On Opening and Drainage of Abscess Cavities in the Brain. Illustrated by a Case
Persistent Omphalo-mesenteric Remains; their Importance in the Causation of Intestinal Duplication, Cyst-formation, and Obstruction
Gastrostomy, Œsophagostomy, Internal Œsophagotomy, Combined Œsophagotomy, Œsophagectomy, and Retrograde Divulsion in the Treatment of Stricture of the Œsophagus
Theories of Colour-perception
Unilateral Swelling of Hysterical Hemiplegia
A Case of Tubal Pregnancy
Traumatic Cephalhydrocele; with a Report of two Cases
Occurrence of a rare Human Tapeworm (Tænia flavopunctata)
Cortical Lesions of the Brain. A Collection and Analysis of the American Cases of Localized Cerebral Disease
On the Pathology of Paget's Disease of the Nipple
Bright's Disease of Malarial Origin
Acute Yellow Atrophy, Red Atrophy, and Hypertrophic Cirrhosis of the Liver
A Case of Left Inguinal Colotomy for Imperforate Rectum; Recovery
Scarlet Fever in Child-bed
A Case in which Four Inches of the Entire Diameter of the Shaft of the Femur were lost by Necrosis, with Complete Recovery
On Muscular Hypertrophy of the Stomach
Hare-lip Operation. New Apparatus for drawing forward the Cheek
Report of the Imperial Health Office
A Clinical Treatise on Inversion of the Uterus
Transactions of the American Gynæcological Society
Medico-Chirurgical Transactions
The More Recent Modifications of the Cæsarean Section. A Critico-Historical Study
St. Bartholomew's Hospital Reports
The Surgical Treatment of Tumours and Other Obscure Conditions of the Bladder
On Fractures in the Insane. Inaugural Dissertation
Wharton and Stillé's Medical Jurisprudence
The Sanitary Contrasts of the British and French Armies during the Crimean War
Practical Pathology: a Manual for Students and Practitioners
Contagious and Infectious Diseases; Measures for their Prevention and Arrest. Smallpox (Variola), Modified Smallpox (Varioloid), Chickenpox (Varicella), Cowpox (Variolæ Vaccinæ), Vaccination, Spurious Vaccination
Labour among Primitive Peoples: showing the Development of the Obstetric Science of to-day, from the Natural and Instinctive Customs of all Races, civilized and savage, past and present
Health Reports
Eczema and its Management: a practical Treatise based on the study of three thousand cases of the Disease
A Text-Book of Pathological Anatomy and Pathogenesis
On Sterility in Woman, being the Gulstonian Lectures delivered in the Royal College of Physicians in February, 1883
Asiatic Cholera: being a Report of an Outbreak of Epidemic Cholera in 1876, at a Camp near Murree, in India
Lectures on Diseases of the Nervous System, delivered at Guy's Hospital
The Alkaloids of Putrefaction
The Modifications of Temperature in Febrile Diseases of Children by General Inunctions
Chinoline as a Febrifuge
The Bromides in Infantile Therapeutics
Opium Smoking as a Therapeutic Means
Thallium in Syphilis
Treatment of Diabetes with Air-Douches
Resorcine in Entero-colitis of Infants
Enteritis in Inherited Syphilis
Gangrene of one Lung, and Lung Cavities treated by Drainage
Floating Liver
Xanthomatous Myoma developing into a Molluscum
The Paste Treatment of Inflammatory Skin Diseases, especially of Eczema
Extirpation of the Larynx
Certain Forms of Intestinal Obstruction that may follow Hernia
How soon after Infection do Epididymitis and Buboes appear?
Treatment of Contracture of the Neck of the Bladder
Epithelioma passed per Rectum
Treatment of Cancer of the Rectum
Fractures of the Sternum and First Costal Cartilage
Suture of the Olecranon for Simple Fracture
Dislocation Backwards of the First Lumbar Vertebra
New Operation for Disarticulation of the Calcaneum
Ulceration of the Carotid after Ligature
Hydro- and Pyo-Salpinx
Corroding Ulcer of the Os Uteri
The Castration of Women
Dystocia from Tumour of the Cervix Uteri; Porro Operation
Catamenial Phenomena in Porro Patients
Memoir of Samuel D. Gross, M.D.