May Iodide of Potassium Excite Bright's Disease?
Use of the Ecraseur for Curing Deep-seated Fistula in Ano
The Operative Treatment of Prolapse of the Vagina and Uterus
Are all Anæsthetics Dangerous which contain Chlorine, Bromine, or Iodine?
A Case of Abscess of the Liver, complicated with Empyema; Operation; Cure
On Lymphatic Hearts and the Phenomena attending the Propulsion of Lymph from them into the Veins into which they open
Empyema and its Treatment
A Study of Primary, Immediate, or Direct Hemorrhage into the Ventricles of the Brain
Quantitative Determination of Urea by Alkaline Hypochlorites and Hypobromites
Anæsthesia of the Cornea and its Significance in certain forms of Eye Disease
Retention of the Menses, caused by Imperforate Hymen. Report of two cases with some remarks
Distal Compression applied in a Case of Inguinal Aneurism, with a successful Result
An Instrument for the Removal of Superfluous Hairs
Operation for the Relief of Bursal Swelling of the Wrist
Amputation at the Shoulder-Joint
The Comparative Action of Hydrobromate of Homatropine and of Sulphate of Atropia upon the Iris and Ciliary Muscle
Stab Wound of the Neck and Division of the Right Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve, followed immediately by absolute Aphonia
On Some of the Conditions Affecting the Origin and Course of Pulmonary Phthisis
The Sorghum Vulgare, or Broom-corn Seed, in Cystitis
Case of Severe Injury of the Brain, with Recovery
Benzoic Acid in the Albuminuria of Pregnancy and Scarlatina
A Treatise on Bright's Disease and Diabetes, with especial reference to Pathology and Therapeutics
Osteotomy, with an Inquiry into the Ætiology and Pathology of Knock-knee, Bow-leg, and other Osseous Deformities of the Lower Limbs
Bovine Tuberculosis in Man; an Account of the Pathology of Suspected Cases
St. Bartholomew's Hospital Reports
On the Antagonism between Medicines, and between Remedies and Diseases. Being the Cartwright Lectures for the year 1880
Lectures upon Diseases of the Rectum and the Surgery of the Lower Bowel
The Diseases of Children; a Practical and Systematic Work for Practitioners and Students
Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society. Sixteenth Annual Meeting
Lectures on Diseases of the Nervous System, especially in Women
On Anchylosis, and the Treatment for the Removal of Deformity and the Restoration of Mobility in Various Joints
Photographic Illustrations of Cutaneous Syphilis
A Manual for the Practice of Surgery
Transactions of the Obstetrical Society of London
The Student's Manual of Venereal Disease, being the University Lectures delivered at Charity Hospital, B. I., during the Winter Session of 1879–80
Experimental Researches on the Temperature of the Head
The Relations of the Abdominal and Pelvic Organs in the Female, illustrated by a full-sized chromolithograph of the Section of a Cadaver frozen in the Genu-pectoral position, and by a series of wood-cuts
The Structural Anatomy of the Female Pelvic Floor
La Syphilis: son Histoire et son Traitement
Grundzüge der Physiologie des Menschen mit Rücksicht auf die Gesundheitspflege
Lectures on Diseases of Bones and Joints
A Treatise on the Materia Medica and Therapeutics of the Skin
A Manual of Diseases of the Eye and Ear, for the Use of Students and Practitioners
A Pocket Atlas of the Descriptive Anatomy of the Human Body
How to Use the Forceps, with an Introductory Account of the Female Pelvis and the Mechanism of Delivery
A Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Skin
Hernia, Strangulated and Reducible, with Cure by Subcutaneous Injections. Together with Suggested and Improved Methods for Kelotomy. Also an Appendix, giving a short Account of various New Surgical Instruments
Health Reports
Syphilis and Marriage. Lectures delivered at the St. Louis Hospital, Paris
Flat-foot in Young Infants
Action of Small Doses of Mercury upon the Lower Animals
Antipyretic Action of the Phenols
Apomorphia as an Expectorant
Intra-Peritoneal Transfusion
Transfusion of Blood in a Case of Acute Typhoid Fever complicated with Intestinal Hemorrhage
Diagnosis of Yellow Fever for Sanitary Purposes
Syphilis and Locomotor Ataxy
Bromide of Ethyl in Epilepsy
Treatment of Neuralgia by Salicylate of Soda
Neurotic Atrophy
Atrophic Infantile Paralysis
Paradoxical Muscular Contraction
Epidemic Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis of Children
On Hypnotic Contractures
Treatment of Diphtheria
Treatment of Pharyngeal Diphtheria
Pericarditis Treated by Incision into Pericardium
Adult Cephalic Murmurs
Examination of the Local Sensibility of the Precordial and Pre-Aortic Regions in Diseases of the Heart
The Treatment of Splenic Tumours
Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus by Salts of Ammonia
Langenbeck's Operation for Hare-lip
Removal of Foreign Bodies from the Larynx
Local Anæsthesia of the Larynx
A Second Case of Resection of the Stomach
Gastrostomy and Duodenostomy
Intestinal Resection
Resection of about six and a half feet of the Small Intestine, with Recovery
Nephrectomy by Lumbar Section
Excision of the Hip-Joint in Children
Transplantation of Bone
New Method of Blepharoplasty
On the Diseases of the Ear in Locomotive Engineers and Firemen which may endanger the Travelling Public
Gastrotomy in Extra-Uterine Pregnancy
Inversion of the Uterus
Extirpation of the Uterus through the Vagina
Poisoning by Chloroform
George Alexander Otis
Isaac Ray, M.D., LL.D.