“Through Drainage” in the Treatment of Open Wounds
The Porro Modification of the Cæsarean Operation, in Continental Europe; Chronologically and Analytically Examined: showing the success of the new method; its advance from Italy to other countries; and its diminishing fatality under a better knowledge of the requisites for securing success; the whole statement being prepared with a view to enable our Obstetrical Surgeons to decide whether we should introduce this method into the United States
On Congenital Atresia of the Pulmonary Artery
Rapid Lithotrity with Evacuation
Report of a Case where Mother and Child died during Labour, from difficulties attributed to Shortness of the Pedicle, secured by a Clamp, in Ovariotomy
Notes of Three Cases of Severe Injury to the Eye treated almost exclusively by Rest
Three Cases of Syphilitic Muscular Contraction
Removal of a Large, Interstitial Uterine Fibroid
On the Diagnosis of Fractures and Dislocations, with a view to the establishment of pathognomonic principles
On the Relative Value of the Sulphates of Atropia and of Duboisia in Ophthalmic Practice
Case of Uterine Fibroid Treated by Ergotine Injections, and finally Removed by means of Thomas's Scoop
Case of Extensive Traumatic Injury of the Skull, Abscess of the Brain, Right Hemiplegia, Aphasia, Recovery
Metastatic Tenonitis in Diphtheria
Gunshot Wound; Ball entering left side of the Neck, passing through Spinal Column at Seventh Cervical and First Dorsal, Vertebræ and lodging in Right Trapezius Muscle. Peculiar feature of the Lungs found on post-mortem
Absorption of a Large Fibroid Tumour of the Uterus under the Use of Ergot
Central Myxo-Sarcoma of the Right Superior Maxilla; Removal of Entire Maxilla and Portion of Malar Bone
Extra-Uterine Pregnancy; Operation; Recovery
A Case of Epileptiform Convulsion cured by a Simple Detachment of a Glandulo-Preputial Adhesion
Ten Consecutive Breech Pesentations in the Same Woman
Impacted Calculus in Child Seven Months Old; Phimosis and Adherent Prepuce
Clinical Study of Yellow Fever
Recent Progress in Nervous Diseases
St. Thomas's Hospital Reports
A Manual of Pathological Histology
Paracentesis Pericardii
Report on the Revision of the U. S. Pharmacopœia, preliminary to the Convention of 1880. Being a Rough Draft of the General Principles, Titles, and Working Formulæ proposed for the next Pharmacopœia
St. George's Hospital Reports
The Student's Guide to Diseases of the Eye
Pseudo-Hypertrophic Muscular Paralysis; A Clinical Lecture
My Experience in the Turko-Servian War of 1876. A sketch of military surgery
Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society
Pulmonary Syphilis, and its Relation to Pulmonary Consumption
Clinical Lectures on the Diseases of Women, delivered in Saint Bartholomew's Hospital
Physiology and Histology of the Cerebral Convolutions. Also, Poisons of the Intellect
A Manual of the Practice of Surgery
Pharmacographia. A History of the Principal Drugs of Vegetable Origin met with in Great Britain and British India
Transactions of the American Otological Society
A System of Medicine
First Lines of Therapeutics, as Based on the Modes and the Processes of Healing, as occurring spontaneously in Disease; and on the Modes and Processes of Dying, as resulting naturally from Disease. In a Series of Lectures
Experimental Researches in the Regional Temperature of the Head, under Conditions of Rest, Intellectual Activity, and Emotion
Health Reports
A Treatise on the Science and Practice of Midwifery
Sore Throat: its Nature, Varieties, and Treatment; including the connection between Affections of the Throat and other Diseases
The Spectroscope in Medicine
Minor Gynecological Operations and Appliances, for the Use of Students
Cancer of the Rectum, its Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Outlines of the Practice of Medicine, with Special Reference to the Prognosis and Treatment of Disease, with Appropriate Formulæ and Illustrations
A Dictionary of the German Terms used in Medicine
A Manual of Auscultation and Percussion; embracing the Physical Diagnosis of Diseases of the Lungs and Heart, and of Thoracic Aneurism
A Text-Book of Physiology
Physiology of Reading
Quebracho, a Palliative Remedy in Dyspnœa
On the Relative Paralyzing Action of Atropia and Pilocarpine on the Heart
Effects of Long-continued Use of Chloral
Duboisia and its Therapeutic Use
Intravenous Injections of Milk
The Treatment of Leucocythæmia
Aconitia in Neuralgia
On a Group of Symptoms probably arising from Neurosis of the Vagus Nerve
On Reflex Paralysis in Ulceration of the Large Intestine
Phlyctenular Inflammation of the Vocal Cords
On Diaphragmatic Pleurisy
Pleuritic Effusions and Phthisis Pulmonum
Night-sweats in Phthisis
Gonorrhœal Endocarditis
On the Use of Hydrate of Chloral in Acute Gastro-enteritis in Children
Amyloid Degeneration of the Viscera, developed within two Months
Experimental Study on the Treatment of Hepatic Colic
Cysticercus Cellulosæ affecting the Skin
Observations on Alopecia Areata
Treatment of Herpes Zoster
Operative Treatment of Nasal Polypi
Extirpation of the Larynx and Anterior Wall of the Œsophagus
On Extirpation of the Pharynx
On Resection of the Ribs in Chronic Empyema
A Case of Abscess of the Kidney, in which Nephrotomy, with Subsequent Free Drainage, was attended with Satisfactory Results
Injections of Ergotin in Prolapsus of Rectum and Hæmorrhoids
Articular Tuberculosis
Malignant Osteomyelitis and Sarcomatous Diseases of the Bones in Pernicious Anæmia
Case of Non-Syphilitic Diffuse Periostosis
Aneurism of the Subclavian Artery treated by Amputation at the Shoulder-joint, and the introduction of Needles into the Sac
Aneurism of the Left Hypogastric Artery
Treatment of Popliteal Aneurism by Esmarch's Bandage
Nerve-Stretching for Neuralgia of the Trigeminal Nerve
New Method of Performing Sclerotomy
Enervation of the Eyeball
Tetanus produced by the Presence of a Foreign Body in the Conjunctival Sac
The Conjunctivitis and Otitis of Hay-fever
A Successful Case of Laparo-Elytrotomy
Pregnancy in a Uterus Bicornis mistaken for Extra-uterine Fœtation
On the Employment, in certain Cases, of a Caoutchouc Thread for the Ligature of the Umbilical Cord
The Etiology of Puerperal Cystitis
Myxoma Enchondromatodes Arborescens Colli Uteri
On Poisoning by Perchloride of Iron