Platelet transfusion–clinical applications in the oncology setting
Metronidazole treatment of Bacteroides fragilis infections
Radioimmunoassay for detection of IgG antibodies against enterobacterial antigens
Familial ovarian dysgenesis in 46, XX females
Changes of coagulation factors IX, VIII, VII, X, and V in nephrotic syndrome
Candida infection presenting as laryngitis
Successful treatment of an idiopathic acquired factor VIII inhibitor with unusual features
Trivalvular rheumatic stenosis
Trivalvular rheumatic stenosis
Daly PA Oncology grand rounds
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Metronidazole appears to be a safe and effective agent in the treatment of B fragilis infections
syndrome. The multiple affected sibs suggests an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance
antigen were not higher than the concentrations of antibodies against the heterologous antigen. Sera from patients infected with S aureus or Pseudomonas aeruginosa did not have high concentrations of antibodies against S minnesota. Antibodies against common antigen(s) in Salmonella minnesota (Re 595) are useful in diagnosis of enterobacterial infections
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misled by unimpressive findings that the valvular deformity is insignificant
VII-X activity in nephrotic syndrome is due to elevation of both factor VII and factor X activities