Introduction to the Symposium Celebrating the Bogalusa Heart Study
The Early Natural History of Atherosclerosis and Hypertension in the Young
Trends in Heart Disease in the United States
Concept of Bridging the Gap From Youth to Adulthood
Rationale to Study the Early Natural History of Heart Disease
An Overview of the Quantitative Influence of Several Risk Factors on Progression of Atherosclerosis in Young People in the United States
Risk Factors and Atherosclerosis in Youth Autopsy Findings of the Bogalusa Heart Study
The Role of the Pediatrician in the Promotion of Cardiovascular Health
Continuing Advances in Hypertension
Obesity Studies in Bogalusa
Childhood Lipoprotein Profiles and Implications for Adult Coronary Artery Disease
A Perspective on Obesity
The Importance of Body Fat Distribution in Early Life
Does Adult-Onset Diabetes Mellitus Begin in Childhood?
Perspectives of Public Health and Prevention
Racial Differences in the Pathogenesis of Hypertension
Development of Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease Among Women From Adolescence to Older Ages
Dietary Studies of Children and Young Adults (1973–1988)
The Benefits of Physical Activity in Childhood
Understanding the Development of Behavior Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in Youth
From the Discovery of Risk Factors for Coronary Artery Disease to the Application of Preventive Measures
Roles of Nurses and Health Workers in Cardiovascular Health Promotion
Health Ahead—The Heart Smart Family Approach to Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
Preventive Cardiology and Its Potential Influence on the Early Natural History of Adult Heart Diseases
Guide to Contributors