“Achieving the Ordinary Things”
State of the Journal, 2010
A Soufflé Vision
High-Definition Occupational Therapy
What's Going on Here? Deconstructing the Interactive Encounter
Effects of a Tailored Activity Pacing Intervention on Pain and Fatigue for Adults With Osteoarthritis
Arm-Hand Use in Healthy Older Adults
Effectiveness of Cheek and Jaw Support to Improve Feeding Performance of Preterm Infants
Effectiveness of Therapy Ball Chairs on Classroom Participation in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
Clinical Utility of the Combined Use of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure and Goal Attainment Scaling
Long-Handled Shoehorn Length, Body Mass Index, and Hip Range of Motion in Healthy Female Adults
Rehabilitation for Bilateral Amputation of Fingers
Chronometry of Mentally Versus Physically Practiced Tasks in People With Stroke
Environmental Effects in the Performance of Daily Tasks in Healthy Adults