A Case of supposed Dislocation of the Tendon of the Long Head of the Biceps Muscle
Multiple Cutaneous Ulceration
The Visual Area in the Brain determined by a Study of Hemianopsia
Trismus Nascentium, or the Lockjaw of Infants: its History, Cause, Prevention, and Cure. Illustrated by Cases and Postmortem Examinations, with Statistical Table of 229 Deaths
Clinical History of a Case of Recurrent Dropsy of the Left Middle Ear, Complicated, after Eight Years' Duration, by an Acute Attack of Monocular Optic Neuritis (Choked-Disk) on the same side, followed by General Tabetic Symptoms: With Remarks
Sterility due to Contraction of the Uterine Cervical Canal, Complicated or not by Flexions or Versions, successfully treated mechanically by the Uterine Bougie
A Case of Ainhum
Osteotomy for Bow-legs
On the Treatment of Hay-Fever and Allied Disorders
Elephantiasis Arabum cured by Ligature of the Femoral Artery
Paget's Disease or Malignant Papillary Dermatitis (Thin)
Case of Fracture through the Anatomical Neck of the Humerus, with complete Separation and Dislocation of the Head of the Bone into the Axilla, with its Subsequent Removal
Hospital Construction and Management
Saint Bartholomew's Hospital Reports
On the Pathology of Bronchitis, Catarrhal Pneumonia, Tubercle, and allied Lesions of the Human Lung
“La Prima Ovariotomia in Italia, nel 1815.” The First Ovariotomy in Italy, in 1815
Photo-Micrographs and how to make them, Illustrated by Forty-seven Photographs of Microscopic Objects, Photo-Micrographs, reproduced by the Heliotype Process
Traité Clinique et Pratique des Maladies du Cœur et de la Crosse de l'Aorte
Practical Histology and Pathology
Index-Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon-General's Office, United States Army. Authors and Subjects
Practical Clinical Lessons on Syphilis and the Genito-Urinary Diseases
The Principles and Practice of Surgery, being a Treatise on Surgical Diseases and Injuries
One Hundred Premature Parturitions Artificially Induced
A Manual of Pathology
A Practical Treatise on Materia Medica and Therapeutics
Elements of Histology
A Treatise on the Diseases of the Eye
The Pathology and Treatment of Venereal Diseases
The Causation of Sleep
Enteric Fever; its Prevalence and Modifications, Etiology, Pathology, and Treatment, as Illustrated by Army Data at Home and Abroad
Epitome of Skin Diseases, with Formulæ for Students and Practitioners
The Principles and Practice of Medical Jurisprudence
Clinical Lectures on the Diseases of Women, delivered in Saint Bartholomew's Hospital
Elements of Surgical Pathology
The Treatment of Acute Rheumatism; An Analysis of the Results obtained under different Systems of Treatment in Saint George's Hospital during the years 1877 and 1878
A Treatise on Syphilis in New-born Children and Infants at the Breast
Experimental Pharmacology. A Handbook of Methods for Studying the Physiological Action of Drugs
The Diseases of Women; a Manual for Physicians and Students
Innervation of the Cardiac Portion of the Stomach by the Pneumogastric
Uterine Milk
Cotoin and Paracotoin
Investigations into the Action of the Digitalis-Group
Narcosis by Chloroform, by Ether, and by Nitrous Oxide
Action of Cantharides on the Kidneys
The Physiological Properties of Maltose
Artificial Inflation of the Large Intestine as a Diagnostic and Therapeutic Measure
Solubility of Uric Acid in Saline Solutions
A Typical Case of Myxœdema
Etiology of Tabes Dorsalis
Hemiatrophy of the Tongue in Tabes Dorsalis
Sclérose en Plaque in Infants
Mediastinal Tumours
Myocarditis in Diphtheria
The Prognosis of Mitral Stenosis, Pure or Complicated, up to Fifty Years and over
Paroxysmal Hæmoglobinuria
Cases of Thickened Epidermis treated by Salicylic Plaster
Histology of Strumous Pseudo-Elephantiasis
Removal of the Tongue
Colotomy in Syphilitic Ulceration of the Rectum
Piece of Bone passed through the Bladder
Resection of the Knee
Treatment of Painful Corneal Ulcers by Warmth and Eserine
Puerperal Eclampsia
The Use and Abuse of Pessaries
Castration for Uterine Fibroma
The Vaginal Extirpation of Carcinoma of the Uterus
Cancer of the Cervix and its Treatment
Disinfection Regulations in Berlin
Ptomaines, or Cadaveric Alkaloids