On Mountain Fever and Malarious Waters
Tattooing as a means of Communicating Syphilis; an Investigation of Twenty-two Cases exposed to Inoculation with the Virus of Mucous Patches, in Fifteen of which Syphilis followed
Disease of the Sacro-Iliac Synchondrosis
Action of Iron, Cod-liver Oil, and Arsenic on the Globular Richness of the Blood
A Contribution to the Study of Subconjunctival Serous Cysts
The Distribution of Nerves in the Iris
A Case of Ovariotomy during Subacute Peritonitis and Suppuration of the Cyst following Aspiration; with Remarks
On the Duties and Responsibilities of General Practitioners towards Melancholics and Suicides
Acute Inflammation of the Middle Ear; Destruction and Reproduction of the Entire Membrana Tympani
Lithotrity by a Single Operation
Case of Dislocation of the Hip upwards and forwards on the Pubes, of Twenty-six Days' Standing, successfully reduced: followed by Complete Recovery
Epithelioma Laryngis; Final Removal by Laryngo-thyrotomy
Bromide of Potassium in the Uncontrollable Vomiting of Pregnancy
Case of Paralysis of Abductors of Vocal Cords; Tracheotomy; Recovery; Relapse; Death
Case of Molluscum Fibrosum; Tubercles of an Unusual Size
A Case of Membranous Entero-Colitis
Two Cases of Nerve Stretching
Use of the Testicle in the Radical Cure of Inguinal Hernia
A Case of Purulent Pelvic Effusion, opening spontaneously into the Vagina
Transactions of the International Medical Congress of Philadelphia
The Ear; its Anatomy, Physiology, and Diseases
Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
Fat and Blood; and How to Make Them
Saint Thomas's Hospital Reports
Medico-Chirurgical Transactions
Public Health Reports, and Papers presented at the Meetings of the American Public Health Association in the years 1875–1876, with an Abstract of the Record of Proceedings, 1876
Surgical Observations on Gunshot Wounds of the Hip-joint
Retarded Dilatation of the Os Uteri in Labour
A Clinical Guide to the Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention of Venereal Diseases
Cyclopædia of the Practice of Medicine
The Toner Lectures Instituted to Encourage the Discovery of New Truths for the Advancement of Medicine. Lecture V. On the Surgical Complications and Sequels of the Continued Fevers
The Cure of Rupture, Reducible and Irreducible, also of Varicocele and Hydrocele, by new methods
On Hare-lip and Cleft Palate
Circular Orders No. 3, War Department, Surgeon-General's Office, August 20, 1877
Illustrations of Clinical Surgery
Lectures on Fevers
A Guide to Therapeutics and Materia Medica
Hospitals: their History, Organization, and Construction. Boylston Prize Essay of Harvard University for 1876
Lectures on Practical Surgery
The Morphology of the Skull
An Index of Diseases and their Treatment
The Fourth Annual Report of the Board of Health of the City of New Haven, 1876
The Acidity of the Human Gastric Juice in a Case of Gastric Fistula
On Hydrobromic Acid
On Phosphate of Lime
Transformation of Salicylic Acid
Mode of Action of Anæsthetics
Action of Pilocarpin on the Eye
Sulphate of Atropia in Pathological Sweating
The Excretion of Indican and Lime in Disease
Diminution of the Acidity of the Gastric Juice in Febrile Conditions
Salicine in Rheumatism
Etiology of Typhoid Fever
Diphtheria complicating Enteric Fever
The Therapeutics of Diphtheria
On the Use of Iron in Epilepsy
Treatment of Croup
The Etiology of Pneumonia
Cold Washings and Douches in Tuberculosis
The Use of Digitalis in Disease of the Aortic Values
Complete Obliteration of the Aorta
Treatment of Neurosis of the Stomach
Case of Obstruction of the Bowels by a Dislocated Spleen
Localized Peritoneal Exudation which Perforated the Lung and Simulated Pyopneumothorax
Iodic Purpura
Molluscum Contagiosum
Lichen Ruber Acuminatus and Lichen Ruber Planus
On Zoster Recidivus
Acetic Acid in Psoriasis
On Cysticerci in the Skin
On Œdema and the Lymph-stream in Inflammation
On the Treatment of Ranula
Extirpation of the Larynx
Extirpation of Spleen for Rapid Hypertrophy
Two Peculiar Varieties of Hydrocele of the Cord
Treatment of Blennorrhagic Epididymitis with Iodoform Ointment
Carbolized Catgut Ligature
Aneurism of Aorta, Innominate, Subclavian, and Carotid Arteries successfully treated by Double Distal Ligature
Ligature of the Common Carotid Artery in Cases of Injury of the External Carotid
Diagnostic Value of Pulsation, à propos of a Case of Pulsating Tumour of the Upper End of the Left Tibia
Sarcoma of the Median Nerve; Resection without Disturbance of Sensation
Sclerotomy in Glaucoma
Drainage of the Eye in Cases of Detached Retina
On Acute Cellulitis of the Orbit
On the Treatment of Suppurative Otitis by Drainage of the External Auditory Meatus
On the Investigation of the interior of the Uterus by the Carbolized Hand at long Intervals after Delivery
The Septic Influence of Lochial Discharge
Mammary Abscess treated Antiseptically
On the Bearings of Chronic Disease of the Heart upon Pregnancy and Parturition
On Abnormal Softness of the Nulliparous Uterus, as a Factor in the Etiology of Uterine Distortions, and as a Cause of Impairment of Power of Locomotion
Ovariotomy during the Course of Acute Peritonitis
Acute Poisoning by Acetate of Copper
Toxic Properties of Dynamite
A Case of Fracture of the Body of the Scapula
Menstruation and Ovulation
Brief Study of the Hundred Cases of Menstruation
Localization of Diseased Action in the Œsophagus
Relation of the Urinary Organs to Puerperal Diseases
The Post-mortem Imbibition of Poisons