On Fractures of the Skull, restricted to the Inner Table
Ovariotomy: Difficulties Diagnostic and Operative; Continued Menstruation after Double Ovariotomy
On the Abortive Treatment of Buboes and Lymphadenitis Generally, by Injections of Carbolic Acid
Large Pleuritic Effusion in the Right Side without Notable Diminution of Vocal Resonance and Fremitus. Diffused Bronchophony in Cases of Pleuritic Effusion. Remarks on the Value of Baccelli's Sign (“Pectoriloquie Aphonique”) in Determining the Nature of the Effused Fluid
Progress of Obstetrical Surgery. Abdominal Deliveries in the United States during the year 1880. Five Cæsarean and three Porro-Cæsarean Operations
A Second Infection from Syphilis—Syphilitic Re-infection
True Aneurism of the Brachial Artery at its Upper Third Cured by Compression maintained for ten hours by means of a Conical Pad, with a Résumé of the Literature of the Subject
On the Physics of Anæsthetics
Acute Glaucoma Induced by Duboisia
The Soft Palate and Uvula and their Functions
Some Considerations in Military Surgery of the Femur. (With Case of Excision at Hip-joint)
Removal of the Entire Uterus for the Cure of Cancer of the Cervix, with a Report of Two Cases
Central Colour-Scotoma—the Error of Ordinary Tests
Is the Ovarian Cell Pathognomonic?
Vaginal Cysts
A Bandage for the Treatment of Varicocele
Multiple Polypoid Fibroma of the Nymphæ; a Rare Case
On the Varieties, Mechanism, Diagnostic Significance, etc. of the Mitral Presystolic Cardiac Murmur
A Case of Cæsarean Section
Case of Mastoid Abscess which Ruptured into the Lateral Sinus. Death from Pyæmia
What Constitutes Insufficiency of the Internal Recti Muscles?
Case of Fibromatous Polypus of the Bladder in a Child
On the Contagiousness of Tubercle
Human Actinomycosis. The Description of a new Infective Disease based upon Comparative Pathological and Experimental Study
Eczema and its Management. A Practical Treatise based on the Study of Two Thousand Five Hundred Cases of the Disease
The Science and Art of Midwifery
A System of Surgery, Theoretical and Practical. In Treatises by Various Authors
Die Wirkungen der Quebrachodrognen. Der gegenwärtige Stand der Frage nach der wirkung von Aspidosperma Quebracho (Q. blanco) und Loxopterygium Lorentizii (Q. Colorado) für praktische Aerzte und Pharmaceuten dargestlett
The Sympathetic Diseases of the Eye
Handbook of Historico-Geographical Pathology
Medico-Chirurgical Transactions
Restriction and Prevention of Diphtheria
The Hysterical Element in Orthopædic Surgery
Beriberi, or the “Kakké” of Japan
Transactions of State Medical Societies
Report on Hawaiian Leprosy
A Manual of Midwifery
On Cancer, its Allies and other Tumours, with Special Reference to their Medical and Surgical Treatment
Administration of Agriculture, Industry, and Commerce. Direction of Statistics, Statistical Annals, Nosological Geography of Italy
Health Reports
A Manual of Practical Normal Histology
A Treatise on the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood
Congenital Malformations of Intestines
A New Formed Element of Mammalian Blood
Formation of Red Blood-Corpuscles
Mechanical Excitation of the Optic Nerve
“Alkapton” in Urine
The Formation of Bone
Physiology of Urinary Secretion
Absorption from the Stomach
The Production of the Heart Sounds
Podophyllin and Podophyllotoxin in Children's Diseases
Physiological Action of the Asclepias Curassavica
Inhalation of Medicated Vapours in Diseases of the Respiratory Apparatus
Naphthalin as a New Antiseptic
Transfusion of Blood
Laughing Gas as an Anæsthetic during Labour
Uses and Dangers of Iodoform
Case of Acute Miliary Tuberculosis exactly stimulating Typhoid Fever
Pathology of Tubercle
Pernicious Anæmia
Miner's Anæmia
Cells Containing Red Blood-Corpuscles
Prophylactic Inoculation of Rabies
Treatment of Epilepsy
Salicylic Acid in Rheumatism
Salicylate of Soda in Rheumatism
Pilocarpin in Scarlet Fever and Diphtheria
Risks of Intra-Pleural Injections
Operative Interference in Pulmonary Affections
Segmental Cardiac Disturbance
Perforation of Gastric Ulcer into the Left Ventricle
Cardiac Hypertrophy as a Renal Disease
Embolism of the Aorta with Experiments on the Production of Cardiac Murmurs
Œsophageal Ulcer from Digestion
Encysted Dropsy of the Peritoneum
Malaria and Diabetes
The Value of Alveolar Periostitis of the Jaws as a Diagnostic Sign in Diabetes
Albuminuria in Epilepsy
Hæmoglobinuria Produced by Naphthol
Transplantation of Bone
Iodoform in Wounds of the Mouth
Excision of the Tongue
Extirpation of Goitres
Removal of a Cyst of the Pancreas Weighing Twenty and a Half Pounds
The Surgery of Cysts of the Pancreas
The Operative Treatment of Floating Kidney by Fixation
Cases of Nephro-Lithotomy
A Case of Partial Resection of the Small Intestine
Resection of the Intestine: Cure
Rupture of the Intestine
Splenotomy in Leucocythæmia
A New Method for the Operative Treatment of Extrophy of the Bladder
Treatment of Wounds of the Bladder
Spontaneous Cure of Spina Bifida
Control of Hemorrhage in Hip-joint Amputations
Subcutaneous Division of the Neck of the Femur for Ankylosis
Resection of the Hip
Galvanism in Coxalgia
Isolated Disease of the Semilunar Fibroid Cartilages in the Knee-Joint
Excision of the Tarsal Arch
Tripier's Amputation of the Foot
Fractures of the Patella
Successful Reduction, after Four Months' Malposition, of a Dislocated Third Cervical Vertebra
Examination of the Eyes of New-Born Children
Sulphide of Calcium in Strumous Ophthalmia
Treatment of the Pseudo-Membranous Conjunctivitis with Local Applications of Quinine
The Extraction of Chips of Iron or Steel from the Interior of the Eye
Acute Glaucoma cured by Eserine
Massage in Diseases of the Eye
Rules for the use of Eserine and Atropia in Glaucoma
Treatment of Otorrhœa
Experimental Production of Abdominal Pregnancy
Treatment of Spasmodic Dysmenorrhœa and Sterility by Dilatation of the Cervical Canal with Graduated Metallic Bougies
The Elastic Ligature in the Abdominal Extirpation of Uterine Fibroids
Diagnosis of Ovarian Tumours
Hernia of the Ovary
Case of Double Oöphorectomy
Method of Exploring the Ureters in Women
“Navel-Ill” in Children
Tolerance of Poisons
Phosphorus Poisoning treated by Turpentine
Poisoning with Boracic Acid