Introduction to Renal Osteodystrophy: Calcium Metabolism in Health and Uremia
Modulation of Parathyroid Cell Function by Calcium Ion in Health and Uremia
Vitamin D and the Parathyroid
The Role of Phosphorus in the Development of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism and Parathyroid Cell Proliferation in Chronic Renal Failure
Cell Biology of Parathyroid Hyperplasia in Uremia
Medical Management of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in Uremia
Surgical Management of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in Uremia
Prevention of Renal Osteodystrophy in Predialysis Patients
Relative Hypoparathyroidism and Adynamic Bone Disease
Pathogenesis and Management of Dialysis-Related Amyloid Bone Disease
“Crack” Cocaine-Induced Syndrome Mimicking Sarcoidosis
Hepatitis A-Induced Diabetes Mellitus, Acute Renal Failure, and Liver Failure
Primary Antiphospholipid Syndrome and Cerebral Atrophy: A Rare Association?