Is routine use of episiotomy justified?
Metaanalysis for the obstetrician-gynecologist
Antenatal management of alloimmune thrombocytopenia with intravenous gamma-globulin
Prenatal detection of fetal anomalies in pregnancies complicated by insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
Prognostic significance of prior preterm twin delivery on subsequent singleton pregnancy
Interleukin-6 concentrations in umbilical cord plasma are elevated in neonates with white matter lesions associated with periventricular leukomalacia
Fetal branch pulmonary arterial vascular impedance during the second half of pregnancy
Placental passage of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors
Comparison of steady-state diffusion and transit time ultrasonic measurements of umbilical blood flow in the chronic fetal sheep preparation
Changes in CD4 sup + and CD8 sup + cell levels during pregnancy and post partum in women seropositive and seronegative for human immunodeficiency virus-1
Changes in left thoracic duct lymph flow during progressive anemia in the ovine fetus
Corticotropin-releasing factor and its binding protein
Fetal auditory evoked responses detected by magnetoencephalography
Hormone replacement therapy in breast cancer survivors
Laparoscopic management of benign cystic teratomas during pregnancy
Prevention of postoperative adhesions by an antibody to vascular permeability factor/vascular endothelial growth factor in a murine model
The relationship between perineal cosmetic talc usage and ovarian talc particle burden
Serum insulin-like growth factor binding protein profiles in postmenopausal women
Use of computerized morphometric analyses of endometrial hyperplasias in the prediction of coexistent cancer
Increased levels of interleukin-6 and interleukin-10 in the peritoneal fluid of patients with endometriosis
Selective screening versus presumptive treatment criteria for identification of women with chlamydial infection in public clinics
Screening for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2/3
The vaginal introitus
Genital fistulas caused by diverticular disease of the sigmoid colon
The Green Bay cesarean section study. IV. The physician factor as a determinant of cesarean birth rates for the large fetus
A pilot study of intravenous ondansetron for hyperemesis gravidarum
Long-term effects of cesarean sections
Maternal concentrations and fetal-maternal concentration differences of plasma amino acids in normal and intrauterine growth-restricted pregnancies
Antiphospholipid antibody-associated recurrent pregnancy loss
The pharmacokinetics of oxytocin as they apply to labor induction
Human fetal intrapartum oxygen saturation monitoring
Elevated endothelin levels are associated with increased placental resistance
There is an increase in expression of the cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen-2 alpha gene during pregnancy
Treatment of oligohydramnios with maternal 1-deamino-[8-D-arginine] vasopressin-induced plasma hypoosmolality
Prostanoid excretion in incipient singleton and twin pregnancies
Bacterial colonization of the vagina during pregnancy in four ethnic groups
Sleep in multiple pregnancy
Mutations in mitochondrial transfer ribonucleic acid genes in preeclampsia
Myogenic and flow-mediated responses in isolated mesenteric small arteries from pregnant and nonpregnant rats
Contraction inhibition by beta-agonists progressively decreases before labor in the rat myometrium
Nonstressed fetal heart rate monitoring in the antepartum period
Reverse end-diastolic flow in the middle cerebral artery
Fenoterol-induced hepatitis in a pregnant woman
Intrapartum fetal atrial bigeminy--Diagnostic and therapeutic role of the fetal scalp stimulation test
Central hemodynamic changes associated with pregnancy in a long-term cardiac transplant recipient
Placental metastasis from primary ocular melanoma
Central diabetes insipidus
Obstetric ureterouterine fistula
Severe preeclampsia superimposed on polyarteritis nodosa
Aphthous vaginal ulceration in two women with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Clinical significance of placenta-confined nonmosaic trisomy 16
Rupture of splenic artery aneurysm in a pregnant patient with portal hypertension
Prevention of hyperemesis gravidarum is better than treatment
Office-based blood glucose meters in screening for gestational diabetes
Toward the optimal protocol for Down syndrome screening
Need for placental and experimental pathologic examination to determine pathogenetic influences of chronically present intraamniotic meconium
Fetal blood redistribution in postterm pregnancies
CA 125
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