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Presidential Address, 2009
Eleanor Clarke Slagle Lecture
Factors Influencing Satisfaction and Efficacy of Services at a Free-Standing Psychiatric Occupational Therapy Clinic
Sensory Processing Abilities of Children Who Have Sustained Traumatic Brain Injuries
Factor Structure of Four Visual-Motor Instruments Commonly Used to Evaluate School-Age Children
Quality of Life in School (QoLS) Questionnaire: Development and Validity
Benchmark Comparison of Outcomes for Clients With Upper-Limb Dysfunction After Stroke Using the Australian Therapy Outcome Measures for Occupational Therapy (AusTOMs-OT)
Evaluating the Pressure-Reducing Capabilities of the Gel Pad in Supine
Measuring Usability of Assistive Technology From a Multicontextual Perspective: The Case of Power Wheelchairs
Power Mobility for a Nursing Home Resident With Dementia
Constantly Changing Lives: Experiences of People With Multiple Sclerosis
Is There Enough Evidence for Evidence-Based Practice in Occupational Therapy?
Official 1 Documents Available From the American Occupational Therapy Association
Summary of 2009 Bylaws Amendments
Scholarship in Occupational Therapy
Guidelines for Supervision, Roles, and Responsibilities During the Delivery of Occupational Therapy Services
Specialized Knowledge and Skills of Occupational Therapy Educators of the Future
Occupational Therapy's Commitment to Nondiscrimination and Inclusion
Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Education: Value and Purpose
Providing Occupational Therapy Using Sensory Integration Theory and Methods in School-Based Practice
AOTA's Societal Statement on Autism Spectrum Disorders
AOTA's Societal Statement on Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress
AOTA's Societal Statement on Livable Communities
Association Policies
2009 AOTA/AOTF Awards and Recognitions Recipients
2009 Representative Assembly Summary of Minutes
89th Annual Business Meeting Minutes
List of Educational Programs in Occupational Therapy
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