Introduction: Cardiac Transplantation
Clinical Outcomes, Quality of Life, and Cost Outcomes After Cardiac Transplantation
Recipient Selection and Management Before Cardiac Transplantation
The Cardiac Transplant Donor: Identification, Assessment, and Management
Function of the Transplanted Heart: Unique Physiology and Therapeutic Implications
Management of the Cardiac Transplant Recipient: Roles of the Transplant Cardiologist and Primary Care Physician
Comparison of Manual Versus Automated Blood Pressure Measurements in Treated Hypertensive Patients
The History of Heart Transplantation
Telephone Medical Care Administered by Internal Medicine Residents: Concerns of Program Directors and Implications for Residency Training
Methodologic Problems Encountered With Cooximetry in Methemoglobinemia
Isolated Tricuspid Valve Endocarditis in Nonaddicted Patients: A Diagnostic Challenge