The state of the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology :
The “Vitamin D Council” advertisement
Professional integrity, respect for autonomy, and the self-regulation of reproductive endocrinology
The role of transvaginal ultrasound or endometrial biopsy in the evaluation of the menopausal endometrium
Von Willebrand disease and other bleeding disorders in women:
The California octuplets and the duties of reproductive endocrinologists
Follow-up after treatment of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia by human papillomavirus genotyping
Investigation of the sensitivity of a cross-polarized light visualization system to detect subclinical erythema and dryness in women with vulvovaginitis
Characteristics of women who sought emergency contraception at a university-based women's health clinic
A customized standard to assess fetal growth in a US population
Adverse pregnancy outcome and association with small for gestational age birthweight by customized and population-based percentiles
Rapid human immunodeficiency virus testing in obstetric outpatient settings:
Loop electrosurgical excision of the cervix and subsequent risk for spontaneous preterm delivery:
The prognostic role of uterine artery Doppler studies in patients with late-onset preeclampsia
Epidemiology and risk factors for early onset sepsis among very-low-birthweight infants
The risk of cerebral palsy in survivors of multiple pregnancies with cofetal loss or death
Evidence of fetal central nervous system injury in isolated congenital heart defects:
Long-term neurodevelopmental outcome after fetal arrhythmia
Fetal heart rate tracing patterns associated with congenital hypothyroidism
High pregnancy weight gain and risk of excessive fetal growth
Low pregnancy weight gain and small for gestational age:
Adhesion development and morbidity after repeat cesarean delivery
Associations of diet and physical activity during pregnancy with risk for excessive gestational weight gain
Weight gain in pregnancy and risk of maternal hyperglycemia
Intrapartum fetal heart rate monitoring in cases of congenital heart disease
Residual anastomoses in twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome treated with selective fetoscopic laser surgery:
The contribution of maternal race/ethnicity and fetal sex to prematurity in twins
Development and characterization of a human single-chain antibody fragment against claudin-3:
De novo stress incontinence and pelvic muscle symptoms after transvaginal mesh repair
Rectal colonization by group B Streptococcus as a predictor of vaginal colonization
The use of viral load as a surrogate marker in predicting disease progression for patients with early invasive cervical cancer with integrated human papillomavirus type 16
Antenatal glucocorticoid therapy increases glucose delivery to cerebral circulations during acute hypoxemia in fetal sheep during late gestation
Intramembranous solute and water fluxes during high intramembranous absorption rates in fetal sheep with and without lung liquid diversion
Antiphospholipid antibodies may impair factor XIIa-dependent activation of fibrinolysis in pregnancy:
The effect of levator avulsion on hiatal dimension and function
Fetal head circumference and length of second stage of labor are risk factors for levator ani muscle injury, diagnosed by 3-dimensional transperineal ultrasound in primiparous women
Association of genetic ancestry with preterm delivery and related traits among African American mothers
Down syndrome screening in the United States in 2001 and 2007:
The future of intrapartum care:
Cervicoisthmic cerclage:
Diagnostic accuracy of transvaginal sonography for the diagnosis of adenomyosis:
Extended-field radiation therapy with whole pelvis radiotherapy and cisplatin chemosensitization in the treatment of IB2-IIIB cervical carcinoma:
Abdominal cerclage for the treatment of recurrent cervical insufficiency:
Prediction of risk for cesarean delivery in term nulliparas:
Evaluation of the porcine model to teach various ancillary procedures to gynecologic oncology fellows
Microcephaly associated with congenital heart defect:
To push or not to push?
Herceptin (trastuzumab) therapy in a twin pregnancy with associated oligohydramnios
Ectopic pregnancy in a uterine perforation site
Cookie cutter doesn't cut it
Episiotomy use has changed
Metformin usages in women with heart failure
Inconclusive results from the study evaluating the use of blunt needles during obstetric laceration repair