On the Nature, Mode of Propagation, Pathology, and Treatment of Scarlatina
A Case of Lodgment of a Foreign Body in the Cavities of the Nose, Orbit, and Cranium, where it remained Five Months; Removal by Operation; Subsequent Trephining for Pus in the Brain; Death Autopsy
Notes of a Case of Lodgment of a Fragment of Iron in the Substance of the Brain; Death in Four Months; Autopsy
A Clinical study of the Disease and Curability of Inebriety
Induced Septicæmia in the Rabbit
Rupture of the Left Fallopian Tube and Copious Hemorrhage into the Peritoneal Cavity
The Geographical and Climatic Relations of Pneumonia; A Statistical Study
The Comparative Action of Sulphate of Daturia and of Sulphate of Hyoscyamia upon the Iris and Ciliary Muscle
A Case of Obstruction of the Inferior Canaliculus of the Eye by Dacryoliths
An Analytical Examination of One Hundred Cases of Extirpation of the Kidney; with a Tabular Record arranged chronologically
Value of Cardio-sphygmography for the Determination of Cardiac Valvular Conditions and of Aneurism, Particularly for Examiners in Life Insurance
A Report of Three Human Monstrosities
Dissection of a Human Otocephalic Cyclops Monstrosity
On the Use of Carbonate of Ammonia as a Stimulant
Case of Supposed Spontaneous Aneurism of the Posterior Tibial Artery. Ligature of Femoral. Incision into Sac one Month after, followed by Serious Hemorrhage. Amputation through the Thigh. Recovery. Also, A Résumé of the Literature of the Subject
A Defence of the Cæsarean Statistics of America
Etude du Processus Histologique des Néphrites
Recent Works on the Diseases of Women
Scrofula and its Gland Diseases
A System of Surgery, Theoretical and Practical, in Treatises by Various Authors
Annual Report of the National Board of Health
On Cancer of the Breast
A Manual of Obstetrics
Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society. Seventeenth Annual Meeting
A Pocket-Book of Physical Diagnosis for the Student and Physician
The International Encyclopædia of Surgery, a Systematic Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Surgery, by Authors of various Nations
A Treatise on Diseases of the Eye
On the Rapid Method of Cure of External Aneurism by means of the Elastic Bandage. With a table of Seventy-two Cases
Manual of Diseases of the Skin, with an Analysis of Eight Thousand Consecutive Cases and a Formulary
A Treatise on the Diseases of the Nervous System
A Treatise on Human Physiology, designed for the Use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine
A Text-book of Practical Medicine, with Particular Reference to Physiology and Pathological Anatomy
Health Reports
Supplement to the Descriptive Catalogue of the Pathological Museum of the Pennsylvania Hospital
Causes of Deafness among School Children, and its Influences on Education, with Remarks on the Instruction of Pupils with Impaired Hearing, and on Aural Hygiene in the Schools
A Case of Ectropion Successfully treated by Transplantation of Skin from the Arm and Forearm
Human Osteology, comprising a Description of the Bones, with Delineations of the Attachment of the Muscles, the General and Microscopic Structure of Bone and its Development
Anomalies in the Arterial System
Relation of the Peripheral Vaso-Motor Centres to Temperature
Influence of the Nervous System on the Lymphatics
Pancreatic Digestion
The Changes in the Composition of Saliva in Different Diseases
Renal Secretion
Administration of Belladonna to Children
Chloroform Water
Therapeutic Value of Resorcine and Chinoline
Detection of Small Amounts of Iodoform and Substances Yielding Iodoform
The Convulsive Properties of Morphia
The Effect of Bleeding on Inflammation
The Etiology of Tuberculosis
Relapsing Fever
Treatment of Yellow Fever by the Permanganate of Potash
Symptoms of Trichinosis in Man
A New Tract of Spinal Degeneration
Spasms of Muscles of Neck
Retro-Pharyngeal Goitre
The Prognostic Value of a Sub-Clavicular Tympanitic Percussion Sound
Treatment of Special Cases of Empyema by Thoracentesis and Simultaneous Injection of Purified Air
Primary Cancer of Lung
Artificial Feeding in Phthisis
Syphilitic Disease of the Heart
Fistulous Communications between the Gastro-intestinal Canal and the Chest
Vomiting of Urine
An Obscure Case of Duodenal Ulcer
Localization of Intestinal Catarrh
Jaundice in the Newly-born
A Case of Chyluria treated with Benzoic Acid
Multiple Fibromata of the Skin
Acne Keloid
The Value of the Details of Listerism in Abdominal Surgery
Sulphide of Calcium as an Antisuppurative
A Method of Removing Benign Tumours of the Breast without Mutilation
Diagnosis of Injuries of the Abdomen
The Elastic Ligature in Abdominal Surgery
Excision of the Pylorus
Lumbar Colotomy for Stricture of Descending Colon
Nephrectomy for Scrofulous Kidney
Unsuccessful Nephrectomy for Calculous Pyelitis
Nephrectomy for Hemorrhagic Cyst of Left Kidney
Partial Extirpation of the Kidney for Pyelitis
Nephro-lithotomy on Account of Anuria
Floating Kidney
Floating Kidney in the Female
Palpation of Vesical Calculi in Children
Tumour of the Bladder in the Male successfully removed through Perineal Section
The Operative Treatment of Phimosis
Treatment of Chancroids and Chancrous Buboes with Salicylic Acid
Destruction of Chancres as a Means of Aborting Syphilis
Wounds of the Theca Vertebralis, with Discharge of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid
Treatment of Fractured Thigh
New Method of Treating Simple Transverse Fracture of the Patella
Aneurism of the Left Axillary Artery; Ligature of the Subclavian; Rupture of the Sac; Amputation at the Shoulder-joint; Recovery
Popliteal Aneurism
Angioma Communicating with the Jugular Vein
Surgical Treatment of Granular Ophthalmia
Sclerotomy for Glaucoma
Affections of the Eye from Disturbed Circulation in the Carotid
A New Mydriatic
Landmarks in the Operation of Laparo-Elytrotomy
Unsuccessful Porro Operation
Extra-Uterine Fætation treated by Antiseptic Abdominal Section; Recovery
Storage and the Utilization of the Phosphates in Pregnancy
Hydrorrhæa during Pregnancy
Syphilis in Pregnancy and its Effects on the Offspring
On the Menstrual Wave
Retention of Menstrual Fluid in One-half of a Double Uterus
Unilateral Vaginal Oöphorectomy
The Mechanism of Death from Chloroform