Introduction to the Emory Symposium
Mechanical Deformation of the Arterial Wall in Hypertension: A Mechanism for Vascular Pathology
Loading Paradigms-Intentional and Unintentional-for Cell Culture Mechanostimulus
The Study of the Influence of Flow on Vascular Endothelial Biology
Skeletal Cell Stresses and Bone Adaptation
Strain Amplification in the Bone Mechanosensory System
Experimental Elucidation of Mechanical Load-Induced Fluid Flow and Its Potential Role in Bone Metabolism and Functional Adaptation
Effect of Mechanical Strain on Expression of Na+, K+-ATPaseα Subunits in Rat Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells
Effects of Mechanical Forces on Lung-Specific Gene Expression
Paracrine Mediators of Mechanotransduction in Lung Development
Use of Echocardiography in Patients With Known or Suspected Infective Endocarditis
Changes in Peripheral Blood Levels and Pulse Frequencies of GnRH in Patients with Hypopituitarism
Emission Spectra of Colonic Tissue and Endogenous Fluorophores