ART. I.—A Case in which a Large Bronchocele was removed, with Fatal Result
ART. II—Venereal Stricture of the Bectum
ART. III.—On Thrombosis of the Arteries of the Extremities
ART. IV.—Account of the Epidemic Smallpox as it prevailed in Allegheny City, Pa., in 1871, and its Treatment
ART. V.—Description of Febris Diphtheroides, a hitherto undescribed Disease; with Cases
ART. VI.—Gases of Injury to the Nervous System by the Explosion of Shell
ART. VII.—Amputation at the Hip-joint
ART. VIII.—Report of Three Cases of Choroiditis following Cerebrospinal Meningitis
ART. IX.—Two Gases of Syphilis, in one of which the Primary Lesion was sealed on the Internal Surface of the Eyelid, in the other on the Cheek
ART. X.—A Case of Dermoid Tumour of the Cornea
ART. XI.—Treatment of Threatened Abortion by Hypodermic Injections of Morphia
ART. XII.—Notes on Malarial Disorders of the Maranon Valley
ART. XIII.—A Contribution to the Comparative Distribution of Bloodvessels in the Membrana Tympani
ART. XIV.—Three Cases of Renal Disease in Children, probably caused by Malaria
ART. XV.—Remarkable Case of Disarticulation of Inferior Cornu of Thyroid Cartilage
ART. XVI.—Notes of a Case of Opium Poisoning
ART. XVII.—Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
April 17. Lacerations produced by a Lion; Death in forty-eight hours from Traumatic Gangrene
Case of complete Prolapsus of the Rectum, in a Patient previously treated for Exstrophy of the Bladder
Sept. 3 Specimens of Tœnia Nana
Oct. 16. Case of Placenta Prœvia
ART. XVIII.—General and Differential Diagnosis of Ovarian Tumours, with special reference to the Operation of Ovariotomy; and occasional Pathological and Therapeutical Considerations
ART. XIX.—The Principles and Practice of Surgery
ART. XX.—Diseases of the Throat
ART. XXI.—Recent Systematic Works on Anatomy
ART. XXII.—Advance Sheets of the Tables of Mortality
ART. XXIII.—Hysterology
ART. XXIV.—Practical Suggestions in Naval Hygiene
ART. XXV.—Transactions of American State Medical Societies
ART. XXVI.—The West Riding Lunatic Asylum Medical Reports
ART. XXVII.—A Practical Treatise on Urinary and Renal Diseases, including Urinary Deposits. Illustrated by numerous cases and engravings
ART. XXVIII.—The Heart and its Diseases, with their Treatment
ART. XXIX.—Cancerous and other Intro-thoracic Growths, their Natural History and Diagnosis
ART. XXX.—Manual of Human and Comparative Histology
ART. XXXI.—Clinical Lectures on Diseases of Women
ART. XXXII.—The Anatomy and Development of Rodent Ulcer. A Boylston Medical Prize Essay for 1872
ART. XXXIII.—Contribution à l'Étude des Tumeurs duTesticule
ART. XXXIV.—The Influence of Vaccination, Age, Sex, and Occupation on the Mortality in Smallpox
ART. XXXV.—Ueber ein Verfahren, die Einwirkung electrischer Ströme auf die Sogenannten Binnenmuskeln des Ohres zu untersuchen
ART. XXXVI.—-New Treatment of Venereal Diseases and of Ulcerative Syphilitic Affections by Iodoform
ART. XXXVII.—On Spurious, Feigned, and Concealed Pregnancy
ART. XXXVIII.—Remarks on Strictures of the Urethra of Extreme Calibre, with Cases, and a Description of New Instruments for their Treatment
ART. XXXIX.—A System of Oral Surgery
ART. XL.—A Manual of Chemical Physiology, including its points of contact with Pathology
ART. XLI.—A Manual of Qualitative Analysis
ART. XLII.—Annual Report of the Surgeon-General United States Army. 1872
1. Glycogenesis
2. Cutaneous Absorption
