AJOT Publication Priorities
Comparing Three Postoperative Treatment Protocols for Extensor Tendon Repair in Zones V and VI of the Hand
Five-Year Retrospective Study of Inpatient Occupational Therapy Outcomes for Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
Use of Mental Practice to Improve Upper-Limb Recovery After Stroke: A Systematic Review
Effectiveness of Rehabilitation in Enhancing Community Integration After Acute Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review
Combined Bracing, Electrical Stimulation, and Functional Practice for Chronic, Upper-Extremity Spasticity
Use of the Occupational Therapy Task-Oriented Approach to Optimize the Motor Performance of a Client With Cognitive Limitations
Use of Occupations and Activities in a Modified Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy Program: A Musician's Triumphs Over Chronic Hemiparesis From Stroke
Effects of a Kinesthetic Cursive Handwriting Intervention for Grade 4–6 Students
Examining Content Validity and Reliability of the Assessment of Children's Hand Skills (ACHS): A Preliminary Study
Cross-Regional Validation of the School Version of the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills
Identifying Strategies Early Intervention Occupational Therapists Use to Teach Caregivers
Promoting Healthy Lifestyles With Aging: Development and Validation of the Health Enhancement Lifestyle Profile (HELP) Using the Rasch Measurement Model
Development and Evaluation of the University of Michigan's Practice-Oriented Research Training (PORT) Program
Transporting Children in Wheelchairs in Passenger Vehicles: A Comparison of Best Practice to Observed and Reported Practice in a Pilot Sample
New Assessment of Forearm Strength: Reliability and Validity
Child and Youth Practice Area Publications in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy in 2008 and 2009: A Content Analysis, Methodology Overview, and Summary