Progressive Pernicious Anæmia, or Anæmatosis
Angina Pectoris
Remarks on the Etiology of Choked Disk in Brain Disease
On the Diagnosis of Mild Cases of Typhoid Fever, with a consideration of the Afebrile and Abortive, Forms
On the Connection between Staphyloma Posticum and Astigmatism
On Cold as a Cause of Acute Inflammation
Three Cases of Penetrating Gunshot Wound of the Thorax, with Perforation of Lungs; Recovery
Dislocation of the external end of the Clavicle upon the Acromion of the Scapula
Case of Chronic Laryngitis, serving to illustrate how the mucous membrane of the vocal cords may be in an objective morbid condition, though their physiological functions be restored
On the Treatment of Venereal Disease by Salicylic Acid, with eight illustrative Cases
Aneurism of Thoracic Aorta; extensive Hemorrhage some days before Death, without marked Symptoms
Two Cases of Recovery from Diphtheritic Croup, one case with, the other without, Tracheotomy
Case of Severe Prolapsus Recti of eight years' standing; Cauterization by Nitric Acid; Operation by Clamp and Cautery; Prompt Recovery and Cure
Large Multilocular Ovarian Cyst of long standing; Two Tappings; Ovariotomy; Veratrum Viride and Quinia in After-Treatment; Recovery
Extirpation of both Superior Maxillary, Left Malar, and Pterygoid Process of Left Sphenoid Bones
Stricture of the Urethra in the Female, and its Treatment by Electrolysis
Double Popliteal Aneurism; Ligature; Flexion
1. Labour without apparent Liquor Amnii; Delivery by the Forceps
A new Optometer for Measuring the Anomalies of Refraction and the Field of Vision
Enormous Abscess of Kidney cured by Incision and Drainage
Amputation of Clavicle and Scapula
Ventilation of Hospitals
Researches into the Antagonism of Medicines; being the Report of the Edinburgh Committee of the British Medical Association
Circular No. 8. War Department, Surgeon-General's Office, Washington, May 1, 1875
Saint Bartholomew's Hospital Reports
Transactions of American State Medical Societies
Reports of American Hospitals for the Insane
Manual of Pathological Anatomy
The Goulstonian Lectures on Puerperal Fever
Maternal Impressions: A Consideration of the Effect of Mental Disturbance during Pregnancy, upon the Intellectual Development of the Child
Sur un nouveau Procédé opératoire de la Cataracte (Extraction a lambeau périphérique)
Clinique Ophthalmologique du Dr. de Wecker
Cyclopædia of the Practice of Medicine
Clinical Lectures and Essays
The Successful Treatment of Internal Aneurism by Consolidation of the Contents of the Sac
A Research concerning the “Bilharzia Hæmatobia” in relation to the Endemic Hæmaturia of Egypt; and an account of Nematoda (filliform entozoon) found in Human Blood
A Series of American Clinical Lectures
A Series of American Clinical Lectures
Résumé of a Report on Position, Pneumatic Pressure, and Mechanical Appliance in Uterine Displacement, read before the Georgia Medical Association of Savannah, April 23,1875
The Physiological Reasons Why
Clinical Studies with Large Non-emetic Doses of Ipecacuanha
Cantho-plasty as a Remedy in Certain Diseases of the Eye
Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Animal Heat
Composition of Pus and mode of formation of Leucocytes of Pus
Presence of Fluid in the Sac of the Dura Mater
Cerebral Hemorrhage with Hemianæsthesia
Glycogenic Function of the Liver
The Discharge of Ova, and its Relation in Point of Time to Menstruation
Researches on the Mammæ of new-born Infants
Rotatory Motion of the Heart
Bromhydrate of Quinia
Physological and Therapeutic Action of Nitrite of Amyl
Physiological Action of the Preparations of Bromine
