Clinical Commentary
Elevated first-trimester nuchal translucency increases the risk of congenital heart defects
Duration of human chorionic gonadotropin surveillance for partial hydatidiform moles
Carboplatin and paclitaxel for the treatment of advanced or recurrent endometrial cancer
The effect of hormonal contraception on the adequacy of colposcopic examination of the cervix
The role of sonographic endometrial patterns and endometrial thickness in the differential diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy
Predicting bacteriuria in urogynecology patients
Persistent and recurrent cervical dysplasia after loop electrosurgical excision procedure
The effect of multiple cycles in oocyte donors
Placement of a Word catheter
Quality-of-life analysis in the management of endometrial cancer
Predictors of contraception knowledge and use among postpartum adolescents in El Salvador
Evaluation of the aged female baboon as a model of pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic reconstructive surgery
Cellular response to chemotherapy and radiation in cervical cancer
Buccal misoprostol to prevent hemorrhage at cesarean delivery
Clinical and sonographic estimation of fetal weight performed during labor by residents
Comparative longitudinal study of cervical length and induced shortening changes among singleton, twin, and triplet pregnancies
Acute fatty liver of pregnancy in 3 tertiary care centers
Intertwin time interval
Obesity as a risk factor for failed trial of labor in patients with previous cesarean delivery
Fetal “nonreassuring status” is associated with elevation of nucleated red blood cell counts and interleukin-6
Magnesium sulfate tocolysis and pulmonary edema
Neonatal impact of elective repeat cesarean delivery at term
Comparison of early-onset neonatal sepsis caused by Escherichia coli and group B Streptococcus
Modifiable risk factors for growth restriction in twin pregnancies
The effect of short-term indomethacin therapy on amniotic fluid volume
Early intervention for perinatal depression
Management of cervical adenocarcinoma in situ during pregnancy
Effect of delivery route on natural history of cervical dysplasia
Postpartum follow-up of a positive purified protein derivative (PPD) among an indigent population
Abnormal placentation
The effect of the lunar cycle on frequency of births and birth complications
The effect of parenthood on perceived quality of life in teens
Prenatal diagnosis of 47,XXX
Does an obese prepregnancy body mass index influence outcome in pregnancies complicated by mild gestational hypertension remote from term?
A review of intrapartum fetal deaths, 1982 to 2002
Required research by medical students and their choice of a women's health care residency
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The hidden epidemic of pelvic floor dysfunction
Abdominal sacral colpopexy with allograft fascia lata
Vascular anatomy of the presacral space
Immunohistochemical evidence for the interaction between levator ani and pudendal motor neurons in the coordination of pelvic floor and visceral activity in the squirrel monkey
Pelvic Organ Support Study (POSST) and bowel symptoms
Estrogen increases collagen I and III mRNA expression in the pelvic support tissues of the rhesus macaque
Low risk of ureteral obstruction with “deep” (dorsal/posterior) uterosacral ligament suture placement for transvaginal apical suspension
Incidence and predictors of prolonged urinary retention after TVT with and without concurrent prolapse surgery
Anatomic relationship between the vaginal apex and the bony architecture of the pelvis
Capsaicin for the treatment of vulvar vestibulitis
The usefulness of urinary cytology testing in the evaluation of irritative voiding symptoms
Results of urine cytology testing and cystoscopy in women with irritative voiding symptoms
Suburethral sling treatment of occult stress incontinence and intrinsic sphincter deficiency in women with severe vaginal prolapse of the anterior vs posterior/apical compartment
Do alterations in vaginal dimensions after reconstructive pelvic surgeries affect the risk for dyspareunia?
A randomized, double-blinded, sham-controlled trial of postpartum extracorporeal magnetic innervation to restore pelvic muscle strength in primiparous patients
A comparison of perineometer to brink score for assessment of pelvic floor muscle strength
Levator contraction strength and genital hiatus as risk factors for recurrent pelvic organ prolapse
The incidence of urinary tract injury during hysterectomy
Elastin metabolism in pelvic tissues
The safety and efficacy of laparoscopic surgical staging of apparent stage I ovarian and fallopian tube cancers
Decreased anal sphincter lacerations associated with restrictive episiotomy use
Suture erosion and wound dehiscence with permanent versus absorbable suture in reconstructive posterior vaginal surgery
Incidence of perioperative complications of urogynecologic surgery in elderly women
Anal incontinence in women presenting for gynecologic care
Histopathologic changes of porcine dermis xenografts for transvaginal suburethral slings
A prospective randomized trial using solvent dehydrated fascia lata for the prevention of recurrent anterior vaginal wall prolapse
Obstetric antecedents for postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction
Pudendal neuralgia, a severe pain syndrome
Pudendal nerve stretch during vaginal birth
Comparison of long-term outcomes of autologous fascia lata slings with Suspend Tutoplast fascia lata allograft slings for stress incontinence
Nocturnal polyuria in women with overactive bladder symptoms and nocturia
Pelvic organ prolapse, constipation, and dietary fiber intake in women
A randomized trial of the effects of coached vs uncoached maternal pushing during the second stage of labor on postpartum pelvic floor structure and function
Primary repair of obstetric anal sphincter laceration
The impact of occiput posterior fetal head position on the risk of anal sphincter injury in forceps-assisted vaginal deliveries
The distance between the perceived and the actual arcus tendineus fascia pelvis during vaginal paravaginal repair
Evaluation of the role of pudendal nerve integrity in female sexual function using noninvasive techniques
Perisurgical smoking cessation and reduction of postoperative complications
Does vaginal closure force differ in the supine and standing positions?
Extensive fever workup produces low yield in determining infectious etiology
Efficacy of botulinum-A toxin in the treatment of detrusor overactivity incontinence
The effects of hormone replacement on the biomechanical properties of the uterosacral and round ligaments in the monkey model
Laparoscopic and abdominal sacral colpopexies
Vaginal wall stretching
Vaginal wall stretching
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