The Digestive Power of Commercial Pepsin in Artificial Digesters and in the Stomach
Rheumatic Leucöinoitis of the Pulmonary Air-Tubes, and Relating also to the Pneumonia and Solid Engorgement Supervening Thereon
The Relations and Pathology of the Pacchionian Formations, and the Spaces beside the Sinuses of the Dura Mater
Eye Diseases Dependent upon Suppression of Menses
On the Mild Forms of Continued Fever which Prevail in Washington, with suggestions as to their Nature
A Case of Amputation at the Hip-Joint, in which Prof. Trendelenburg's Method of Controlling Hemorrhage was Resorted to with Recovery of the Patient
Eucalyptus Globulus in Gynæcological Practice, Together with an Account of Several Cases in which it was used
A Case of Operation for the Removal of an Abdominal Tumour, which was followed by the Formation of a Stercoraceous Fistula in the Cicatrix
The Treatment of Empyema
Case of Embolism of the Upper Temporal Division of the Left Central Retinal Artery
The Question of Contagion in Leprosy
Salient Points in which Eye Diseases may Help or Mislead the General Practitioner in Diagnosis
On Echinococcus Disease in America
A Case of Elephantiasis
Extirpation of the Human Spleen, with a Case Operated upon and Cured
Transactions of the American Gynecological Society
A Treatise on the Science and Practice of Medicine
Saint Bartholomew's Hospital Reports
Transactions of the International Medical Congress. Seventh Session held in London, Aug. 2 to Aug. 9, 1881
Transactions of State Medical Societies
Diseases of the Ear in Children
Atlas of Gynecology and Obstetrics
On the Treatment of Cancer
A Study of the Tumours of the Bladder
Health Reports
Bibliothèque Diabolique.—Le Sabbat des Sorciers
The Care and Nourishing of the Child
Inoculation of Leprosy upon Animals
Lectures on the Pathology and Treatment of Lateral and other Forms of Curvature of the Spine
A Manual of Dental Surgery and Pathology
Practical Medical Anatomy
Rupture of the Spleen medico-legally considered
Diseases of the Ear and their Treatment
Frozen Sections of a Child
“La Terza Centuria d' Ovariotomie in Italia.” The Third Hundred Ovariotomies in Italy
The Functions of the Cerebellum
The Regulating Respiratory Nervous Apparatus
The Physiology of the Cervical Sympathetic
Normal and Pathological Sleep
The Movements of the Iris and their Mechanism
Results of Obstructed Pulmonary Circulation
The Excretion of Mercury
The Physiological and Therapeutic Action of Phosphorus
Action of Resorcine
A New Cardiac Remedy
The Danger of Iodoform Dressings
Poisoning by Iodoform
Action of Disinfectants
Action of Disinfectants on Anthrax Virus
Hyperpyrexia in Acute Rheumatism
Diabetic Coma
A Case of Aphasia without Lesion of the Region of Broca
Painful Pressure Points
On the Relations between Asthma and Mucous Polyps of the Nose
Dilatation of the Heart as the Cause of Cardiac Hæmic Murmurs
Syphilitic Myocarditis
Tuberculosis of the Thoracic Duct
Contraction of the Kidney
Polyuria and its Treatment by Pilocarpine
Diagnosis of Abdominal Tumours
Thyrotomy for Removal of Foreign Bodies Impacted in the Interior of the Thyroid Cartilage
Laryngeal Cysts
Resection of the Stomach
A Danger from the Use of the Double Suture after Intestinal Resection
Extirpation of a Degenerated Spleen
Case of Strumous Disease of the Kidney considered in Relation to Nephrectomy
Spontaneous Rupture of the Rectum
Successful Extirpation of a Cyst of the Mesentery
Extirpation of Organs and Tumours of the Abdomen by Means of the Elastic Ligature
Abortive Treatment of Gonorrhœa
Congenital Sacral Tumour
Diagnosis of Hip Disease by Rectal Examination
Perforating Ulcer of the Foot accompanying Locomotor Ataxia
Spontaneous Gangrene of the Skin
A New Ptosis Operation
Quinine Amaurosis
Relation of Liver-Diseases to Retinal Affections
The Acceleration of Delivery in Puerperal Convulsions
A Modified Procedure in Cæsarean Section
Retention of Fœtus during Six Years; Removal of Bones through the Anus
Treatment of Puerperal Convulsions by Diaphoresis
Emphysema of the Vagina
The Relation of Backward Displacements of the Uterus to Painful Menstruation
Displacement of the Uterus
Primary Cancer of the Body of the Uterus
Iodoform Poisoning following its Use as a Surgical Dressing