The great tocolytic debate: Some pitfalls in the study of safety
Prevalence of psychiatric disorders in gynecologic outpatients
Effects of pubovaginal sling procedure on patients with urethral hypermobility and intrinsic sphincteric deficiency: Would they do it again?
Which women with stress incontinence require urodynamic evaluation?
“Primary” versus “secondary” vulvar vestibulitis: One disease, two variants
Specific inappropriate acts in the publication process
Three-year follow-up of the use of transdermal 17β-estradiol matrix patches for the prevention of bone loss in early postmenopausal women
Temporal changes in cardiac function and cerebral blood flow during sequential postmenopausal hormone replacement
Preoperative assessment of unilocular adnexal cysts by transvaginal ultrasonography: A comparison between ultrasonographic morphologic imaging and histopathologic diagnosis
Polymorphism of TP53 codon 72 and the risk of cervical cancer among Korean women
Role of hysteroscopy in detection and extraction of endometrial polyps: Results of a prospective study
Clinical evaluation of atypical glandular cells of undetermined significance
An assessment of the value of ultrasonographic screening for endometrial disease in postmenopausal women without symptoms
Obstetric significance of anti-Jra antibody
Impaired glucose tolerance associated with adverse pregnancy outcome: A population-based study in southern Sweden
Effect of lipopolysaccharide on uterine contractions and prostaglandin production in pregnant rats
Maternal asthma and pregnancy outcomes: A retrospective cohort study
Improvement in outcomes of multifetal pregnancy reduction with increased experience
Risk factors for deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism during pregnancy or post partum: A population-based, case-control study
Placental glucose transport in gestational diabetes mellitus
Enhancement of amniotic cyclooxygenase type 2 activity in women with preterm delivery associated with twinsor polyhydramnios
Changes in rates of salivary estriol increases before parturition at term
Do antenatal corticosteroids help in the setting of preterm rupture of membranes?
Confirmatory serologic testing for acute toxoplasmosis and rate of induced abortions among women reported to have positive Toxoplasma immunoglobulin M antibody titers
Maternal plasma vascular endothelial growth factor concentrations in normal and hypertensive pregnancies and their relationship to peripheral vascular resistance
Maternal-fetal transfer and amniotic fluid accumulation of lamivudine in human immunodeficiency virus–infected pregnant women
Amniotic fluid concentrations of matrix metalloproteinase 9 and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 1 during pregnancy and labor
Elevation in erythroblast count in maternal blood before the onset of preeclampsia
Prostaglandin endoperoxide H synthase type 1 and type 2 messenger ribonucleic acid in human fetal tissues throughout gestation and in the newborn infant
Fetal esophageal ligation induces expression of vascular endothelial growth factor messenger ribonucleic acid in fetal membranes
Long-term magnesium sulfate treatment as protection against hypoxic-ischemic brain injury in seven-day-old rats
Effect of prenatally administered hypericum (St John’s wort) on growth and physical maturation of mouse offspring
The effect of multidose antenatal betamethasone on maternal and infant outcomes
Regional changes in kynurenic acid, quinolinic acid, and glial fibrillary acidic protein concentrations in the fetal sheep brain after experimentally induced placental insufficiency
Effects of intrauterine growth restriction on lung liquid dynamics and lung development in fetal sheep
Determination of the timing of fetal brain damage from hypoxemia-ischemia
Cardiopulmonary bypass support for emergency cesarean delivery in a patient with severe pulmonary hypertension
Isolated fetal ascites caused by primary lymphangiectasia: A case report
Maternal and fetal outcomes in pregnancies affected by von Willebrand disease type 2
Dilutional hyponatremia in preeclampsia with and without nephrotic syndrome
Pregnancy after avascular necrosis of the femur complicating Gaucher’s disease
Ovarian remnant excision necessitating resection of the anterior hypogastric system
Ovarian gastrinoma in multiple endocrine neoplasia type I: A case report
Reversible acute renal failure in association with bilateral ureteral obstruction and hydronephrosis in pregnancy
Spontaneous rupture of a utero-ovarian vein during pregnancy
Delayed postpartum hemorrhage: A rare presentation of carbon monoxide poisoning
Recent results of operations performed on patients with stress urinary incontinence in our department
Recent results of operations performed on patients with stress urinary incontinence in our department
Magnesium and fetal brain damage
Magnesium and fetal brain damage
Gestational diabetes mellitus and congenital malformations
Gestational diabetes mellitus and congenital malformations
Gestational diabetes mellitus and congenital malformations
We, specialists in vulvovaginitis
We, specialists in vulvovaginitis
Oral contraceptives and bone mineral density
Oral contraceptives and bone mineral density
Obstetrics for the new millennium
Tuberculous peritonitis
Tuberculous peritonitis