Art. I.—Rupture of the Healthy Œsophagus.
Art. II.—A Contribution to the Study of Animal Temperature. Preliminary Note.
Art. III.—The Treatment of Certain Injuries of the Head, accompanied by Lesions of the Brain and its Membranes. With illustrative cases.
Art. IV.—The Disproportion between the Power of Hearing the Tick of a Watch and the Human Voice; with remarks on hearing better in the midst of noise. 1
Art. V.—On the Development of the External Ear Passages.
Art. VI.—Remarks on some of the Rarer Syphilitic Neuroses of the Eye, illustrated by cases.
Art. VII.—On the Mechanism of Occipito-posterior Positions of the Vertex.
Art. VIII.—A Case of Addison's Disease.
Art. IX.—A Case of Sarcomatous Tumour mistaken for Popliteal Aneurism.
Art. X.—Partial Aphasia without Appreciable Lesion of Island of Reil.
Art. XI.—The Relations of Blepharitis Ciliaris to Ametropia. 1
Art. XII.—Pulsating Tumour of Orbit resembling true Aneurism; Ligation of Common Carotid; subsequent Removal of Tumour; Recovery.
Art. XIII.—On a Modified Mode of detecting Paralysis of the Ocular Muscles.
Art. XIV.—Treatment of Fracture of the Femur.
Art. XV.—On the Identity of the Red Blood Corpuscles in different Races of Mankind.
Art. XVI.—Ophthalmic Contributions.
Art. XVII.—Extraordinary Case of Urinary Calculi.
Art. XVIII.—Aphonia of Ten Months' Duration from Paralysis of the Arytenoideus Proprius Muscle, with Concomitant Heart Disease (Aortic Obstruction); voice restored by the direct application of electricity to the vocal cords.
Art. XIX.—Conversion of Face Presentation into one of Vertex by Aid of Knee-elbow Position.
Art. XX.—Report of a Case of Multiple Emboli caused by Organic Disease of the Heart, and producing Nutritive Changes; Atrophy of one Arm and Gangrene of one Leg.
Art. XXI.—Pelvic Adhesions in Ovariotomy.
Art. XXII.—Case of Rabies Felinae, treated with Woorara and Morphia; Death on fifth day.
Art. XXIII.—A New Anthropometer, or a simple Apparatus for Determining the Inequalities of the Length of the Legs.
Art. XXIV.—Description of an Apparatus devised by Dr. Thomas G. Morton for Measuring any Irregularity in the Length of the Lower Extremities.
Art. XXV.—A New Method of Double Staining.
Art. XXVI.—Absence of the Uterus, with a previous History of Chronic Inversion of this Organ, which was mistaken for Polypus, and removed by Ligature. With remarks.
Art. XXVII.—A Practical Treatise on Materia Medica and Therapeutics.
Art. XXVIII.—A Treatise on the Science and Practice of Midwifery.
Art. XXIX.—Guy's Hospital Reports.
Art. XXX.—Transactions of American State Medical Societies.
Art. XXXI.—A Practical Treatise on the Diseases, Injuries, and Malformations of the Urinary Bladder, the Prostate Gland, and the Urethra.
Art. XXXII.—De l' Exstrophie de la Vessie Envisagée spécialement au point de vue du Traitement Chirurgical.
Art. XXXIII.—Vital Motion as a Mode of Physical Motion.
Art. XXXIV.—A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Medicine.
Art. XXXV.—The proper status of the Insane and Feeble Minded. A paper read before the Medico-Legal Society of New York, February 25, 1875.
Art. XXXVI.—Cyclopaedia of the Practice of Medicine.
Art. XXXVII.—What is the best Treatment in Contracted Pelves?
Art. XXXVIII.—Catalogue of the Models of Diseases of the Skin in the Museum of Guy's Hospital.
Art. XXXIX.—The Anatomy of the Head, with six lithographic plates, representing frozen sections of the Head.
Art. XL.—Mémoires sur la Galvano-caustique Thermique
Art. XLI.—Compendium of Histology. Twenty-four Lectures.
Art. XLII.—A Manual of Midwifery.
Art. XLIII.—Illustrations of Clinical Surgery.
Art. XLIV.—The Theory and Practice of Medicine.
Art. XLV.—Chemistry
Art. XLVI.—Observations on Diseases of the Rectum.
Art. XLVII.—Hay-Fever, or Summer Catarrh; its nature and treatment.
Art. XLVIII.—Annual Report of the Surgeon-General, United States Army, 1876.
Art. XLIX.—A Century of American Medicine. 1776-1876.
Art. L.—The Medical Men of the Revolution, with a Brief History of the Medical Department of the Continental Army, etc.
Art. LI.—Public Libraries in the United States of America; their History, Condition, and Management.
Art. LII.—Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.