Inhibition of A23187-Induced Bronchoconstriction by Dazoxiben, a Thromboxane Synthetase Inhibitor
The Influence of Hemodilution in Normal and Hepatectomized Rats in Relation to Hepatic Energy Metabolism
Etomidate Inhibits Antipyrine Metabolism in Mice
Immunologic Status of Patients in Remission from Hodgkin's Disease and Disseminated Malignancies
Liver Function Tests in Sickle Cell Anemia Patients
Small-Cell Lung Cancer
Plasmacytoma of Thyroid Cartilage Causing Airway Obstruction in a Patient with Myeloma
Mediastinal Pancreatic Pseudocyst Presenting with Dysphagia and Odynophagia
Alternaria Osteomyelitis
Amelioration of Antithrombin III Deficiency by Coumarin Administration
Plasma Cell Dyscrasias and the Kidney
Index to Volume 293