Evaluation of office-based intervention to improve prevention counseling for patients at risk for sexually acquired hepatitis B virus infection
Efficacy of continuous sequential transdermal estradiol and norethindrone acetate in relieving vasomotor symptoms associated with menopause
Granisetron, droperidol, and metoclopramide for the treatment of established postoperative nausea and vomiting in women undergoing gynecologic surgery
Cardiovascular responses of perimenopausal women to hormonal replacement therapy
Risk factors among young women with endometrial cancer: A Danish case-control study
A prospective randomized study comparing modified Burch retropubic urethropexy and suburethral sling for treatment of genuine stress incontinence with low-pressure urethra
Hypertrophy of labia minora: Experience with 163 reductions
A novel intermittent regimen of norgestimate to preserve the beneficial effects of 17β-estradiol on lipid and lipoprotein profiles
Fetal membrane distention
Fetal membrane distention
Effectiveness of Agency for Health Care Policy and Research clinical practice guideline and patient education methods for pregnant smokers in Medicaid maternity care
Randomized trial of perineal massage during pregnancy: Perineal symptoms three months after delivery
A pilot randomized controlled trial of two regimens of fetal surveillance for small-for-gestational-age fetuses with normal results of umbilical artery Doppler velocimetry
Modulation of vascular tone by nitric oxide and endothelin 1 in myometrial resistance arteries from pregnant women at term
Cerebral edema complicating eclampsia
Latent hemodynamic abnormalities in symptom-free women with a history of preeclampsia
Comparison of the Bishop score, ultrasonographically measured cervical length, and fetal fibronectin assay in predicting time until delivery and type of delivery at term
New simple endoscopic operations for interstitial pregnancies
A multicenter, placebo-controlled pilot study of intravenous immune globulin treatment of antiphospholipid syndrome during pregnancy
Fetal membrane distention: Determination of the intrauterine surface area and distention of the fetal membranes preterm and at term
Interleukin 16 in pregnancy, parturition, rupture of fetal membranes, and microbial invasion of the amniotic cavity
Successful sealing of fetoscopic access sites with collagen plugs in the rabbit model
Blood flow and the degree of shunting through the ductus venosus in the human fetus
Umbilical artery Doppler screening for detection of the small fetus in need of antepartum surveillance
Monitoring pregnancy outcomes after prenatal drug exposure through prospective pregnancy registries: A pharmaceutical company commitment
Fetal fibronectin and bacterial vaginosis in smokers and nonsmokers
Ex vivo human placental transfer and the vasoactive properties of hydralazine
Cost of neonatal care according to gestational age at birth and survival status
The effects of vascular endothelial growth factor on endothelial cells: A potential role in preeclampsia
Congenital heart disease: The impact of delivery in a tertiary care center on SNAP scores (scores for neonatal acute physiology)
Critical appraisal of the use of nuchal fold thickness measurements for the prediction of Down syndrome
Morbidity and mortality among very-low-birth-weight neonates with intrauterine growth restriction
Human immunodeficiency virus infection: In situ polymerase chain reaction localization in human placentas after in utero and in vitro infection
Electronic fetal heart rate monitoring: Early neonatal outcomes associated with normal rate, fetal stress, and fetal distress
Activity and expression of 15-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase in cultured chorionic trophoblast and villous trophoblast cells and in chorionic explants at term with and without spontaneous labor
Postpartum umbilical cord blood collection for transplantation: A comparison of three methods
Elimination of public funding of prenatal care for undocumented immigrants in California: A cost/benefit analysis
Angiogenesis of the ovary
The remote prognosis of eclamptic women. Sixth periodic report
Recognition of the long-term sequelae of eclampsia
Jehovah's Witnesses and bloodless surgery
Jehovah's Witnesses and bloodless surgery
Surgical training in selective pelvic arterial ligation or use of embolization only
Surgical training in selective pelvic arterial ligation or use of embolization only
Liver length in the small-for-gestational-age fetus and ductus venosus flow
Liver length in the small-for-gestational-age fetus and ductus venosus flow
Roster of American obstetric and gynecologic societies*
Proceedings of the American Urogynecologic Society Multidisciplinary Symposium on Defecatory Disorders
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