Cases Illustrative of the Localization of the Mental Faculties in the Left Prefontal Lobe
A Case of Acute Articular Rheumatism in an Infant Twenty-seven Days Old
Serous Meningitis Due to the Typhoid Bacillus
A New Sign of Infantile Pneumonia
Duodenal Ulcer in an Infant of Ten Months
A Case of Subcutaneous General Emphysema
Gangrene after Scarlatina and other Infectious Diseases
Treatment of Adenoid Vegetations
The Use of Artificial Serum as a Means of Prognosis in Diphtheria
A Simple Procedure for Increasing the Amount of Fat in Diluted and Sterilized Cow's Milt
The Analgesic Antipyretics
Veratrum Viride in Pneumonia
Some New Preparations of Valerian
Renal Tension and its Treatment
The Effects of Lead upon Lead-workers in the Staffordshire Potteries
Hay Fever and Aristol
Poisoning by Oleander
Quinine Rash
Epilepsy and its Treatment
Iodic Purpura
Treatment of Tabes
Diphtheria Antitoxin Eruptions
Statistics of Uterine Cancer
Fibromyoma in Cul-de-sac of Douglas
Parametritis Posterior
Influence of Pregnancy and the Climacteric on the Ultimate Results of Operations for Uancer
Indications for operation in Chronic Salpingitis
Enlargement of the Inguinal Glands in Cancer of the Viscera
The Lymphatic Glands in Cancer
Spasms of the Clitoris in Tabes
Treatment of Bartholinitis with Salicylic Acid
Gonorrhœa and Marriage
Complications and Degenerations of Fibroid Tumors of the Uterus
Migrated Ovarian and Parovarian Tumors
New Formation of the Female Urethra
Etiology of Movable Kidney
Three Successful Gæsarean Sections
Puerperal Tetanus
Prolonged Retention of the Pœtus During Labor by the Enormously Dilated Cervix
Labour Brought on by Alcholic Neuritis
Autopsy in a Case of Pernicious Nausea of Pregnancy
Retroplacental Hemorrhage following Traumatism in the Abdominal Region
Retroversion of a Fibroid Uterus Simulating Pregnancy
Torsion of the Pedicle in Hydrosalpinx Complicating Pregnancy
Atony of the Uterus Causing External Hemorrhage during Gestation
The Pupil in General Disease
Depression of the Lens in Cataract
Paralysis of the Facial and Paralysis of the Lateral Associated Movements of the Eyeballs of the Same Side, with the Electrical Reactions of the Affected Muscles
Ocular Complications of Smallpox
Optic Atrophy Due to Mumps
Ocular Mumps
Metastatic Ophthalmia in Pneumonia
Visible Blood Current in the Retinal Veins in Leukæmia
Postpartum Metastatic Panophthalmitis
Visible Blood Current in the Retinal Veins in Leukæmia
Purulent Inflammation of the Palpebral Portion of the Lacrymal Gland, Rosenmuller's Gland
Dislocation of the Arytenoid Cartilage
Mycosis of the Tonsils, Palate, and Ease of the Tongue
Paralysis of the Tongue
Lipoma of the Pharynx
Fracture of a Gottstein Curette during an Operation for Adenoids
Loss of the Cartilaginous Septum of the Nose during Convalescence from Influenza
Morbid Growths of the Nose
Morbid Growths of the Upper Air-passages; Diffuse Papilloma in the Larynx and Trachea of a Child, Aged Four and One-half Years, and Requiring, Successively, Tracheotomy, Two Thyrotomies, and Fissure of the Entire Length of the Trachea
Vocal Nodules
Tuberculous Laryngitis
Recent Cell Studies of J. Arnold
Structure and Histogenesis of Neuroglia Tissue under Pathological Conditions