Report of National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Workshop on Chorionic Villus Sampling and Limb and Other Defects, October 20, 1992
Operative Laparoscopy
The Fourth-Year Medical School Curriculum
First-Trimester Transabdominal Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction
Risks of Antepartum Cervical Examination in Multifetal Gestations
Depot Leuprolide Acetate Versus Danazol in the Treatment of Women With Symptomatic Endometriosis
Pregnancy After Cardiac Transplantation
Elevated Second-Trimester Amniotic Fluid Concentration of Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-1 in Fetal Growth Retardation
Analysis of Prognostic Factors in Stage I Epithelial Ovarian Carcinoma
Computed Tomography of Leiomyomatosis Peritonealis Disseminata With Malignant Transformation
Characteristics and Determinants of Postpartum Ovarian Function in Women in the United States
Prediction of the Severity of Meconium Aspiration Syndrome
Chorionic Villus Sampling in a Patient Who Is an Unusual Carrier of Hemophilia B
Parturitional Factors Associated With Membrane Stripping
Progesterone Receptor Messenger Ribonucleic Acid and Protein Are Overexpressed in Human Uterine Leiomyomas
Twin-Twin Transfusion With Abrupt Onset of Microcephaly in the Surviving Recipient Following Spontaneous Death of the Donor Twin
C-Peptide, Insulin-Like Growth Factors I and II, and Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-1 in Umbilical Cord Serum
Efficacy and Safety of Indomethacin Compared With Magnesium Sulfate in the Management of Preterm Labor
Prenatal Observation of Umbilical Cord Abnormalities
Midpregnancy Serum Thromboxane B2 Determinations Do Not Predict Subsequent Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes
Urethral Pressure Variation in Women With Vulvar Vestibulitis Syndrome
Physiology of Isolated Long-Term Variability of the Fetal Heart Rate
Experience With Early Postcesarean Hospital Dismissal
Sudden Death Associated With Terbutaline Sulfate Administration
Ultrasonographic Fetal Spleen Measurements in Red Blood Cell--Alloimmunized Pregnancies
Women's Reproductive Health
Magnesium Sulfate Inhibits Oxytocin-Induced Calcium Mobilization in Human Puerperal Myometrial Cells
Three-Millennium Antiquity of the Lithokelyphos Variety of Lithopedion
Platelet Cytosolic Calcium in Human Pregnancy Complicated by Essential Hypertension
Autoantibodies and Pregnancy History in a Healthy Population
Elevated Circulating Thrombomodulin in Severe Preeclampsia
Variation in Hysterectomy Rates Across Small Geographic Areas of Massachusetts
Are There Differences in Information Given to Private and Public Prenatal Patients?
Endothelial Vasoactive Mediators in Preeclampsia
Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome
The "Brain-Sparing" Effect
Bacterial Vaginosis and Prematurity in Indonesia
Treatment of Vaginal Dysplasia With Loop Excision
Endometriosis and Ovarian Cancer
An Orthostatic Uterovascular Syndrome--A Prospective, Longitudinal Study
The Effect of Leboyer Delivery on Blood Viscosity and Other Hemorheologic Parameters in Term Neonates
Intercourse-Related Vaginal Pain Syndrome
Copper Disposition of the Fetus and Placenta in a Patient With Untreated Wilson's Disease
Hepatic Infarction During Pregnancy Complicated by Antiphospholipid Syndrome
Toxic Shock Syndrome After Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure
The Use of Nimodipine in a Patient With Eclampsia
Failure of Prostaglandin Induction in an Obstructive Mullerian Abnormality
Tubal Hydatidiform Mole
Intravaginal Foreign Body of Long Duration
Placenta Previa-Percreta
Experimental Preeclampsia Produced by Chronic Constriction of the Lower Aorta
Increased Depth of Trophoblast Invasion After Chronic Constriction of the Lower Aorta in Rhesus Monkeys
Brachial plexus impairment--A birth trauma?
Brachial plexus impairment--A birth trauma?
Black or white?
Black or white?
The obstetric bonnet is not a new instrument
The obstetric bonnet is not a new instrument
Testing for anticardiolipin antibodies
Testing for anticardiolipin antibodies
Vaginal foreign body extraction by forceps
Vaginal foreign body extraction by forceps
Supporting collaborations between obstetrician-gynecologists and sexuality educators to prevent teenage pregnancy
Estratab, Estratest, and Premarin are not bioequivalent
Comparison of estrogen products
Comparison of estrogen products