The Physiological Action of the Chinoline and Pyridine Bases
Quinia as a Gargle in Diphtheritic, Scarlatinal, and other forms of Sore Throat
Action of Mercury on the Liver
Narcotism by the Products of Tissue Change after Fatigue
A Method of increasing the Solubility of Salicylic Acid
Subcutaneous Injections of Pure Water
Method of instantaneously arresting Palpitations of the Heart
Treatment of Acute Rheumatism by Tincture of Perchloride of Iron
Treatment of Aneurism of the Arch of the Aorta by means of Galvano-Puncture
Treatment of Acute Cerebral Rheumatism by Chloral Hydrate
Hypodermic Injection of Chloral in Cholera
Diabetes Insipidus treated beneficially by Jaborandi
Nitrate of Soda in Dysentery
Gelsemium Sempervirens in Neuralgia
Tracheotomy in Croup and Diphtheria
Diphtheritic Croup; Tracheotomy; Artificial Respiration; Recovery
Chloral in Sea-sickness
Collodion in Erysipelas
Treatment of a Common Cold
Scarlatinal Anasarca and its Treatment
A Study of Tubercle
Artificial Diabetes
Diagnosis of the Position of the Lesion in Facial Paralysis
Diagnosis of Enlarged Bronchial Glands in Children
Recovery from Intussusception after the Separation and Voidance of Four Inches of Small Intestine
Treatment of Wounds and Surgical Dressings
Healing of Wounds by Blood-tissue
Chloral as a Surgical Dressing
Ligature of a Main Artery to arrest Inflammation
Two Cases of Aneurism, one of the Carotid and one of the Femoral Artery, treated by Wire Compress, both successful
Concluding Report of a Case of Innominate Aneurism, treated by Ligature of the Left Common Carotid and Subclavian
Malposition of the Aorta, due to Rickets, simulating Aneurism
Resection of Two-thirds of the Right Humerus; Complete Reproduction of Bone
Grafting of the Extensor Tendons of the Hands; Anastomosis of the Tendons
Amputations in Scrofulous Subjects
Supra-Condyloid Amputation of the Thigh
Treatment of Fractures of the Lower Extremity by Weight and Pulley
Manual Method of Reducing Dislocations of the Hip
Reduction of Dislocation of the Shoulder
Value of Fluctuation as a Sign
Electrolysis in certain forms of Vascular Erectile Tumours
Operations on the Air-passages
Total Excision of the Larynx
Inquiry into the Condition of Fifty-one Cases of Lithotrity in Elderly Adults, made at Periods of one or two years after Operation
Treatment of certain Cases of Stricture of the Urethra by a Combination of Internal and External Division
Rupture of the Urethra
Double Fistula in Ano; one treated by the Knife, the other by Elastic Ligature
Affection of the Eye in Bright's Disease
Miners' Nystagmus
Method of Improving the Patient's Appearance in the last stage of Ophthalmia Tarsi
Fœtal Heart at an early period of. Pregnancy
On the Employment of Chloral as an Anæsthetic in Natural Labour
The Placenta in a Triplet Birth
Contribution to the Pathology of the Ovary
Series of Fifty Cases of Ovariotomy
Death induced by the excessive Smoking of Tobacco
Phosphorus Poisoning
Hydrophobia from the Bite of a Skunk
Ligation of Femoral and Profunda Arteries
A Case of Traumatic Tetanus treated by Chloral Hydrate and the Bromide of Potassium; Recovery
Case of Retro-Uterine Hematocele, discharging through, the Rectum, and terminating in Recovery
On the Use of Warm Water and Carbolated Balsamic Compound in Surgical Injuries
Turning in Pelves Narrowed in the Conjugate Diameter
Pregnancy and Labour in Epileptic Women
Traumatic Aneurism of the Left Subclavian Artery successfully treated by Compression
A New Antipruritic Remedy
Improved Method of Obtaining Support for Fractured Bones of the Extremities
Bifurcated Foot with Eleven Toes
Localization of the Functions of the Brain