention
Excision of the Hip-joint for Hip-disease
Extirpation of the Os Calcis
Dislocation of the Shoulder downwards, or in the Subglenoid Position, with Fracture of the Neck of the Humerus, probably Extra Capsular
Results of Paracentesis Thoracis and Tracheotomy
Section of Nerves in Tetanus
Ovariotomy twice successfully performed on the same Woman
Ovarium and Fallopian Tube included in a Crural Hernia
Stricture of the Urethra; its Prevention, Early Detection, and best Method of Treatment
Holt's Dilator for Stricture
Dr. Dolbeau's Use of Alcohol in Dressing Surgical Wounds
Diseased Elongation of the Bones of the Extremities in Relation to Surgical Practice
Bending of the Radius in an Adult
Foreign Body in the Rectum
Transitory Blindness in Acute Diseases
Cases of Syphilitic Affection of the Third Nerve producing Mydriasis with and without Ptosis
Uterine Hemorrhage after Labour
Case of Puerperal Eclampsia; Transfusion of Blood; Recovery
Closure nearly Complete of the Orifice of the Vagina
On the Treatment of Laceration of the Perineum
Oxalate of Cerium in the Sickness of Pregnancy
Use of Instrumental Means for Uterine Displacements
Uselessness of Drugs in the Treatment of Organic Growths from Uterus and Ovaries
Poisoning by Spirits of Ammonia
Phenomena Attendant upon Death by Lightning-Stroke
Death from taking Chloroform into the Stomach
Successful Resection of the Ends of an Ununited Humerus, after the failure of the Seton
Epileptoid Convulsions caused by Carious Teeth
Ulcer of the Stomach; Death from repeated Hemorrhages
Hyposulphite and Bisulphite of Soda in Intermittent Fever
Labour with Discharge of an Unusual Quantity of Liquor Amnii
Addendum to Dr. G. C. Blackmail's article On Abscess in Bone
Delivery—the Mother suffering from Prodromata of Measles; the Disease developed in both Mother and Infant on the succeeding day
Experiments with Chloral
Physiological Action of Bromide of Potassium and Ammonium
Barton's Operation for Bony Anchylosis of Knee-Joint
Spontaneous and Artificial Delivery of the Child in Face Presentations, with the Chin Posteriorly
Persistent Priapism
Elephantiasis Arabum; Ligature of Main Artery; Compression and Elevation of Affected Member
Treatment of Aneurism by Gradual Compression
Hypodermic Use of Ergot for Post Partum Hemorrhage