On “Carbolic Acid,” its Composition, Properties, Uses in Surgery and as an Internal Remedy
Clinical Observations on Pelvic Peritonitis and Peri-uterine Cellulitis
On the supposed Oxytocic Action of Cinchona
Plastic Apparatus in Surgery, with Especial Reference to that variety made with Plaster of Paris
On the Impracticability of restoring to its Full Length a Thigh-bone shortened by Fracture, as apparently demonstrated by Experiment
Cases of Stricture of the Rectum treated by Different Methods; one of them by Electrolysis
Fibrous Tumour of the Base of the Tongue
Carbuncle over the Cervical Vertebræ, in a Patient eighty-two years of age, successfully treated
Accidental Irideremia, or Complete Removal of the Iris by the Finger-nail of an Antagonist
Cases of Ovariotomy
Case of Congenital Retinitis Pigmentosa
Anatomical Anomalies
A Peritoneal Inflammatory Cyst resembling an Ovarian Tumour; Exploratory Operation; Incision Five or Six Inches long; Death on the Third Day
Third Annual Report of the State Board of Health of Massachusetts
A Text-book of Pathological Histology. An Introduction to the Study of Pathological Anatomy
Guy's Hospital Reports
Medico-Chirurgical Transactions
Obstetrical Transactions
Transactions of American State Medical Societies
First Annual Report of the Board of Health of the Health Department of the City of New York, April 11, 1870, to April 10, 1871
Earth as a Topical Application in Surgery. Being a full exposition of its use in all the cases requiring topical applications admitted into the men's and women's surgical wards of the Pennsylvania Hospital during a period of six months in 1869
Injuries of Nerves and their Consequences
Plain Talk about Insanity: Its Causes, Forms, Symptoms, and the Treatment of Mental Diseases, with Remarks on Hospitals and Asylums, and the Medico-legal Aspect of Insanity
A Treatise on the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood
Lithotomy and Lithotrity
An Introduction to Pathology and Morbid Anatomy
The Urine and its derangements, with the application of Physiological Chemistry to the diagnosis and treatment of Constitutional as well as Local Diseases; being a course of original Lectures delivered at University College, London
Practical Lessons in the Nature and Treatment of the Contagious Diseases: an Account of the Primary Syphilitic Poison and of its Communicability
The Treatment of Venereal Diseases: a Monograph on the Method pursued in the Vienna Hospital, under the Direction of Prof. Von Sigmund, including all the Formulæ
Essay on Vaccinal Syphilis
The Question of Quarantine. The Nature and Prevention of Communicable Zymotic Diseases. A Paper read before the Medical Library and Journal Association of New York, January 5th, 1872
Variation in the size of the Red Corpuscles of the Blood as the result of various Reagents
Nerves of Taste
Excretion of Phosphates by the Kidneys
Urea in the Animal Body
Investigations on Low Organisms
On the Occurrence of Fungi in the Blood of healthy Men
Precocious Development
Action of Chloral Hydrate
Action of Digitaline on the Circulation and Temperature
Action of Antimony
Physiological Action of Tobacco-smoke
Carbolic Acid and its Therapeutic Properties
Therapeutic Value of Myrrh
Lacto-phosphate of Lime as an Analeptic Medicament in Adynamic Fevers and in Convalescence
Antipyretic Action of Quinia and Alcohol
Eucalyptus Globulus as an Antiperiodic
Picrate of Quinia
Ethyl-chloride of Mercury
Pulvis Glycyrrhizœ Compositus, a laxative preparation of the Prussian Pharmacopœia
Sulphovinate of Soda as a Purgative
A Zootrophic Powder
Experiments on Pyæmia
Scleroderma Adultorum
Pathology of Herpes Zoster
Alcoholic Paresis and Paraplegia
Leucocythæmia accompanied by Alteration of the Marrow of the Bones
Caries of the Vertebræ and Disease of the Cord
Treatment of Dropsy
Relative Efficacy of Tincture of Hyoscyamus, Bromide of Potassium, and Chloral, in single doses, on Maniacal Excitement
Treatment of Pneumonia by Acetate of Lead
Pepsine Wine in Diarrhœa of Young Children
Treatment of Diabetes Insipidus
Xylol in Smallpox
Glycerined Vaccine Lymph
Reno-vesical Cantharidism, and the Remedies in general use for its Relief
Adhesion between Prepuce and Glans Penis in Children
Treatment of Goitre
Method of instantly arresting Epistaxis
New Method of Treating Hydrocele
New Method of Forced Dilatation for the Treatment of Fissure of the Anus
Strangulated Congenital Inguinal Hernia reduced by Aid of Aspiration
Healing of Wounds and Ulcers by a New Method
Spinal Atrophy after Amputation
Badly-united Fracture of Femur: Refracture-cure
Bilateral Ankylosis of Lower Jaw: Operation
Acute Inflammation of the Lining Membrane of the Mastoid Cells; Suppuration; Perforation of the Mastoid Wall; Recovery
Tracheotomy performed by the Galvano-caustic knife
New Process for Extracting Fragments of Urinary Calculi
Injection of Solution of Ergotine for Varicose Veins of the Lower Extremity
M. Alphonse Guérin's Cotton-wadding Dressing for Wounds
Anæmia of the Optic Nerves treated by Galvanism
Strychnine-Injection in Traumatic Amaurosis
Formidable Pulmonary Symptoms Caused by Pregnancy in Cases of Disease of the Heart
Recurrent Discharge of Fluid from the Uterus during Pregnancy
New Use of Barnes' Dilators
Utero-Peritoneal Fistula
Inter-menstrual or Intermediate Dysmenorrhœa
Contributions to the Pathology of the Blood
On the supposed Action of Quinia on the Gravid Uterus
Is Quinia an Oxytocic?
Case of Bending of the Bones of the Forearm in a Child two years old
Amenorrhœa relieved by the Hypodermic Use of Morphia and Atropia
Case of Triplets
Carbolic Acid as an Anæsthetic
Quinia as an Oxytocic
Cæsarean Operations in the United Stases
Chloral Hydrate in Traumatic, Tetanus
Monobromide of Camphor
Recurrent Variola