SMFM adopts GRADE (Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development, and Evaluation) for clinical guidelines
Preventive ethics for cesarean delivery: the time has come
Perinatal outcomes related to induction of labor: a call for randomized trials
Fetal blood sampling
Transvaginal cervical cerclage: evidence for perioperative management strategies
A statement on abortion by 100 professors of obstetrics: 40 years later
Compliance with cervical cancer screening and human papillomavirus testing guidelines among insured young women
The prevalence of underlying bleeding disorders in patients with heavy menstrual bleeding with and without gynecologic abnormalities
Sexual orientation differences in teen pregnancy and hormonal contraceptive use: an examination across 2 generations
Abnormal vaginal bleeding after epidural steroid injection: a paired observation cohort study
Gestational age–specific severe maternal morbidity associated with labor induction
Time from consent to cesarean delivery during labor
Gestational weight gain and obesity: is 20 pounds too much?
Costs of unnecessary admissions and treatments for “threatened preterm labor”
Swimming pool use and birth defect risk
Combined screening for open spina bifida at 11–13 weeks using fetal biparietal diameter and maternal serum markers
Uterine packing with chitosan-covered gauze for control of postpartum hemorrhage
Maternal engineered nanomaterial exposure and fetal microvascular function: does the Barker hypothesis apply?
Clinical morbidities, trends, and demographics of eclampsia: a population-based study
Uterine electromyography for identification of first-stage labor arrest in term nulliparous women with spontaneous onset of labor
Outcome after fetoscopic selective laser ablation of placental anastomoses vs equatorial laser dichorionization for the treatment of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome
Progress of labor in women induced with misoprostol versus the Foley catheter
The impact of folic acid intake on the association among diabetes mellitus, obesity, and spina bifida
Prognostic analysis of endometrioid epithelial ovarian cancer with or without endometriosis: a 12-year cohort study of Chinese patients
Long-term efficacy and safety of questionnaire-based initiation of urgency urinary incontinence treatment
The uterine junctional zone: a 3-dimensional ultrasound study of patients with endometriosis
Implementation of a laborist program and evaluation of the effect upon cesarean delivery
Labor patterns in twin gestations
Optimal time interval between a single course of antenatal corticosteroids and delivery for reduction of respiratory distress syndrome in preterm twins
Genetic associations of relaxin: preterm birth and premature rupture of fetal membranes
Maternal high-fat diet programs rat offspring hypertension and activates the adipose renin-angiotensin system
Perioperative characteristics associated with preterm birth in twin-twin transfusion syndrome treated by laser surgery
The obstetrical and neonatal impact of maternal opioid detoxification in pregnancy
The effect of intramuscular progesterone on the rate of cervical shortening
Inner thigh taping vs traction for cervical ripening with a Foley catheter: a randomized controlled trial
Time from consent to cesarean delivery: Salmeen et al
Discourage the presurgical spray tan
Use of the Bakri postpartum balloon in a patient with intractable pelvic floor hemorrhage
Redefining ethics in home birth
Redefining ethics in home birth
Planned home birth: the professional responsibility response–a midwifery response
Planned home birth: the professional responsibility response–a midwifery response
Mortality related to 17-OHPC exposure is an important safety outcome
Mortality related to 17-OHPC exposure is an important safety outcome
CDC should reverse its recommendation against semen washing-intrauterine insemination for HIV-serodifferent couples
Compounded hydroxyprogesterone caproate
Compounded hydroxyprogesterone caproate
Discussion: ‘Time from consent to cesarean delivery,’ by Salmeen et al
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