Remarks on the Pathological Anatomy, Causes, and Treatment of Rickets
A Review of the Recent Trial of Mrs. Elizabeth G. Wharton on the Charge of Poisoning General W. S. Ketchum
Note respecting the First recorded Case of Astigmatism in this Country for which Cylindrical Glasses were made
Observations on the Eustachian Tubes, with Description of an Instrument for their penetration by Rhinoscopy
On Hectic Fever
On the Use of Bromide of Potassium in Rattlesnake Bites (Crotulus horridus)
Description of an Epidemic Malarial Colic which prevailed at Iquitos, Peru, in the Autumn of 1871
Remarks on the Use of a Rectilinear Écraseur, in the Removal of Hemorrhoids, the Cervix Uteri, Penis, Tongue, Nævi, Folds of the Vagina, &c
Two Cases of Rare Disease of the Tongue
Cases of Ovariotomy
Report of Two Cases of Inversion of the Uterus, with Remarks and a Description of the Uterine Repositor
Report of a Case of Tonsillitis Associated with Parotitis ; Laryngo-Tracheotomy; Death
An Improved Strabismus Hook
On the Diagnosis of Anæmic Murmurs
Encysted Tumour of the Neck
Report on Meteorology and Epidemics
The Principles and Practice of Surgery
Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society. Eighth Annual Meeting
A Practical Treatise on Diseases of Women
First Biennial Report of the Board of State Commissioners of Public Charities of the State of Illinois
Transactions of the Clinical Society of London
Saint Bartholomew's Hospital Reports
The Manchester Medical and Surgical Reports
Transactions of American State Medical Societies
Pulmonary Consumption; its Nature, Varieties, and Treatment. With an Analysis of One Thousand Cases to exemplify its Duration
On the Treatment of Pulmonary Consumption by Hygiene, Climate, and Medicine, in its Connection with Modern Doctrines
On the Treatment of Fractures of the Limbs
Neuralgia and the Diseases that resemble it
The Skim-milk Treatment of Diabetes and Bright's Disease, with Clinical Observations on the Symptoms and Pathology of these Affections
A Practical Treatise on Bright's Disease of the Kidneys
A Clinical Manual of the Diseases of the Ear
The “Exact German Aurist”
Emergencies and how to treat them. The Etiology, Pathology, and Treatment of the Accidents, Diseases, and Cases of Poisoning, which demand prompt action. Designed for Students and Practitioners of Medicine
Bromides: their Physiological Effects and Therapeutical Uses.
Internal Urethrotomy as a Cure for Urethral Stricture
Annual Report of the Surgeon General, United States Army, 1871
Complete Report of the Board of Health and Board of Consulting Physicians, as presented to the City Council, December 12th, 1871; to which is annexed Instructions for Controlling Smallpox Contagion, adopted by the Board of Health of Lowell, Mass
Lessons on Population, suggested by Grecian and Roman History
A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood
The Management of Infancy, Physiological and Moral. Intended Chiefly for the Use of Parents
Essentials of the Principles and Practice of Medicine. A Handbook for Students and Practitioners
On the Physical Principles by which the Escape of the White Corpuscles of the Blood through the Capillaries is effected
Case of Doubtful Sex
On the Nutrition of Muscular and Pulmonary Tissues in Health and in Consumption, with Remarks on the Colloid Condition of Matter
The Physiological Action of Digitalis on the Depressor Centres of Reflex Action of the Frog, along with Experiments on the Influence of the Circulation on this Organ
Physiological and Therapeutical Actions of Quinia
Therapeutic Uses of Chloral
The Calomel Vapour Bath
Crystallized Digitaline
Bichloride of Methylene
Glycerine as a Solvent for Substances used in Subcutaneous Injection
Effects of Subcutaneous Injection of Morphia
Eucalyptus Globulus as an Antiperiodic
Chronic Chloroform Narcosis
Elimination of Alcohol
Lactic-Acid Theory of Acute Rheumatism
Cause of Diabetes
Pathology of Scarlatina, and the Relation between Enteric and Scarlet Fever
Unilateral Atrophy of Tongue
Spontaneous Hydrophobia
Epidemic of Essential Jaundice
The Biliary Acids in Icterus
Neuralgia of all three Branches of the Fifth Nerve excited by Syphilis
The Spinal Paralysis of Children; Infantile Paralysis
Intestinal Invagination
Suppuration of one-half Lobe of Cerebrum; Consciousness and Ability to Labour intact; Sudden Death
Pathology of Pyrexia
Treatment of Pyrexia
Principles of Treatment of Rheumatism
Turpentine in Peritonitis
Use of the Bromide of Potassium in Epilepsy
Intracranial Disease cured by Iodide of Potassium
Therapeutic Value of the Hypodermic Injection of Ergotine in Hæmoptysis
Alkaline Sulphites in Marsh Fevers
Phosphorus in Skin Diseases
Treatment of Smallpox by Carbolic Acid
Warm Bath in Smallpox
Death from a Second Attack of Smallpox
Glycerine-Lymph for Vaccination and Revaccination
On the Use of Pepsine Wine in the Artificial Feeding of Infants
Strychnia for the Relief of Obstinate Vomiting
Stimulating Hypodermic Injections
A Scarlet Efflorescence on the Skin produced by the External Application of Belladonna
Science and Art of Healing of Wounds
Sulphurous Acid Lotion in the Treatment of Contused Wounds
Topical application of Cabbage Leaves to Wounds and Ulcers
The Subcutaneous Injection of Morphia in Traumatic Erysipelas
Abortive Treatment of Erysipelas by the Application of Silicate of Potash
Cancer treated by Condurango
Thrombosis of Internal Carotid Artery
Resection of the Œsophagus
Gunshot Wounds of the Brain
Excision of the Diaphysis of the Humerus after Fractures from Gunshot
Hydrarthrosis of the Knee in Fracture of the Femur
Ovariotomy during Pregnancy
Traumatic Tetanus
New Treatment of Traumatic Tetanus
Neurosis of the Optic Nerve and Retina
Syphilitic Amblyopia and Amaurosis
Amblyopia from White Atrophy of Optic Nerve greatly benefited by the Continuous Galvanic Current
Treatment of Conical Cornea by removal of the top of the Cone
Extraction of Cataract by a Peripheral Section of the Iris without injuring the Pupilæ
Iridectomy without Division of the Sphincter Pupill
Paralysis of Ocular Muscles treated by Calabar Bean
Effects of Calabar Bean and Atropia on the Human Eye after Death
Concurrent Impregnation of both sides of a Double Uterus
Premature Delivery induced to Prevent the Intra-uterine Death of the Fœtus
Inversion of the Uterus
Treatment of Dysmenorrhœa resulting from Abnormal Constriction of the Uterine Canal
Treatment of Ovaritis
Toxical Studies on Chloral Hydrate
Recovery after Swallowing One Hundred Grains of Chloral
Poisoning by Strychnia successfully treated by Chloroform Inhalations
Malignant Hemorrhagic Smallpox; Recovery
Case of Monstrosity
Menstrual Pelvi-Peritonitis
The Length of Time an Ovum may be retained after Death of the Fœtus
Fracture of Second Lumbar Vertebra, etc. ; Trephining ; Death.
Colourless Tincture of Iodine
Spontaneous Generation
Meat, its Nourishing Properties, etc
Fraudulent Diploma Traffic