The hyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndrome
Clinical toxicity of reserpine in hospitalized patients: a report from the Boston Collaborative Drug Surveillance Program
The effects of excision of left ventricular scars on the electrocardiogram
Clinical experience with tobramycin in the treatment of infections due to gram-negative bacilli
Tobramycin: in vitro and clinical evaluation in 30 patients
Measurements of free and total serum T3 and T4 in pregnant subjects and in neonates
Acute renal failure: a study of the course and prognosis of 104 patients and of the role of furosemide
Monoclonal immunoglobulin disorders: a report of 154 cases
Hospital-associated bacterial meningitis
How prevalence of hypertension varies as diagnostic criteria change
Corynebacterium diphtheriae endocarditis
Red cell hypoplasia and monoclonal gammopathy in a patient with lymphoproliferative disorder
Index Volume 271 January–June 1976