Why is it so important to ensure that women's health, gender-based competencies are woven into the fabric of undergraduate medical education?
Executive summary
Interdisciplinary women's health education: The perspective of two students
Corporate support: The cornerstone of the retreat's success
A longitudinal women's health curriculum: A multi-method, multiperspective needs assessment
Women's health competencies in the undergraduate psychiatry curriculum: Past and future
Personal digital assistant for “real time” assessment of women's health in the clinical years
Evaluating women's health and gender
The process of translating women's health care competencies into educational objectives
Women's health in the medical school curriculum: Building support for the adoption of core competencies
A student-initiated interactive course as a model for teaching reproductive health
From the wall to the web: The use of bulletin boards and a web site to disseminate information about sex, gender and women's health
How virtual reality may enhance training in obstetrics and gynecology
Concept mapping: A tool to bridge the disciplinary divide
Introduction of contextual legal issues in an interdisciplinary program for the study of ethical dilemmas in obstetrics and gynecology for third-year medical students
An interdisciplinary course in women's health integrating basic and clinical sciences: Clinical anatomy and women's health