Congenital Syphilis of the Throat; Based upon the Study of One Hundred and Fifty Cases
Aneurism of the Innominate and Aorta; Ligature of the Carotid and Subclavian Arteries; Death on the seventh day
Pityriasis Maculata et Circinata
The Surgical Treatment of Cancer of the Rectum
Contribution to Our Knowledge of Nervous Syphilis
Fatal Poisoning by Mushrooms
A Case of Basedow's Disease terminating in Total Loss of Sight from Inflammation of the Cornea
Explanation of a Simple Method for the Diagnosis of Organic Valvular Diseases of the Heart
Lateral Lithotomy, with the Successful Removal of a Calculus and Seven Pieces of Necrosed Bone from the Bladder of an Indian Scout, Nineteen Months after the Reception of a Gunshot Wound
Localized Tubercular Pleurisy
A Contribution to the Study of the Action of the Carbolized Spray in the Antiseptic Treatment of Wounds
On the State of the Blood in the Vessels of an Inflamed Part
A Contribution to the Clinical History of Myopia
Diagnostic Significance of a Dilated and Mobile Pupil in Epilepsy
Poisoning by Carbolic Acid; Recovery
Aneurism of the Arch of the Aorta, cured by Rest, Restricted Diet, and Iodide of Potassium and Ergot
A Case of Recurrent Femoral Aneurism treated with success by Catgut Ligature of the External Iliac; return of the Aneurism after Four and a Half Years; Cure by laying open the Sac
The Diseases of the Sympathetic Nervous System
St. Bartholomew's Hospital Reports
On the Usefulness of Washing out the Womb with Antiseptics, in Puerperal Infection
Transactions of State Medical Societies
Fracture of the Patella. A study of one hundred and twenty-seven cases
Naso-pharyngeal Catarrh
Transactions of the Obstetrical Society of London
Eyesight: Good and Bad. A Treatise on the Exercise and Preservation of Vision
The Diagnosis of Diseases of the Spinal Cord
Health Reports
Cholera Epidemics in Japan, with a Monograph on the Influence of the Habits and Customs of Races on the Prevalence of Cholera
Respiratory Percussion
Transactions of The American Gynæcological Society, Vol. IV., for the year 1879
Examination of the Colour-sense
Tracheotomy in Laryngeal Diphtheria (Membranous Croup), with especial reference to after-treatment; to which are added a few general remarks on Diphtheria, and its earlier treatment
A Treatise on Surgical Anæsthesia, with the Description and Mode of Application of the Anæsthetic Method of Paul Bert
On a Case of Molluscum Verrucosum presenting certain Unusual Features
Lectures on the Human Eye in its Normal and Pathological Conditions
A Ministry of Health, and Other Addresses
Iodic Parpura
Notes on Diseases of the Testis
A Practical Treatise on Urinary and Renal Diseases, including Urinary Deposits. Illustrated by numerous Cases and Engravings
Report of Ten Laparotomies
The Practitioner's Reference Book
New Editions of Works on the Microscope
Function of the Medulla of Bone
Nerve Influence on the Tissues
New Reagent for the Detection of Biliary Colouring Matter in the Urine
Nitrite of Amyl
The Action of Erythrophleine
Glycerine in Flatulence, Acidity, and Pyrosis
Creasote as a Therapeutic Agent in Chest Affections
The Blood in Idiopathic Anæmia
Antiseptic (Antizymotic) Treatment of Enteric Fever (Typhus Abdominalis)
Action of Benzoate of Soda in Scarlet Fever and true Diphtheria
Treatment of Diphtheria by Carbolized Camphor
Treatment of Whooping-Cough by Benzoate of Soda
Secondary Syphilitic Epilepsy
Bromide of Ethyl in Epilepsy
Duboisia in the Treatment of Exophthalmic Goitre
Iodoform in the Treatment of Goitre
Syphilitic Laryngitis in Children
On the Treatment of Bright's Disease, with Special Reference to the Use of Diuretic Remedies
Ascites Chylosus
Oxide of Zinc in Diarrhœa
Perforating Tuberculosis of the Roof of the Skull
Extirpation of a Naso-pharyngeal Polypus by the Palatine Method
Treatment of Carbuncle of the Upper Lip
Intestinal Concretions removed by Enterotomy
Case of Extirpation of the Kidney
Gurgun Balsam in Gonorrhœa and Vaginitis
Retention of Urine in Gonorrhœa
On Lithotrity at a Single Sitting, with a Record of its Results in Forty-six Consecutive Cases
Excision of the Knee and of the Hip
Aortic Aneurism Treated by Galvano-Puncture
Rupture of the Axillary Artery during Reduction of Luxation of the Humerus
Conjunctival Syphilis
Conjunctivitis from Chloral
Obstinate Vomiting in Pregnancy
Treatment of Post-Partum Hemorrhage by Iodine
Fatal Peritonitis resulting from an Injection into the Vagina of a Solution of Acetate of Lead
Extra-Peritoneal Ovariotomy
Oöphorectomy in Cases of Dysmenorrhœa
The Antagonisms of Aconitia on the Frog's Heart