Bacterial Infections
The incidence and clinical significance of antibodies to extractable nuclear antigens
Adaptive increase of respiratory enzymes in the mitochondria from cirrhotic livers of patients and rats, and its relationship to glucose tolerance
Gastrointestinal and metabolic function in patients with the carcinoid syndrome
Simultaneous left ventricular echocardiography and aortic blood velocity during rapid right ventricular pacing in man
Cardiac performance and beta-adrenergic blockade in arterial hypertension
Mechanisms underlying the suppression of erythropoiesis by hyperoxia
The effect of an educational program upon hospital antibiotic use
The effect of hemodialysis on lung function, gas exchange, and response to carbon dioxide stimulation in chronic uremia
Down's syndrome and autoimmunity
Enterobacter hafnaie infection
Treatment of Bacteroides endocarditis with carbenicillin
Hyperuricosuria in the Fanconi syndrome