Intrapartum fetal pulse oximetry
The standardization of terminology of female pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic floor dysfunction
Maternal and neonatal outcome of 846 term singleton breech deliveries
Biochemical evidence of impaired trophoblastic invasion of decidual stroma in women destined to have preeclampsia
Attachment and differentiation in vitro of trophoblast from normal and preeclamptic human placentas
Maternal serum human chorionic gonadotropin level at fifteen weeks is a predictor for preeclampsia
Transvaginal versus transabdominal Doppler auscultation of fetal heart activity
Early midtrimester fetal nuchal thickness
Pharmacokinetic and fetal cardiovascular effects of enalaprilat administration to maternal rhesus macaques
Ketoacids attenuate glucose uptake in human trophoblasts isolated from first-trimester chorionic villi
Fetal placental embolization in the late-gestation ovine fetus
Racial differences in the predictive value of the TDx fetal lung maturity assay
A randomized comparison of Burch colposuspension and abdominal paravaginal defect repair for female stress urinary incontinence
The obstetric outcome of in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer in women with congenital uterine malformation
Operative management of ectopic pregnancy
Transvaginal ultrasonography of pelvic masses
A randomized, placebo-controlled study on the effect of cyclic intermittent etidronate therapy on the bone mineral density changes associated with six months of gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist treatment
In normal postmenopausal women physiologic estrogen replacement therapy fails to improve exercise tolerance
Structural and functional effects of endometrial photodynamic therapy in a rat model
Presence of cell-free human immunodeficiency virus in cervicovaginal secretions is independent of viral load in the blood of human immunodeficiency virus-infected women
Neocolpopoiesis with split-thickness skin graft as a surgical treatment of vaginal agenesis
Polymerase chain reaction search for viral etiology of vulvar vestibulitis syndrome
A prospective randomized evaluation of a hygroscopic cervical dilator, Dilapan, in the preinduction ripening of patients undergoing induction of labor
Asthma treatment in pregnancy
A comparison of the yield of positive antenatal group B Streptococcus cultures with direct inoculation in selective growth medium versus primary inoculation in transport medium followed by delayed inoculation in selective growth medium
A comparison of differing dosing regimens of vaginally administered misoprostol for preinduction cervical ripening and labor induction
Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis and Trichomonas vaginalis by polymerase chain reaction in introital specimens from pregnant women
The effect of specific hormones on fibrinolysis in pregnancy
A comparison of misoprostol with and without laminaria tents for induction of second-trimester abortion
Cervical fetal fibronectin in patients at increased risk for preterm delivery
Employment, exertion, and pregnancy outcome
Pregnancy enhances cocaine-induced stimulation of uterine contractions in the chronically instrumented rat
Vaginal birth after cesarean section in twin gestation
Agonists increase the sensitivity of contractile elements for Calcium sup ++ in pregnant rat myometrium
Preterm birth in rats produced by the synergistic action of a nitric oxide inhibitor (N sup G -nitro-L-arginine methyl ester) and an antiprogestin (onapristone)
Fetal ionized magnesium levels parallel maternal levels during magnesium sulfate therapy for preeclampsia
Tumor necrosis factor-alpha in response to endotoxin administration in the pregnant guinea pig
Lack of a critical cardiac output and critical systemic oxygen delivery during low cardiac output in the third trimester in the pregnant sheep
Umbilical artery pH measurement is SUPERFLUOUS!
Measurement of fetal urinary sodium in obstructive uropathy
How often should we perform nonstress tests in normal third-trimester pregnancies? Preferably, not as often as every 2 days!
Evidence-based practice in obstetrics and gynecology
Vitamin B sub 1 and B sub 6 substitution in pregnancy for leg cramps
Laparoscopic treatment of ovarian dermoid cysts
Misconceptions of sciatic nerve anatomy
Neurobiologic characteristics of umbilical artery lactate levels
Acute maternal hydration in third-trimester oligohydramnios
Beyond laparoscopic myomectomy
Maternal serum creatine kinase
High-dose oxytocin
A "randomized" controlled trial without randomization