The Total Extirpation of the Uterus through the Vagina
Removal of Uterine Appendages for the Arrest of Uterine Hemorrhage
An Experimental Study on the Action of Salicylic Acid upon Blood-Cells and upon Amœboid Movements and Emigration
The Small Pustular Scrofuloderm
Aneurism of Right and Left Pulmonary Arteries; Pulmonary Insufficiency; Dilatation of the Right Ventricle
Gossypium Herbaceum. An Investigation of the Physiological Effects of Gossypium Herbaceum made in the Materia Medica Laboratory of Jefferson Medical College (and submitted as a Thesis for the Doctorate)
Mechanism of Forceps Labour and the Principles of Forceps Construction
Two Vesical Calculi with Nuclei of Bone, resulting from a Gunshot Wound
The Influence of Meteorological Conditions upon the Causation of Croupous Pneumonia
Acrania Monsters, with Report of a Case
Heart-Clot as a Fatal Complication in the Acute Fevers of Childhood
Simultaneous Ligation of the Carotid and Subclavian Arteries for Aneurism of the Innominate. Autopsy twenty-one months after the Operation
A Case of Vesico-Vaginal Fistula
A Case of Pulsating Tumour of the Head of the Tibia, Treated successfully by Compressing the Femoral Artery; Subsequent Amputation through the Condyles of the Femur. Recovery
Some Rare and New Anomalies in Man: with Three Cases of Double Femoral Artery
Review on Hypnotism
Artificial Anæsthesia and Anæsthetics
Transactions of the American Gynecological Society
A Manual of Histology
Columnæ Adiposæ. A Newly-described Structure of the Cutis Vera, with its Pathological Significance in Carbuncle and other Affections
Lectures on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of Chest, Throat, and Nasal Cavities
On the Construction, Organization, and General Arrangements of Hospitals for the Insane, with some Remarks on Insanity and its Treatment
Transactions of State Medical Societies
The Practice of Medicine and Surgery applied to the Diseases and Accidents incident to Women
Transactions of the American Otological Society, 14th Annual Meeting
Report of the First Proceedings of the Institute of Operative Therapeutics of the Princess Hospital
Observations on Fatty Heart; Comprising Remarks on the Morbid Anatomy, Symptoms and Diagnosis, Prognosis, Etiology, and Treatment
Health Reports
Lectures on the Surgical Disorders of the Urinary Organs
Anatomical Studies upon Brains of Criminals. A Contribution to Anthropology, Medicine, Jurisprudence, and Psychology
Report of the Medical Missionary Society in China for the year 1880
A System of Surgery, Theoretical and Practical, in Treatises by various Authors
Supplement to Zeimssen's Cyclopædia of the Practice of Medicine
Comparative Embryology
Clinical Exposition of Diseases of the Eye—Conjunctiva, Cornea, Selera, Iris, and Ciliary Body
A Practical Treatise on Impotence, Sterility, and allied Disorders of the Male Sexual Organs
History of Medicine in New Jersey, and of its Medical Men, from the Settlement of the Province to A.D. 1800
Dysmenorrhœa, its Pathology and Treatment
The Treatment of Variocele by Excision of Redundant Scrotum
The Wilderness Cure
The Principles of Myodynamics
Medical Societies: their Organization and the Nature of their Work
On Cortical Lesions of the Brain
Localization of Functions in the Human Cortex Cerebri
A Centre for Colour-Vision
Transplantation of the Medulla of Bone
A New Method of Administering Anæsthetics
The Use of Quebracho in Dyspnœa
Action of Duboisia on the Circulation
The Hypodermic Injection of Mercurialized Peptone
Indications for the Administration of Digitalis
The Therapeutic Action of Chinolin
Naphthol in Skin Diseases
Hydrobromic Acid
The Nature of Diphtheritic Contagium
Pilocarpine in Diphtheria
Bacillus of Enteric Fever
Generation of Malaria in Flower-pots
Etiology of Malarial Fever
Peptonuria in Acute Articular Rheumatism
Treatment of Erysipelas by the Salicylate of Soda
Treatment of Hydrophobia
The Relations between Syphilis and Locomotor Ataxy
Case of Charcot's Joint Disease
Scorbutic Spinal Hemorrhage
The Pathology and Treatment of Certain Forms of Neuralgia
Cardiac Symptoms of Chorea
Paralysis of Hands and Feet from Disease of Nerves
Modern Remedies for Pertussis
Carbolic Acid in Whooping-Cough
Treatment of Pleurisy
Acute Pulmonary Œdema
Carcinoma of the Œsophagus with Perforation of the Left Auricle
Case of Rupture of the Septum Cordis
Functional Murmur in the Pulmonary Artery
Diagnosis, Pathology, and Treatment of Fatty Heart
Slow Pulse
Calcareous Pericardium
Drainage of the Pericardium
Spontaneous Rupture of the Stomach
The Benzoates in Dysentery
Abscess of the Pancreas with large Lumbricus obstructing the Pancreatic Duct
Valerian and Zinc in Diabetes Insipidus
Electrolytic Treatment of Malignant Tumours
A Remarkable Wound of the Brain
Salivary Colic: Expulsion of Two Salivary Calculi
Two Cases of Malignant Stricture of the Œsophagus in which Gastrostomy was Performed
Resection of the Stomach for Cancer
Operative Fixation of Movable Kidneys
Extirpation of the Kidney
Treatment of Varicocele
A New Method of Detecting Small Stones in the Bladder
A Case of Imperforate Anus with Absence of Rectum
A Successful Case of Simultaneous Ligature of the Subelavian and Carotid Arteries for Innominate Aneurism
Stretching of the Lingual Nerve for Facial Neuralgia
The Diagnosis of Fracture of the Neck of the Femur
Excision of Callus
Treatment of Gonorrhœal Conjunctivitis by Division of the External Commissure and Fixed Eversion of the Lower Lid
Effects of Dynamic Electricity on Opacities of the Vitreous Body
Nerve-Stretching applied to Ophthalmic Surgery
Uterine Contractions Produced by Electricity
Delivery through the Perineum
Rupture of the Uterus successfully treated by Drainage
Porro's Operation in England
Excision of the Gravid Uterus with Epithelioma of the Cervix
Extirpation of the Uterus
Uterine Displacements
The Relation of Anteflexion of the Uterus to Dysmenorrhœa
Permanganate of Potassium as an Antidote to Serpent Venom
Tobacco Poisoning