3. Effects on Secretion of Chemical Changes in the Blood
4. Physiology of Vomiting
5. On Alcohol and Exercise
6. The Localization of Brain-Functions
7. The Two Cerebral Hemispheres
8. Mode of Growth of Long Bones
9. Structure and Action of the Round Ligament of the Uterus
10. On the Physiological and Therapeutical Properties of the Different Immediate Principles of Opium
11. Bromal Hydrate
12. The Antiseptic and Physiological Action of Silicate of Soda
13. Sulphate of Cinchonia as a Substitute for Sulphate of Quinia
14. Action of Atropia on Sweating
15. Experience of German Physicians in the use of Chloral Hydrate
16. Value of Quinia as a Prophylactic
17. Methylene Ether
18. Nitrous Oxide as an Anœsthetic
19. Claims of Ether as an Anœsthetic
20. Researches on the Embolic Process
21. Contagiousness of Phthisis
22. Morbid Effects of Alcohol as shown in Persons who Trade in Liquor
23. Artificial Production of Epilepsy
24. Pathology of Cerebral Hemorrhage
25. Aphasia immediately following Paracentesis Abdominis
26. Spinal or Essential Palsy of Children
27. Convulsive Phenomena in Diseases of the Spnal Card
28. Traumatic Jaundice—Professor
29. Asiatic Cholera
30. Hydatid Cyst of the Bight Kidney simulating Ovarian Cyst
31. Bronzed Colouration of the Skin
32. Idiopathic Development of Pigmentous Sarcomata of the Skin
33. Contributions to the Therapeutics of Diabetes Mellitus
34. Hypodermic Injection of Ergotine in Internal Hemorrhages
35. Case of Acute Rheumatism with Cerebral Symptoms and High Temperature, Treated Unsuccessfully by Cold Affusion
36. Tic Douloureux treated by Local Application of Ice
37. Hypodermic Injection of Quinia in Heat Apoplexy
38. Treatment of Snake-bite
39. Treatment of Snake-poisoning by Artificial Respiration
40. Facial Carbuncle
41. Early Syphilitic Affections of the Osseous System
42. Fall of Temperature accompanying great Wounds by Fire-arms
43. Hypertrophy of the Tongue
44. Osteo-Myelitis in relation to Purulent Infection
45. Third Series of Fifty Cases of Ovariotomy
46. Ovarian Dropsy operated on during an attack of Acute Peritonitis
47. Aneurism of the Subclavian Artery cured by Injections of Ergotine and Digital Compression
48. Use of the Capillary Aspirator
49. Excision in Gunshot Wounds
50. Resection of Knee-joint shattered by a Gunshot Wound
51. Anchylosis of the Lower Jaw
52. Treatment of Traumatic Erysipelas
53. Obstinate Recurrent Neuroma after Amputation; Cure by Electropuncture
54. Treatment of Syphilis by Hypodermic Injections of Calomel
55. Treatment of Strumous Ophthalmia
56. Evulsion of the Iris
57. Recession of the Fœtal Head after Extraction from the Vagina
58. Treatment of some Forms of Extra-Uterine Pregnancy
59. Pelvic Hœmatoma
60. The Dangers of Operations on the Neck of the Uterus
61. Fibrous Tumours of the Uterus
62. Antagonism of Strychnia and Chloral
Hypodermic Injection of Sulphate of Morphia in Autumnal Catarrh
Phytolacca Decandra in the Treatment of Inflammation of the Mammary Glands
Large Hepatic Abscess; Puncture; Death
Extirpation of the Kidney
Stone in the Kidney; Nephrotomy
Fibro-Cystic Bronchocele
On Ovariotomy
Absorption of the Humerus after Fracture
Hydrocele of the Seminal Vesicle
Puncture of the Bladder above the Pubes
Methods of Operating for the Extraction of Cataract
Ligation of the third portion of the Subclavian Artery and Amputation at the Shoulder-joint
Amputation through the Metatarsus