Nonobstetric emergencies in pregnancy : Trauma and surgical conditions
The accuracy of intrapartum ultrasonographic fetal weight estimation in diabetic pregnancies
Urinary oxalate excretion and its role in vulvar pain syndrome
Perinatal ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging findings in congenital hydrocephalus associated with fetal intraventricular hemorrhage
Sequence of neuronal responses assessed by immunohistochemistry in the newborn rat brain after hypoxia-ischemia
Cocaine and cocaethylene binding to human placenta in vitro
Correlation between cervical cytologic results and Gram stain as diagnostic tests for bacterial vaginosis
Transvaginal electrical stimulation for female urinary incontinence
Angiogenesis in primary and metastatic epithelial ovarian carcinoma
Human papillomavirus deoxyribonucleic acid detection in mildly or moderately dysplastic smears : A possible method for selecting patients for colposcopy
Sleep pattern changes in menstrual cycles of women with premenstrual syndrome : A preliminary study
Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist blocks interleukin-1-induced expression of cyclooxygenase-2 in endometrium
The effect of intrauterine diethylstilbestrol exposure on ovarian reserve screening
Sterilization with fibrin sealant in a rabbit uterine horn model
In vitro expression of the diphtheria toxin A-chain gene under the control of human chorionic gonadotropin gene promoters as a means of directing toxicity to ovarian cancer cell lines
Evaluation of a protocol for selecting fetuses in breech presentation for vaginal delivery or cesarean section
Multicenter study on the clinical value of fetal pulse oximetry : II. Compared predictive values of pulse oximetry and fetal blood analysis
Active management of labor : Does it make a difference?
Prostaglandin E sub 2 for cervical ripening : A randomized comparison of Cervidil versus Prepidil
A comparison of intermittent vaginal administration of misoprostol with continuous dinoprostone for cervical ripening and labor induction
Immunophenotypic characterization of human fetal liver hematopoietic stem cells during the midtrimester of gestation
Validation of fetal telemedicine as a new obstetric imaging technique
Predicting birth weight by fetal upper-arm volume with use of three-dimensional ultrasonography
Suppression of myometrial contractile responses to oxytocin after different durations of chronic hypoxia in the near-term pregnant rat
Identification of gestationally regulated genes in rat myometrium by use of messenger ribonucleic acid differential display
Neonatal outcome of very premature infants from multiple and singleton gestations
A comparison of ultrasonographically detected cervical changes in response to transfundal pressure, coughing, and standing in predicting cervical incompetence
Regulation of decidual cell chemokine production by group B streptococci and purified bacterial cell wall components
Laparoscopy during pregnancy : A study of five fetal outcome parameters with use of the Swedish Health Registry
Antimicrobial prophylaxis in pregnancy : A randomized, placebo-controlled trial with cefetamet-pivoxil in pregnant women with a poor obstetric history
Successful treatment of fetal megavesica in the first half of pregnancy
Contrasting effects of diethylenetriamine-nitric oxide, a spontaneously releasing nitric oxide donor, on pregnant rat uterine contractility in vitro versus in vivo
Parathyroid hormone-related protein levels in maternal and cord blood
Modern oral contraceptives and cardiovascular disease
Cervical length in high-risk pregnancies
Life tables without confidence intervals may mislead
Life tables without confidence intervals may mislead : Reply
Other ways of saying cesarean section
Pelvic floor function and childbirth
Pelvic floor function and childbirth : Reply
Mechanism of action of intrauterine contraceptive devices
Mechanism of action of intrauterine contraceptive devices : Reply
When it comes to physiology, "common sense" and "conventional wisdom" may not be
When it comes to physiology, "common sense" and "conventional wisdom" may not be : Reply
Action of intrauterine contraceptive devices
Action of intrauterine contraceptive devices : Reply
Povidone-iodine and abdominal hysterectomy
Povidone-iodine and abdominal hysterectomy : Reply