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Maternal plasma concentrations of angiogenic/antiangiogenic factors in the third trimester of pregnancy to identify the patient at risk for stillbirth at or near term and severe late preeclampsia
Optimizing the definition of intrauterine growth restriction: the multicenter prospective PORTO Study
Infant outcomes among pregnant women who used oseltamivir for treatment of influenza during the H1N1 epidemic
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Pioglitazone therapy in mouse offspring exposed to maternal obesity
Evidence of an imbalance of angiogenic/antiangiogenic factors in massive perivillous fibrin deposition (maternal floor infarction): a placental lesion associated with recurrent miscarriage and fetal death
The Mothers, Omega-3, and Mental Health Study: a double-blind, randomized controlled trial
Developmental programming for allergy: a secondary analysis of the Mothers, Omega-3, and Mental Health Study
Amniotic fluid induces platelet-neutrophil aggregation and neutrophil activation
Pregnancy-induced changes in immune protection of the genital tract: defining normal
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