Art. I.—Traumatic Neuralgia; Section of Median Nerve.
Art. II.—Case of Exsection of the Brachial Plexus of Nerves for the Relief of Painful Neuroma of the Skin.
Art. III.—Retinal Hemorrhage and its Connection with Cerebral, Cardiac, and Renal Lesions.
Art. IV.—On Laparotomy, or Abdominal Section, as a Remedy for Intussusception; with Tables showing the Results of the Operation in cases of this Affection, and in those of other forms of Acute Obstruction of the Bowels.
Art. V.—On Thrombosis of the Cerebral Veins, and Sinuses of the Dura Mater.
Art. VI.—On the Value of High Powers in the Diagnosis of Blood Stains.
Art. VII.—On Transfusion of Blood, with a Report of Eight Cases, and a Description of a Convenient Apparatus for Performing the Mediate Method.
Art. VIII.—Case of Mollities Ossium.
Art. IX.—Cases Illustrating the Application of Elastic Ligatures in Surgery.
Art. X.—Report of Twenty Cases of Stricture of the Male Urethra, with Treatment.
Art. XI.—Cases of Penetrating Wound of the Abdomen and Chest, with Remarks upon the Treatment of such Injuries.
Art. XII.—A Case of Lumbar Colotomy for Obstruction of the Rectum by Cancerous Tumours of the Womb.
Art. XIII.—Alcoholism, Rheumatism, Bromo-iodism, Cerebral Embolism (?), Aphasia, Paralysis; Recovery.
Art. XIV.—Case of Fracture of the Neck of the Femur treated by a New Apparatus.
Art. XV.—Description of a Hospital Bed Elevator and Carriage, designed especially for Surgical Wards.
Art XVI.—Sulphate of Zinc in the Treatment of Poisoning by Rhus Toxicodendron and R. Radicans.
Art. XVII.—A Practical Treatise on the Surgical Diseases of the Genito-Urinary Organs, including Syphilis. Designed as a Manual for Students and Practitioners. With Engravings and Cases.
Art. XVIII.—A Manual of Toxicology, including the consideration of the Nature, Properties, Effects, and Means of Detection of Poisons, more especially in their Medico-legal Relations.
Art. XIX.—A Treatise on Therapeutics, comprising Materia Medica and Toxicology, with especial reference to the application of the physiological action of drugs to clinical medicine.
Art. XX.—The Principles and Practice of Medical Jurisprudence.
Art. XXI.—1, Transactions of the Obstetrical Society of London.
Art. XXII.—The West Riding Lunatic Asylum Medical Reports.
Art. XXIII.—Transactions of State Medical Societies.
Art. XXIV.—Reports of State Boards of Health.
Art. XXV.—Third Annual Report of the Board of Health of the Health Department of the City of New York, April 11, 1872, to April 30, 1873.
Art. XXVI.—The Toner Lectures, instituted to Encourage the Discovery of New Truths for the Advancement of Medicine. Lecture I.—On the Structure of Cancerous Tumours, and the Mode in which Adjacent Parts are Invaded.
Art. XXVII.—On the Government of the Retreat for the Insane, at Hartford, Connecticut.
Art. XXVIII.—Lectures on the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood.
Art. XXIX.—Reports of American Hospitals for the Insane.
Art. XXX.—The Nature of Gunshot Wounds of the Abdomen and their Treatment
Art. XXXI.—A Universal Formulary: Containing the Methods of Preparing and Administering Officinal and other Medicines. The whole adapted to Physicians and Pharmaceutists.
1. Bartholow's Experiments on the Human Brain.
2. Further Researches on the Localization of Function in the Brain.
3. Neuropathic Origin of Simple Hydruria (Diabetes Insipidus) from Epidemic Cerebrospinal Meningitis, Trauma, and Syphilis.
4. Changes in the Muscular Tissue, after Division of Nerves.
5. On Diapedesis.
6. Origin of the Bile-ducts.
7. Contributions on the Structure and Functions of the Bladder.
8. Bladder with a Pouch communicating with a Third Ureter.
9. Ovulation without Menstruation.
10. Jaborandi, a new Sudorific and Sialogogue.
11. On Eucalyptus and its Febrifuge Qualities.
12. Action of Chloroform.
13. Studies on Ether and Chloroform.
14. Physiological Action of Coca.
15. Importance of the Purity of Chloral Hydrate.
16. Ergotin as a Means of Arresting Hemorrhage.
17. Active Agent of Ergot.
18. Importance of Salts in Food.
19. General Angioleucitis of the Lungs.
20. Dizziness and its connection with Migraine.
21. Albuminuria in Cases of Vascular Bronchocele and Exophthalmos.
22. Œsophagismus or Spasmodic Closure of the Œsophagus.
23. Extension of Melano-sarcoma by Embolism.
24. Paralysis of the Radial Nerve caused by an unusual mode of Lead-Poisoning.
25. The Local Treatment of Lung Cavities.
26. Employment of Bromide of Potassium as an Auxiliary in the Treatment of Intermittent Fevers.
27. Carbolic Acid in Intermittent Fever.
28. Hypodermic Injection of Carbolic Acid in Erysipelas.
29. Guarana in Chronic Rheumatism.
30. Gelseminum in Odontalgia and Facial Neuralgia.
31. Internal Use of Sulphate of Atropia for Profuse Sweating.
32. Treatment of Eczema, Lupus, and Cancer by Gurjon Oil.
33. Treatment of Leprosy by Gurjon Oil.
34. Intravenous Injection of Chloral into the Veins for the Production of Anœsthesia in Surgical Operations and also for the cure of Tetanus.
35. Tetanus Treated by Chloral Administered by the Mouth.
36. Transfusion.
37. Cirsoid Aneurism treated by Injection of Perchloride of Iron; Death from Embolism.
38. Ligature of the Femoral Artery for the Cure of Elephantiasis Arabum.
39. Elephantiasis Grœcorum.
40. Strangulated Hernia Successfully Treated by Inversion.
41. Volvulus Treated by (Extra-Peritoneal) Abdominal Section; Breaking Down a False Ligament by Manipulation; Recovery.
42. Extirpation of Kidney.
43. Billroth's Case of Extirpation of the Larynx and Epiglottis; Artificial Vocal Diseases.
44. Resections of the knee.
45. Tibio-Calcanean Osteo-Plastic Operation.
46. Fractures of the Skull with Reference to Operative Interference.
47. Treatment of Cystic and Fibro-cystic Bronchocele.
48. The Contra-indications to the Removal of Melanotic Tumours, derived from the Examination of the Blood and the Urine.
49. Extirpation of the Spleen.
50. Derangements of Vision and their Relation to Migraine.
51. Transitory Embolism of the Central Artery of the Retina.
52. Treatment of Cataract previously to Operation.
53. Prolapse of the Vitreous Humour.
54. Foreign Bodies lodged within the Eye.
55. Tubercular Ulceration of the Conjunctiva.
56. Twin Pregnancy in a Double Ulerus.
57. Spurious Pregnancy with Labour.
58. Post-partum Hemorrhage treated by the Application of the Solid Perchloride of Iron to the Interior of the Uterus.
59. Use of the Chloride of Iron in Post-partum Hemorrhage.
60. Fatal Result of Injection into the Vagina.
61. Syphilis communicated by the Finger of a Midwife.
62. Comparison between Hysterotomy and Ovariotomy.
63. On the Local Treatment of Gangrenous Vulvitis in Young Girls by Iodoform Powder.
64. The Danger of Intra- Uterine- Injections.
Addendum to Art. IV. On Laparotomy as a Remedy in Cases of Intussusception, etc.
Epistaxis successfully Treated by Injections of Diluted Solution of the Subsulphate of Iron.
Podophyllin for Acute Rheumatism.
Traumatic Aneurism of Neck, Ligation of Left Common Carotid, with Permanent Silver Wire Ligature.
On the Spectrum of Bile.
Treatment of Uterine Fibroid by Hypodermic Injections of Ergotine.
Inversion of Uterus; Prompt Replacement.
Report on the Ovaries removed by Dr. Thomas.
Bromide of Ammonium in Catamenial Excesses.
Observations on the Normal Pulse, Respiration, and Temperature of Puerperal Women.
Hydro-chloral by the Rectum in the Vomiting of Pregnancy.
Drainage in Obstinate Chronic Inflammation of the Bladder.
Restraint of Hemorrhage during Operation in the Mouth.
Surgical Treatment of Naso-pharyngeal Polypi.
The Influence of Anœsthetics on the Vaso-motor Centres.
Modification of Trommer's Test for Sugar.